SG Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Mentally and physically exhausted

“Miss Xu, it is too late. The operation should’ve been done two months ago. By delaying until now, Xiao Xin’s cancer cells have already spread to his organs. At this stage, we are honestly powerless.”

Xiao Xin was pushed away. During the process, a nurse accidentally knocked the fake Xu Weishan aside and she fell down like a fallen leave. I ran over to hold onto her.

“Are you alright?” I knew she wasn’t, but I still asked.

I wasn’t sure if she heard me. Currently, the fake Xu Weishan was acting like a robot. She stared fixedly at the ground without blinking. It looked like she wanted to burn a hole through the ground with her eyes.

After a long time, she harshly shoved me away and held onto the wall for support. Then, she swayed out of my sight with her black high heels.

From behind, she looked so lonely. All of a sudden, she appeared very weak. Could someone so evil have a soft side as well?

Under the current circumstances, I actually pitied her. Even if she was a murderer, at this moment, she was Xiao Xin’s sister Bei.

In order to prevent the fake Xu Weishan from hurting herself, I decided to silently follow her. Sure enough, she stared straight ahead and walked into the midst of the traffic. She disregarded all the cars that were passing by horizontally from both sides.

Some drivers swooshed by her, while some were so afraid that they desperately pressed on their emergency brakes. All of a sudden, the intersection near the hospital became congested.

A driver rolled down his car window and shrieked, “You want to die? Then die further away! Don’t bring me bad luck!”

The fake Xu Weishan didn’t seem to care as she continued to proceed forward. At this rate, she’ll either die in a car accident or she’ll get beaten up to death by furious drivers.

I apologized to the drivers left and right and ran to the girl who appeared to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I grabbed and pulled her onto the sidewalk.

“Do you want to die?” I completely lashed out at her, “If you were struck by a car and died on the streets, who will take care of Xiao Xin?”

“Xiao Xin…..Xiao Xin is going to die soon. If I’m dead, I can accompany him.” Xu Weishan whispered soullessly as she shoved me aside and wanted to dash back into the middle of the streets like a crazy person.

“Can you please wake up?!” I hollered.

I had to wrap my arms around the fake Xu Weishan’s waist in order to stop her. Deep down, I lamented. Why’s she so strong? It took tremendous amount of strength and effort before I was able to drag her to a safe place, somewhere a bit far from cars and people.

I was honestly at my wits’ end. I didn’t know what else to do at this moment except to firmly slap her across the face.

After getting slapped, the fake Xu Weishan seemed to regain some of her spirit as she bitterly glared at me.

“Xiao Xin isn’t dead yet. There isn’t just one hospital. Why are you giving up already? Do you know what Xiao Xin said to me just before he lost consciousness? He said, he really misses sister Bei. He told me I had the same shoes as sister Bei. So he wanted me to find sister Bei and tell her that he really wanted to see her. If he wakes up and finds out you’ve disappeared, how disappointed would he be? How sad would he be?”

“Bai Silu….you…”

Xu Weishan seemed to recall something and didn’t continue her sentence. Instead, she covered her face and crouched onto the ground as she burst into tears of anguish.

“If you still want to seek death, that’s your choice. I’m not going to stop you anymore.” I stayed by the fake Xu Weishan’s side for a very long time. I witnessed her entire process from beginning to end. She went from bawling vehemently to whimpering softly after she had exhausted all her strength. Fortunately, it seemed like her sanity had returned.

The fake Xu Weishan ignored me and went back to Xiao Xin’s ward. I silently stood behind her as I watched the fake Xu Weishan gently hold onto Xiao Xin’s deathly pale hand.

It was like watching a scene from the movies -a sister and brother reunites after standing at the blink of life and death. It was both touching and depressing at the same time.

It was difficult for me to imagine Xiao Xin’s sister Bei as a killer. Yet, the real Xu Weishan who stood next to me constantly reminded me that she was. I was done with tailing for today. It was too sad, and I was exhausted.

At this moment, I received a text message from Suyang, “Buy a book for me. It’s called A suspect’s hoot.”

“Boss, I’m sick. My head hurts. I just went to the hospital to get medication. The doctor told me to rest and not move so much…..” I texted back.

Oh no! Suyang caught me skipping work! But I was so tired, I didn’t want to run around. So, I lied. I wasn’t completely lying though, because I was really at the hospital!

“I know you’re not sick. The fact that I’m not investigating on your whereabouts is already merciful of me. If you do not return within thirty minutes, I’m going to deduct from your salary.” Suyang sent me another text message.

Sure enough, money was too powerful. “Don’t! I’m returning right now! Please wait a short moment, boss!”

I speedily returned his text and rushed to a bookstore.

I saw “A suspect’s hoot” the moment I walked in. I guess it was a best seller. But when I gazed at the cover, it seemed to be related to a massacre. It must be about a psycho and definitely not something I would want to indulge in.

On the cover, a man was holding a dagger with his right hand. He was smiling savagely as he held onto a strange looking mask near his chest with his left hand. But the strangest thing of all was that he had tears on his face.

What the hell? He has tears coming out yet the corner of his mouth is curled evilly upwards? The atmosphere was self-explanatory.

Why does he want to read something like this? He definitely has strong taste…

I clicked my tongue twice and bought a copy of the book home. By the time I had returned, I was mentally and physically drained. The moment I entered the apartment, I saw Suyang lying on the couch playing a game and drinking an iced watermelon beverage simultaneously.

Sometimes, I felt like Suyang was a second rich generation who had nothing better to do. But on the account of meeting Grandmother Meng, he didn’t seem to match that image either.

“Boss, here is your book!” I placed the book in front of him as I dragged my feet. I was planning to return to my room and sleep since I had gone through too much today. I needed to recuperate, especially from the Xiao Xin incident.

“Stop right there!” Suyang called out, even though his eyes were still on the screen, “Where were you earlier?”

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