SG Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: An intimate distance

“Can we talk, Mr. Lu Wenxue? Don’t be surprised. I can see you. I am here to help your son. So, I want to ask you something about your past…”

*buzz buzz* Before I could finish, my cellphone was ringing. The serious atmosphere was broken by the phone call. It was bad regardless I picked up or not. I apologized to Lu Wenxue. “Sorry, give me a second. I need to pick up a call.”

I walked a few metres away.

The phone displayed: My most beloved boss.

My most beloved boss. Who….?

Don’t tell me it was Suyang?

But this was in my phone contacts?

“Hello?” Since I wasn’t sure who it was, I politely picked up.

“Where did you run off to?” I could hear the annoyance from the other side.

Based on the sluggish and stretched out sounds, I could tell it was Suyang.

I glanced at Lu Wenxue. He was still waiting for me. “I’m out right now. It’s very important. I gotta….”

“If you dare to hang up on me, you’re not getting your salary this month.”

How dare he use my precious salary to threaten me? I was steaming mad. “How can you deduct my salary? This is considered illegal bullying of staff! I am protesting! I protest against unreasonable deduction of wages!”

“Miss Lin. Please speak with your conscience. You’re my assistant. I am using money to buy your 24 hours to help me. Yet, you’re telling me you’re busy doing something else during work hours? And you dare to accept my salary?”

“I….” I was at a loss for words. Compared to other assistants, I was kind of unreliable. But that was because Suyang wasn’t usually that strict… wasn’t there a saying? If the upper beam isn’t straight, the lower beam will be crooked?

“Well, no matter what, I’m against deducting wages. There are 30 days in a month, 24 hours in a day. I don’t have a single day off! Plus, earlier, you didn’t have any specific orders. Just let me out for a bit….”

“Where did you go?”

“I….I went to see a friend.”

“Friend? Obviously, you’re lying. Did you go find Shaonu again?”

“No! No! No!” Suyang figured it out so quickly! Ahhhh. I was so scared that I rushed to create an explanation. “I’m really out to see a friend. Can we chat after I return? I really…”

“Denying only takes once. But three times or more goes to show you’re doing something fishy.” Suyang analyzed like he was Sherlock Holmes. “I’m giving you thirty minutes to return. If not, your month salary is gone.”

Before I could reply, Suyang hung up on me.

Uggh! How rude! He used my salary to threaten me. It was something I valued the most!

New moves weren’t necessary as long as the old ones worked. Suyang’s move was too cruel! He made it impossible for me not to comply.

“Umm. Mr. Lu Wenxue. I have a sudden emergency that I must leave immediately. Tomorrow at 7pm. Please go to Qing Tan building A, 16th floor, 1804. I will be waiting for you there. Remember. Tomorrow, Qing Tan building! Building A, 16th floor, 1804!”

I was afraid he would forget, so I repeated it twice.

Ghosts know how to look up addresses, right?

Whatever. I had to return to Suyang as soon as I can. So I rushed back to the apartment.

Half an hour?! Unless I could fly, I wouldn’t be able to make it back in half an hour.

As expected, by the time I had returned, it was already an hour later.

The moment I entered, Suyang was sitting by the entrance. I was astonished.

“You have been waiting all along? Aren’t you tired?”

“Where did you go?” Suyang was leaning on his chair with his legs spread out wide. Since he was right in front of me, my path was blocked. The way he was inspecting me was similar to how a police officer would interrogate a criminal.

“Boss.” I took off my shoes. “You’re aware that you’re exposing your most sensitive spot to me, right? Are you sure you aren’t doing it on purpose?”

The moment I said those words, Suyang covered his “important area”. He backed away and asked again when he was at a safe distance. “Where did you go?”

“I already told you. I went to see a friend. How about you? You didn’t go out? No date with Mi Fan today? Have you came across any significant information?”

I took off my shoes and entered the apartment as I headed to the fridge to take out a bottle of cold water.

Suyang was closely following me from behind. He pressed his two hands on the fridge with me in between.

“What?” The instant I turned around, I realized our distance was super close. I couldn’t help but jerk away. But I ended up slamming my foot against the fridge.

