SG Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: Hong Xiaobei’s story (Part 2)

“Wait!” Hong Xiaobei held onto the door as she warned Kevin. “If you dare to do something weird to me, I’m not going to let you go!”

Kevin carefully observed Hong Xiaobei from head to toe, left to right. After he had returned home, he confirmed she had the same face as Xu Weishan. Yet, why did one of them possess a noble air that was too high to reach; while the other appeared to be leaking an aura of poverty?

“Don’t worry. I’m not blind! If you don’t make a move on me, I’ll thank God. The money is on the table. Go and get it yourself!” Kevin pretended to be reserved and aloof. He entered his apartment and placed the delivery on the table. Then, he sat on the couch and smiled. His expression showed that he was well prepared.

The moment Hong Xiaobei entered, she focused her attention on the table with money and went to get it. She wanted to leave as soon as possible.

“What is this?” She accidentally noticed a picture on the table. In the picture, there were two children that looked around ten years of age. But why does the girl look like her younger self? She doesn’t recall taking a picture like this?!

Seeing how Hong Xiaobei froze, Kevin smiled. He knew his plan had worked. He had purposely developed the picture of him and Xu Weishan and displayed it onto the table. He intentionally wanted Hong Xiaobei to see it.

“The person in the picture is the person that I know. Last time, I thought you were her. You two look exactly alike, right?” Kevin rushed over excitedly.

“Who is the person in the picture?” Hong Xiaobei shockingly pointed to the child who looked identical to her. She had a very strange feeling about this.

“She is the infamous unruly little princess. I don’t know how you two can look exactly the same. Are you girls related?” Kevin began to stare at Hong Xiaobei again as he jokingly asked.

*Pa*. Hong Xiaobei slammed down the picture and ran off.

“Hey! Where are you going?” Kevin wasn’t able to stop Hong Xiaobei in time. He pouted as he looked at the fried chicken she had delivered to him. “I ordered two orders of fried chicken for us to share. Originally I wanted to chat and eat with you….”

“What’s going on? Could I be……” Hong Xiaobei wanted clarification as she headed to the hospital. After her father’s death, her mother found out she had terminal cancer. She was now living in the hospital.

Because she ran too quickly, Hong Xiaobei accidentally crashed into a child. The child fell onto the ground.

“Are you alright?” Hong Xiaobei halted her steps as she lifted the child up and rubbed his forehead. She checked to see if she had caused any damages.

“Sister Bei…” The child softly whimpered. Hong Xiaobei focused and realized it was the sick child that was living in the same ward as her mother. It was Xiao Xin.

“Xiao Xin, why are you running around and not staying in your ward?” Poor little guy was so sick at such a young age. In addition, he was an orphan. Ever since she found out about his story, Hong Xiaobei treated this child extra special.

“There are no toys in the ward. I want to play with toys….” Xiao Xin sadly whispered.

“Xiao Xin, next time I come, I’ll bring you some toys. Be good and stay in the ward, okay?” Hong Xiaobei gently rubbed his head and tried her best to squeeze out a smile.

She held onto Xiao Xin’s tender little hand as they walked back into the ward. When she saw her sick mother, she could see how the cancer had taken its toil on her.

Seeing her mother like this, Hong Xiaobei didn’t have the courage to question her. Initially, she wanted to ask if she had a twin sister elsewhere. So, Hong Xiaobei kept delaying the question. Ultimately, her mother passed away and she never asked the question.

While she was going through her mother’s belongings, Hong Xiaobei discovered the document from 19 years ago. It turned out she was adopted from the same orphanage as Xiao Xin.

Although the orphanage was no longer ran by the same director, the current director was able to go through the old records to prove that she was indeed an adopted child. The parents she had loved all these years were not her biological parents.

Another reality was that she had a twin sister elsewhere who was living a luxurious life.

Hong Xiaobei was resentful, jealous, and bitter. After all, she was human.

After a series of psychological shock, Hong Xiaobei could no longer handle it. Her grades began to deteriorate. Within three months, Hong Xiaobei went from a good student to a delinquent girl. Every night, she would drink at a bar until she was intoxicated. She wandered around the streets like a walking corpse.

“Hey gorgeous, you look so pretty. Wanna go somewhere nice with me?” A bunch of hooligans had been eyeing on Hong Xiaobei for a while. One day, they finally decided to make a move on her.

“Who are you guys? Get away from me!” Hong Xiaobei slurred as she swayed and irritably tried to push the men away. Her stomach began to overturn and she violently vomited into a corner.

An arm aggressively pulled her by the shoulder and forcefully grabbed her clothes as he slapped Hong Xiaobei across the face. Hong Xiaobei saw stars and fell over a garbage can.

“You dare to act smug towards me?” The man that had struck Hong Xiaobei appeared to be furious that she had disregarded him.

“Release me! You guys, release me!” The guys were planning to carry Hong Xiaobei away. Although she tried her best to break out of their grasps, it was no use. Her body was so soft and weak at the moment. She wasn’t able to control it.

Hong Xiaobei felt like she had been abandoned by God her entire life. Is this the end of her difficult life?

“Hey guys, where do you think you’re taking my girlfriend? Taking others’ girlfriend without permission isn’t a good idea!”

Hong Xiaobei wondered who her savior was. He wasn’t afraid to get killed? With the help of the weak lighting, Hong Xiaobei recognized Kevin. Once she did, she excitedly yelled, “Kevin!? Is that you?! Come save me! Hurry! They beat me up. I’m in pain….”

The intoxicated Hong Xiaobei didn’t care about the time or setting as she drunkenly sat down and pointed to her leg. She was acting all cute in front of Kevin.

“Because you’re acting so flirty, I’m going to safely take you away even if I end up like a pig head.” Kevin hopelessly smiled. Then, he took off his jacket and stretched his limbs.

Why is it that he couldn’t let go of this girl?

In the silent night, at the corner of an unknown alley, were sounds of fighting. While Kevin was busy fighting the hooligans, Hong Xiaobei had crawled over to a corner to vomit some more.

“I feel terrible…” With difficulties, Hong Xiaobei held onto the wall for support and stood up. Just as she was about to run, she turned around and noticed that all the hooligans were on the ground. “Huh? You beat them all?! Not bad! I didn’t expect you to win….”

“Your words make me so sad. Because of you, I am wounded. Is this how you treat your savior?” Kevin pointed to his injuries and teased.

Hong Xiaobei ignored him like she didn’t hear. She pretended nothing happened and swayed towards the direction of her home.

“Where are you going? I saved you and you didn’t even say thank you!?” Kevin grabbed onto Hong Xiaobei as he asked.

“Oh, um. Thanks.” Hong Xiaobei sounded extremely insincere. Kevin was infuriated but he couldn’t blame her. After she had left that day, he secretly investigated her background. He knew what she had gone through. He couldn’t help but pity her. So how could he be mad?

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