SG Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: Misunderstanding

This was the….wall press? No, wait. Door press?

“What’s up with you now….?”

“Do you believe in fate?” Suyang’s left arm had completely blocked my path. Most importantly, his shirt was still unbuttoned. Seriously…

“Why are you suddenly asking me this?” I closed my eyes.

“After our meetup today, I feel like Mi Fan is the type of woman who matches what I am looking for in a spouse. Based on an esthetic point of view, we are similar. Our systems of values are basically identical too. When we chat, it’s very satisfying. I don’t feel the slightest annoyance I usually do when talking to the common people.”

So is he purposely trying to force me to listen to his praise for Mi Fan? Are you kidding me?

Since you think Mi Fan is so amazing, I will dig through her dirty laundry and reveal it at all cost!

I coldly laughed and opened my eyes to make direct eye contact with Suyang. “Is that why you came home so late? So what happened? You went to find Mi Fan? Your perfect spouse?… Was she terrified by what happened today? Were you able to comfort her? You two…”

Before I could finish, Suyang covered my mouth and sighed, “Goldfish… let me finish first.”

I pushed Suyang’s hand aside. “Boss, what are you trying to say? If you think after you two get together and she doesn’t like the idea of you having a female assistant…”

At this moment, I paused to re-adjust my emotional state. I had to say it, if not, Suyang will think I was the type that had no shame.

“If you think it’s inconvenient, I will leave. But first, you have to wait until I find a place. I can’t just leave whenever I want. I’ve rented out the apartment from before. So you have to give me some time….but I want to tell you that I’m not a sweet syrup candy that refuses to budge. You’re the boss and I’m the assistant. I will most definitely comply with your wishes.”

“That’s not what I’m saying though?” Suyang shook his head and pressed his forehead against mine. I was so astonished that I shrank back.

I secretly observed Suyang. His eyes were closed and his alluring eyelashes were trembling a little. He slowly opened his mouth. “I already told you to let me finish. But from the start, you keep talking to yourself. When are you going to listen to me? And you say you would comply to my wishes?”


I didn’t know how to refute his argument. But what’s with him today?

One moment, he was praising Mi Fan. The next moment, he was making moves on me. Whenever he made these questionable moves, I would find it so difficult to breathe. Was he doing it on purpose or not?

“Firstly, ever since I came back from the coffee shop, I had been home the entire time. I didn’t go look for Mi Fan.” Suyang didn’t seem like he was lying.

But why’s he telling me this?

Suddenly, I realized that I knew very little about Suyang. He had always been a very egocentric type of person. He never considered other people’s feelings while making decisions.

In the past, I was often surprised by his intimate gestures. Once in a while, I would wonder, “Does he like me?” But after thinking deeply, he was probably like this with every female. I’m only one of the bunch. I was just overthinking.

So now, I used all my strength to shove Suyang away from me.

I don’t want to be a fool anymore. If I keep assuming he likes me, I’ll just look more and more like an idiot.

“You have very few experiences with female, right? As your assistant and as a woman, I want to kindly remind you, boss, that you shouldn’t make questionable moves on others. After all, men and women should keep a proper distance from each other.”

“What are you misunderstanding?” Suyang had no expression on his face. The fact that I couldn’t read his mind at all was quite frightening.

“What I’m trying to say is… I’m still a woman. It’s not good if you’re going to keep getting close and embracing me. I’m sure I’m not the only woman who thinks this way. Other women probably feel the same as well.”

“There is no other woman.”


“What do you think of Mi Fan?”

Mi Fan? Mi Fan again?! Why is he still bringing her up at this moment?

“Can you stop bringing Mi Fan up in front of me? From a woman’s perspective, she’s not that likeable. If you honestly want someone to discuss and listen to your praises on Mi Fan, then go find Shen Shaoqian. You guys can have your bonding time!”

“Right now, I want to hear your opinion.” Suyang heatedly stared at me. It was as if he had to dig something out of me today.

“Fine. You want to know my thoughts on Mi Fan?” I went over to my bed and dragged my laptop over. I showed the news articles that I had just been reading. “This is what I think of her.”

“That is the rapist case from last year. Why are you reading about it?”

“Although I haven’t known Shen Shaonu for a long time, I don’t think she’s a child who can’t decipher between what is right or wrong. Mi Fan must have done something terrible in order for her to be so hostile towards her. In addition, the boy that had attempted to pour sulfuric acid on Mi Fan is the suspect Lu Wenxue’s son, Lu Zhengyang. Don’t you think there is something fishy about this?”

“Lu Zhengyang is only a child. He thinks Mi Fan is the reason why his dad was imprisoned. So naturally, he must despise her. He’s still young, so he might not totally understand what is right or wrong. Plus, he lost his father during the teenage rebellious period. So it’s quite likely…”

I honestly didn’t understand why Suyang was saying these things. It seemed like he was trying to use specious arguments. Suddenly, I felt like I didn’t know him anymore.

“I will find out the answer! I am going to personally figure it out. Unlike you, who just stands and believes what everyone thinks is the truth. When the truth comes out, we’ll see who’s right or wrong. You will know who Mi Fan truly is!”

“You cannot investigate Mi Fan.”

“Why not? I’m going to do it regardless of what you say. If you think I’m assaulting her, what are you going to do? Stop me?” I screeched.

Today, I was determined to fight Suyang.

“She is not someone you can mess with. She has someone supporting her from the background. It’s a person you can’t even imagine.”

“She has a supporter?”

Suyang smiled at me as he patted my head. He softly whispered, “You think Shen Shaoqian will let his 50k go just like that? Shaonu stole 50k from Shen Shaoqian because of Lu Zhengyang.”

I already knew about this from the Shen siblings’ fight this morning.

“So you’re telling me…”

“I didn’t meet up with Mi Fan for a blind date. It was Shen Shaoqian’s request. He wanted me to find out what happened between Lu Zhengyang and Mi Fan.”

I could barely suppress the joy in my heart. I didn’t expect such a sudden turn of event.

I forcefully pressed my lips together to stop myself from smiling as I shrugged my shoulders and mumbled, “Well, you’re the boss. Why do you have to explain yourself? It’s not like I care…”

“Are you sure about that?” Suyang smiled as he gazed steadily at me. “Initially, I wasn’t going to tell you. But I didn’t expect you to be so mad. So, I’m being honest right now.”

Wow…how awkward!!

“No! I’m not mad! Haha?! You must be seeing things?!”

Suyang continued to smile, “Originally, I wanted to test you. I didn’t think you would care so much! But at the end, I’m the only one being honest… so weird…”

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