SG Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: The hotel room

“Is that so? Mistresses destroy our harmonious society. Don’t worry, Miss! I’ll make sure to catch up to her!” Then, the uncle suddenly *weng* and started the car.

I wasn’t ready, and was knocked against the back of my seat.

If you had told me this driver used to be a race car driver, I would totally believe you. He was honking left and right. With five seconds left to go, he would suddenly accelerate and blast through the lights. He was blatantly following Mi Fan; as if he wasn’t afraid to be discovered.

I don’t know if I was lucky or what. Mi Fan didn’t seem to notice. And coincidentally, her destination was at a hotel. In all honestly, I had no idea.

The driver gave me a pitiful look, “Miss, don’t be too depressed. There are still good men in this world. Learn to let it go.”

I pretended to be tearful as I handed him the money. I gave the uncle the feeling that I was a strong woman. “Uncle, thank you for your favour. This act of kindness will never be forgotten.” I was speaking like those wuxia heroes in movies as I righteously got off the car.

I turned around to confirm the driver had left. Then, I acted as if I was a thief and arched my back. I had to take huge strides in order to catch up with Mi Fan. Since I had the brief conversation with the driver, our distance had widen by a fair bit.

Would she recognize me? After all, we had encountered each other at the coffee shop once.

Aii….I guess not?! That day, there were so many people around. Why would she remember such an insignificant figure like myself? Plus, we weren’t actually introduced. I was just a person who happened to be in the same picture as her.

Since she most likely wouldn’t remember me, what was there to fear? By acting so shifty-eyed, I was causing more suspicion upon myself. So, I straightened my back and walked confidently towards Mi Fan. We stood next to each other and we waited for the elevator together.

Soon, the elevator arrived and I deliberately gestured for her to enter first. Mi Fan pressed the button for the 27th floor, so I pressed the 26th. Then, I stood at the corner of the elevator as I covertly observed her.

Hmm.. she was indeed very gorgeous and had a very alluring aura. She seemed like the ideal type that most men would want -knowledgeable, sexy, independent, and charming.

But underneath this exterior, she had a black heart that lacked conscience. Who would’ve thought?

Thinking of this, I shook my head. It was hard to fathom a person’s mind.

When I had arrived on the 26th floor, I quickly departed from the elevator and ran like a maniac towards the emergency exit. I ran up the stairs to the 27th floor.

Bless the Bodhisattva! I truly hope Mi Fan hadn’t exited yet.

Currently, the price of climbing up the stairs in record time was being out of breath like a dog. I was leaning and panting against the emergency door when I heard the sounds of high heels passing by.

I opened the door and took a sharp look at my surroundings. I happened to see Mi Fan swiping her card in the first room by the corridor. I was so scared that I instantly backed away. I hope she didn’t see me!

Why would she get a room at this high-end hotel? It was also mid afternoon.

A corrupted image appeared in my mind. I silently snickered like a fool. Suddenly, I thought of something as I dialed Suyang’s number.

“Hello….what?” He mumbled.

Based on his dead and sleepy voice, he was obviously still in bed. I felt a sigh of relief.

But just to make sure, I asked one more question. “Where are you?”

“Me? Umm…home. What do you want?” His voice was hoarse. Alright, I don’t have anything to worry about.

I hung up without bothering to respond. Then, I began to reflect. How could I have imagined Mi Fan and Suyang being in the room? Although it was only in my imagination, I still felt like I had wronged Suyang. I criticized my conscience.

But if it wasn’t Suyang, who could it be? Once again, another cunning smile appeared on my face. I took exaggerated kitten steps towards the door. Then, I leaned my head against the door to see if I could hear anything.

But I couldn’t hear anything!!! Regardless of how hard I tried, absolutely no sounds could be heard.

Suddenly, I heard the elevator door of the 27th floor opened.

Somebody was coming!

I didn’t know what to do, but I turned around and attempted to be calm. I told myself to walk towards the elevator like I was a visitor of the hotel. Yes, my plan was to pretend to be a customer here. Naturally, I could leave with grace if I was a customer.

Just as I was almost at the elevator, the dude that was pushing the cart unexpectedly grabbed my hand.

“Huh?” My eyes were bulging as I stared at him. I thought I had been caught. I wanted to break out into a run, but the guy lifted his head and gazed at me with a pained expression. He said, “Hey new person, can you help me deliver this to 2706? I really can’t hold it in anymore!”

Then, he ran off before I could do the same.

Based on his anguished expression, he was probably having a stomachache? But why did he give me his dining cart? He seriously thinks I’m his colleague?

I looked at my outfit. I was wearing a pair of black pants with a white blouse. Oh my goodness, he shouldn’t look down on black pants and white blouse! This was fashionable, okay?! He doesn’t know basic fashion!

By chance, I ended up becoming a server from a five-star hotel.

Should I be happy or mad? I felt so conflicted. But, I was a good person. Although I didn’t know the guy, I decided to help him. Most importantly, 2706 was the room that Mi Fan was in!

If a person had good character, then those around would fight to help out.

In brief, I obtained the disguise of a server. I was dressed in their dress code and had a dining cart with me.

*Ding dong ding dong* I took a deep breath, but it wasn’t enough to calm my nervous heart. Would Mi Fan find it strange? I was just in the elevator with her. But now, I’m the server delivering food to her?

A man I had never seen before opened the door. His looks were above average. He seemed like the respectable type with delicate features.

“Umm, I am here to deliver food!” I didn’t know why, but I felt a lot of pressure facing this person.

“Enter.” The man coldly stated.

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