SG Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Kevin’s confrontation

Before leaving, I must tell him about the Xu Weishan matter even if he wouldn’t believe me.

Just in case, I flipped through my bag. Fortunately, I had Xu Weishan’s bracelet. I patted my bag. With this item, Kevin should believe my words.

When I was almost at the building, I saw Kevin leaping off from the second floor. I covered my mouth and froze on the spot. I watched the underbrush that Kevin had fallen into. A few seconds later, there was movement and he came out.

Thanks to his adolescent body, he managed to jump off from the second floor unscratched. It was still rather difficult for me to calm my suspending heart though. So when I walked over to Kevin, I spoke in a criticizing manner, “How could you leap off from such a high place? What if you got hurt?”

Kevin’s expression was a lot colder than his regular self. He was glaring at me and I felt shivers up my spine.

“What? Do I have something on my face?”

“Come with me.” Kevin disregarded my protest as he dragged me to the basketball court. Unfortunately, there was no one in sight. Once we were inside, Kevin locked the doors behind us and my heart made the same *thud* sound as the door. Today, his behaviour was very abnormal.

What does Kevin want from me?

I looked around the basketball court and began to walk further inwards. Regardless of what Kevin wanted to say, I must maintain a safe distance between the two of us for safety measures.

By the time he was done locking the doors, I had already dashed to the furthest basketball stand. I acted like nothing was the matter as I knocked on the pole and murmured, “Ohh….quite sturdy. Not bad…”

*cough cough* I watched as Kevin slowly approached me, “Why did you bring me here? Don’t tell me you want to battle? Hahaha! I don’t know how to play basketball. Haha! You found the wrong person….haha…! Ha….”

Whenever I was nervous, I would speak a lot of rubbish.

Kevin’s face was still gloomy as he began to increase his pace.

“Slow down!” I lifted my hand to stop him from proceeding forward. I wanted to attempt to maintain a distance of five metres between us. “Whatever you want to say, say it from where you are.”

“Who are you?” Kevin halted his steps as he sharply gazed at me. It was as if he could see through me.

I didn’t understand what he meant, so I didn’t respond.

While I was thinking of what to say, Kevin couldn’t wait anymore. He took out a crumpled piece of paper from his bag and threw it onto the ground. “I’m asking you who you are!” He roared.

I was confused and picked up the piece of paper. I composedly uncrumpled it and realized it was the application form I had submitted to the basketball association. Underneath the name column, I had written my real name -Lin Yixin.

“Your name is Lin Yixin?” Seeing my astonished expression, Kevin asked.

It’s over! I knew the name Bai Silu wasn’t suitable for me…It’s all Suyang’s fault. Why didn’t he use my real name to apply for the University? Why must I have to be some Bai Silu? Because of him, I’m always being misunderstood…

“This is….”

Currently, my mouth was dry and I had my head lowered as I hurriedly tried to come up with an excuse. By the time I had lifted my head, Kevin was already in front of me. Before I could say another word, he forcefully shoved me into a corner. He had his two arms against the wall, giving me no way out.

I withdrew my body and pressed it against the cold wall behind my back. I felt goosebumps all over my arms.

The light was behind Kevin and his face was so dark. I didn’t understand why he was so furious. Could the fake Xu Weishan have said something to him? I must leave this place immediately!

But given my current situation, it didn’t allow me to leave at my leisure. The only thing I could do now was act stupid. After all, I came to this University with an intent to help Suyang. Plus, I was secretly doing an investigation on the fake Xu Weishan.

Kevin’s irregular breathing was very noticeable on this quiet basketball court. He shifted a step closer.

As I braved the danger, I had a sudden thought. Could this brat want to kiss me?

While I was being a narcissist, Kevin opened his mouth again and repeated the question that I didn’t respond to. “What is your intention? Who are you? Bai Silu or Lin Yixin?”

I placed my hand against Kevin’s arm, indicating I didn’t want him to get any closer.

“Alright. You want to know? I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you everything. But please stand further away.” I slightly tested and used a bit of strength to push Kevin away. “You’re too close to me, and it’s making me very uncomfortable to be honest.”

Kevin appeared to be thinking over my words. After a bit of hesitation, he took a few steps back. But his face remained on me the entire time. He was probably afraid I would run off.

After making sure there was a safe distance between us, I took out the school resignation form I had just completed and revealed it to him.

“This is….” His eyes screened through the form. “You’re not studying here anymore?”

“I’m already so old, why would I be studying at an University?” I sadly sighed as I showed him my real identity card.

“You’re already 25?!” Kevin yelped. His mouth was opened so wide that I could fit an egg inside.

I was slightly offended as I glared at Kevin. I’m letting you see, so you should just see. Don’t talk about my age!? Even if you know I’m older than you, keep that thought to yourself. Why must you say it aloud? Clearly, this child has never experienced the real society…

“So, what’s your intention?” Kevin seemed to be more confident about his confrontation after seeing my ID.

I had no choice. If I didn’t take this out, most likely, I wouldn’t be able to leave today.

I took out the real Xu Weishan’s bracelet from my bag and displayed it in front of Kevin, “Is this familiar to you? Do you know what this is?”

“That’s Shanshan’s bracelet. Why do you have it?” Kevin took it from me and backed up a few steps. He was staring at the bracelet in astonishment as he carefully examined it.

“I found it. And I know that this is a gift you gave to Xu Weishan not too long ago.”

Now that I could tell Kevin’s anger had dissipated, I felt relieved and sat down cross legged. I patted to the spot next to me and indicated for him to sit down. Then, I lifted my head and stated, “I have a story I want to tell you.”

“….” Kevin didn’t say a word as his lips were tightly pursed. He was firmly gripping onto the bracelet.

I didn’t care that he didn’t care and began to share the story that I had formulated in my head.

“A long time ago, there were a pair of twins.The moment they were born, they were abandoned by their parents and left in an orphanage. The older sister was adopted by a rich family and from then on, she never had to worry about any of her basic necessities. She had a great personality, lots of friends, and became a very cheerful and optimistic girl. As for the younger sister, she was adopted by an average family. Slowly, the family’s income did not cover its expenditures. Her family began to hide from creditors, and they were constantly on the run. Her days were very difficult and she gradually began to associate with a lot of bad people. Her personality became cruel and malicious. Somehow, the evil sister found out that she had another sister who looked exactly like her but was living a completely opposite life. Her older sister had a happy, easy life, so she tried her best to approach her. After succeeding, she began to extort money from her sister. Since her older sister was a kindhearted woman, she always gave her younger sister what she wanted because she felt like she owed her. Just like that, the sisters continued to meet secretly and repeatedly without anyone else knowing. But one day, the older sister declined lending her younger sister money, and the younger sister brutally murdered her. The younger sister destroyed her older sister’s body and took over her life. After all, they were twins and looked identical. From then on, the younger sister lived contently with the older sister’s parents and dated her older sister’s boyfriend. It was as if the older sister had never existed in this world….”

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