“Ah! So painful! So painful!” I hastily lifted my injured foot and rubbed it. Since I had poor balance, I had one hand on Suyang’s arm.

It was already red and swollen….

“Idiot….” Suyang muttered.

But I heard him, and I gave him a sharp killer glare and he didn’t dare to say anything else.

“Come and sit down on the couch.” Suyang guided me towards the couch as I held onto him and hopped my way over to sit down.

I laid on the couch and moaned, “Oh. I’m suffering from an injury… Boss, this is considered a workplace injury, right?”

“There isn’t a single employee agreement that would list a clause of compensating a goldfish for its brainless actions.” As Suyang insulted me, he went over to the freezer and took out an ice bag and threw it at me. “Today, you must have gone to find Shen Shaonu. Or else, you wouldn’t be acting so guilty.”

“No! It’s because you were standing too close to me, so I was caught off guard.”

I have decided to deny until the very end. “If you’re going to continue getting so close to me, I’m going to sue you for sexual harassment.”

“Me? Sexual harassing you?” Suyang sneered as he laughed hysterically. Then, he lifted his head as if he was thinking of something. But he quickly shook it and resumed his outrageous laughter again.

Based on his reaction, whatever he was imagining was definitely nothing good.

For some reason, I was annoyed.

“Don’t you know there’s something called a safe distance between people? Especially when it comes to the opposite sex. There’s a certain point you’re definitely not supposed to cross!” I yelled at Suyang.

“Oh?! Is that so? I wasn’t aware.” Suyang had a shameless expression on his face. He truly lived up in the air.

“Alright. Teacher Lin will now begin her class. Between 0 to 0.44 metres is considered an intimate distance. As an author, I can’t believe you don’t know this. I injured my foot because of your invasion to my personal space. It’s not because I was feeling guilty!”

There was confusion written all over Suyang’s face. No. This will not do. I must teach him about life.

If he’s going to randomly get so close to any girl, based on his handsome looks, how many women will he lead on?!

Especially now that I have a competition, Mi Fan.

“Come over here!” I patted to the spot next to me. “Come and sit down.”

Seeing the scheming expression on my face, Suyang had no indication of coming over.

“Psssh. Hurry and come over here!” I patted next to the couch again, as if he was a dog. “You’re a manly man and you’re afraid I will do something to you?”

However, Suyang’s current expression was “I’m always on guard every second of the day when it comes to you.” He was acting like an unmarried maiden as he carefully sat down next to me.

“Catch this!” The moment Suyang sat down, I quickly threw the ice bag behind him, making him turn around to get it. Then, at the precise moment when he turned around, I placed my face as close as I could to the back of his head. That way, the moment he turned over, the distance between our faces would be 20cm.

I was already prepared. Little darling, I’m going to teach you how frightening an intimate distance is!

I’m going to make you tremble, human! Muhaha! Take this!

“Why did you throw that…” Suyang had just turned around and noticed I was right in his face.

“What are you doing?” Suyang blinked his eyes and his face was turning red.

Huh? How come I didn’t get the anticipated “ahh?” I was expecting? I thought he was going to back up like crazy. Even though I was so close to him, he didn’t have any indication of pulling back. In fact, he was bravely making eye contact with me.

Uh oh, this wasn’t good. We were too close. It was as if his five facial features were magnified. I must only stare at one spot. But where? His eyes? Nose? Or mouth? Ai ya, my mind was starting to turn dizzy.

“What are you looking at? Make eye contact!” Suyang held onto my shoulders and pushed me further back. Now, the distance between us was an arm’s length. I was able to clearly stare at his face.

Talk about awkward…

“Boss, haha, you’re so calm when it comes to things like this…”

“What thing? Are you talking about how I figured out you were about to forcefully kiss me?” The corner of Suyang’s mouth curved into a smile. It was a sneaky smile that I couldn’t decipher.

He had misunderstood! He thought I wanted to kiss him!

“No! Boss, you’ve misunderstood! I had no intentions of kissing you. I just wanted to teach you what an intimate distance was…”

“You were trying to create a sexual harassment scenario, eh? As a handsome young man that could be described a delicate flower and refined jade, I’m actually concerned for my safety as I am living with a woman who’s like a wolf and tiger!”

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