SG Chapter 73

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Chapter 73: Being framed

But halfway there, he noticed an unconscious child in the mud pit.

When Lu Wenxue picked her up, the child’s body was already cold and stiff. Her face was covered in mud and there were various wounds all over her body.

Lu Wenxue dialed 120 and the child was sent into the emergency department. But it was no use. The doctor said the child was already dead from midnight. The cause of death was suffocation. On her neck, there was an obvious adult palm print.

This incident caused a sensation throughout the town. Originally, it was a remote issue. However, due to the sensitivity of the internet, it soon spread throughout the province and country.

Lu Wenxue recalled Chairman Jicheng’s behaviour from that day and he suspected this was his doings. However, suddenly, Lu Wenxue was being seized by the police. The initial explanation was that it was mandatory for him to help out with the investigation.

But when they had arrived at the police station, there was a female reporter. The female reporter confidently declared that Lu Wenxue was trying to put the blame on someone else. She used her reporter title and spread many rumours.

Soon, everyone believed Lu Wenxue was the murderer.

Out of nowhere, the police found some evidence. Apparently, the child’s palm consisted fragments of Lu Wenxue. Then, the parents of the child began to accuse him as well. They believed the principal had killed their daughter.

“Excuse me, why did you kill the child?”

“I didn’t kill the child! I’m innocent!”

“Do you feel remorseful towards the child’s parents?”

“I just told you! I’m innocent!”

“Why did you choose to commit your crime on that day? Was it a special day to you?”

“I didn’t….”

“Is your family aware of your addiction?”

Regardless of how he tried to explain himself, the female reporter ignored him and refused to back down. She continued asking these ridiculous questions. Now, all the neighbours and friends were no longer kind towards him. Instead, they were hurling insults and some even threw eggs at him.

Suddenly, Lu Wenxue realized how powerful his enemy was. He will probably never be able to walk out innocent…

“I heard you have a son. Aren’t you afraid he’ll be disappointed in you? What do you have to say to him?”

Lu Wenxue felt nauseous. He was already pale to begin with, but now, he was even whiter. He was no longer able to speak in front of the video camera that was set up for him.

On this sunny day in March, it suddenly began to snow. The graceful snowflakes gently floated down. Lu Wenxue opened his palm and a snowflake happened to land on top of it. But before he could close his palm, the snow had already melted.

Lu Wenxue slowly closed his eyes.

What is black? What is white? What is good? What is evil?

“The cruel, evil rapist who killed a 12 year old girl was arrested by the police this morning. According to sources, he is the child’s principal at the elementary school. Reporter Mi will continue to follow and update you with this case…”

That was the last line that Lu Wenxue heard before he was pushed inside the police car.


By the time I had returned home, it was already midnight.

I found out quite a lot through Lu Wenxue’s memories. It also made me quite anxious. If the murderer was actually Chairman Jicheng, then as Suyang says, it was us against the entire Jingrui corporation.

What could we do?

Since I went through the body possessing procedure, I was abnormally tired. I could barely crack my eyes open as I punched in the password in a dazed manner.

I attempted twice, but I kept getting it wrong because I wasn’t able to focus on pressing the correct numbers.

I leaned my head against the door as I gazed at my ghost bodyguard and sighed in frustration. “If only I could be like you -the pierce through wall technique!”

Before I could regain my energy, the door suddenly opened and I naturally fell forward and landed on the chest of the person who opened the door. I smelt the familiar lemon scent and I raised my head.

“You’re back?” Suyang was staring down at me. His eyes was flickering strangely.

For some reason, after making eye contact with Suyang, I regained some strength and quickly stood up properly. I carefully asked, “You haven’t slept yet?”

“No, I wasn’t sleeping. I was watching TV and conveniently waited for your return. I’m curious. The aquarium closes at 6pm. Why did it take you until after midnight to return?”

I turned my head to glance at the TV. Mi Fan’s news was playing on the background. Was it a coincidence? Or was Suyang watching her the whole time?

“Umm.. I was busy until now. You have no idea how much suffering I went through for your meaningless fishes.” I shoved Suyang away and headed to my bedroom.

Currently, I didn’t want to talk at all. I just wanted to sleep.

“Wait.” Suyang called after me. Then he sat on the couch leisurely. “If you had been working so hard the entire day, show me what you’ve done.”

“Now? What time is it….?” I was resentful as I took out the USB from my bag and threw it at Suyang, “It’s completed… take a look for yourself. I’m going to sleep.”


“What do you want now?” I raised my voice as I gave Suyang an irritated look.

Suyang was using his hand to play around with the USB. He commanded, “Bring me your laptop. I’m going to use it.”

“Why can’t you use your own?”

“How do I know that your USB doesn’t have a virus? To an author, their personal computer is their life!”

“Fine! Whatever you say… I can’t win against you anyway.” I grumbled and turned to find my laptop. “Why must you look at it now? Don’t you want to sleep at all?”

“I have to take a look before I can contact her….”

Contact her? What is he talking about? I sat down next to Suyang, “What do you mean?”

“What did I just say?” Suyang pretended to play stupid, “I thought you wanted to sleep. Go! Shoooo!”

Suddenly, he was pushing me to sleep… this quick change in attitude made me felt uneasy. Could this be related to Mi Fan? After all, I did see her in the aquarium today.

“You’re not giving this to Mi Fan, are you?” I gave him a suspicious look.

“Huh? How do you know?” Suyang clapped his hands, “So observant! Goldfish… if only you were more observant in other aspects of life.”

What…seriously? I spent half a day on this! He admitted it so casually! I felt like I had wasted all my efforts!

My hard work!!!!

“Why are you giving it to Mi Fan?” I was trying to use my body language to show him I was very displeased and unwilling.

Suyang was going through my power-point as he explained, “She told me she’s working on a show that is related to ocean life. I think this type of material will be helpful to her. After all, it isn’t a bad idea to maintain good ties with her.”

“Then you should’ve told me ahead of time!!”

Knowing that my hard work was going to be given to Mi Fan caused all my energy to drain again. I leaned against the couch as I looked up at the ceiling and closed my eyes.

Suyang lightly nudged me, “If you want to sleep, go back to your room to sleep.”

At this moment, nothing was going in my head. My mind was spinning and my body didn’t want to move. I just wanted to keep my eyes closed.

By the time I woke up, I was leaning on Suyang’s shoulder.

I gazed upwards. Suyang’s side face was very handsome. His focused, expressionless face looked exceptionally good. The more I stared at it, the more I felt an urge to kiss him.

The lower part of my face was wet. I wiped it. I actually had my drool on Suyang’s shoulder.

“You’re awake?” Suyang felt my movement as he asked while editing my power-point. “Thanks to you, I experienced what a flowing brook is.”

I finished wiping the drool as I silently knelt by Suyang’s side.

Suyang finished editing and sent an email to Mi Fan. Basically, he said he hoped the report would be useful to her. Also, he wanted to take her out for dinner when she was free.

I was gritting my teeth as I stared at the laptop screen. Without knowing, I made a sound with my mouth.

“What are you looking at?” Suyang got up and took a tissue to wipe his shoulder. “Tomorrow, wash my clothes. Also, now that you’ve slept, is your mind clear now?”

“It’s clear…. What?” I shrank back my neck as I mumbled.

“If your mind is clear, then tell me exactly where you went today. I want the truth from the beginning to the end.”

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