SG Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: Go on a date with me

But why was he wearing sportswear? He wasn’t wearing this earlier…don’t tell me he purposely went home to change into the sportswear to come here?!

I stopped tidying up and ran towards Suyang, “Why are you here?”

“This is a question I should be asking you. Why are you here? Is it because you’re unsatisfied with being my assistant, so you have decided to come become an assistant for a school association? I’m not enough trouble for you?” Suyang was walking towards me, step by step. On his way, he helped me picked up a basketball.

“Are you jealous because I’m an assistant for someone else? Don’t worry, you are very annoying! No one can threaten your annoying position! Don’t be anxious!” I was praising him on the surface, but dissing him below. I reached my hands over to take the ball from Suyang.

But Suyang didn’t hand me the ball. Instead, he made a beautiful three-point shot in front of me. He proudly lifted his chin.

“You’re clearly already 25 years old, yet you’re wearing sportswear like you’re a young lady. Do you think you can turn back to eighteen by dressing young? You’re at this age but you’re still chasing after a bunch of kids. Usually, whenever I ask you to do something, you always complain you’re tired. Yet, you have energy for the basketball association? I guess I treat you too well… at this rate, this is not acceptable. I must increase your workload!”

Was he still angry about what happened during lunch time? He wouldn’t stop rambling….

“Let me ask you, is it because you want to look at hot guys? Is that the reason why you want to be a lousy assistant?” Suyang was beginning to ask a bunch of ridiculous questions.

“Professor Su, if you’re going to continue acting this way, I’m going to conclude you’re jealous. But we’re clearly not in that type of relationship where you have the right to be jealous…”

“Right now, I’m not your professor. I’m your boss. And your boss is telling you that he is also very good at basketball. Want to see?” Suyang picked up a basketball and held it in between his waist. Then, he shifted his leg and acted very cocky.

Before I could decline, he made another three-point shot and scored. Currently, his expression could totally be described as a dog catching a frisbee, and then turning excitedly to its owner with a “Hurry, praise me! Praise me!” look.

I hopelessly smiled as I was thoroughly defeated by Suyang’s childishness. “Don’t tell me this is the reason why you purposely went home to change into sportswear?”

“No, I do not have sportswear at home. I bought this now. The store representative said this is the current style of the year. It has a 3D dual ability to ventilate and separate ultraviolet rays. Under the scorching summer heat, it can…..” Suyang calmly replied and recited the brainwashing advertisement the salesperson told him.

It was even more absurd than going home to change. I had to admit defeat. What type of man would do something so outrageous? He was evoking my curiosity.

“Want to play a round?” Suyang began to jump up and down in front of me. A 27 year old uncle was trying so hard to prove how active he could be. Wow, what a sad sight.

“No, I don’t know how to play basketball.” I firmly refused.

“I’m commanding you, as your boss, to play a round with me.” He demanded.

“Boss, stop trying to tease me…if you want to play, you can play by yourself. If worse comes to worse, I’ll be your audience and clap for you. That way, you won’t feel lonely. Okay?” I robotically clapped and coaxed him like I was speaking to a child.

“We’ll play five rounds. Whoever that is first to score three times wins. If I win, you have to promise me one thing. If you win, I will fulfill one of your wishes. Okay?”

I gave him an icy face, “We haven’t played yet, and I already knew I lost. State what you want directly. You’re the boss, stop acting so suave. As your employee, I have to listen to you.”

“Go on a date with me.”

“I refuse.”

“Then, we’ll play. If I win….” Suyang began to repeat himself again. He was like a loop.

“Stop talking! Fine, we’ll play. But under my rules.”

“Alright, what rules?”

“Hmm…” I thought about it very deeply. I needed to think of something that would absolutely benefit me, yet it couldn’t be that obvious. “You will stand behind the 3-point line and cover one of your eyes to shoot. I will stand on the free throw line and shoot normally. You start, and we will alternate. Whoever that scores five baskets first is the winner. Okay?”

“That is so unfair to me!” Suyang refuted.

“You can use your skills to make up for it. Why can’t you lend an eye for a 25 year old who has never played basketball in her life?”

Suyang nodded and agreed to my words, “Fine, we’ll do it your way. But don’t forget. If you lose, you must promise to go on a date with me.”

I coldly laughed and spoke with an undefeatable determination, “If I win, you have to give me a raise!”

“How long have you been my assistant for? You’re always asking for a raise…so indecent.” Suyang rolled his eyes at me in a displeased manner.

“Money…the more the better!” I beamed.

Suyang went first. It may seem simple covering an eye, but for most people who were accustomed to using both eyes on a daily basis, this was definitely not easy. As expected, he failed to score the first basket. I clenched my fist and happily squealed on the inside.

For my first basket, I shifted the ball left to right many times before I shot. Although it was the first time I had played basketball, I managed to score! I probably had an innate talent.

The game had just begun, but I was already a point ahead of Suyang. However, he was able to adjust very quickly. He managed to score the other four tries.

When it was my fifth turn, I knew I would win as long as I get the ball in. I had managed to score all four baskets earlier. Why was I so good? Surely I was talented in basketball!

“If I win, I get a raise!” I made a scary face and laughed hysterically. I felt more powerful than Suyang, “Muahahahaha!”

Suyang was sweating as he gave me a look of disdain, “Is that all you can think about?”

“Don’t underestimate the power of money!” I shouted. Then, I bent my waist and narrowed my eyes to look at Suyang. He was so nervous that he couldn’t stop pressing his lips together.

I slyly smiled at the basketball hoop and threw my last ball. This ball will determine my victory!

*Clang*. My basketball struck against the hoop and made a very loud bang. Then, it directly bounced the opposite direction of the net.

“Darn it!” I walked away from my spot in a very irritated manner as I roughly picked up the ball and threw it at Suyang. On the contrary, the silent Suyang was now very excited. He threw his last ball, and the basketball entered the net and landed swiftly on the ground, declaring his victory.

*Dong dong!* It was as if my heart was beating the same frequency.

“Rawr!!! You lost!!! ….now you must do as I say. This weekend, we’ll go on a 24 hours date.” Suyang enthusiastically danced in front of me. He was acting all smug and not his age at all. So childish!

“Do you really have to act like this? You only beat me….” I picked up the basketball and exerted all my strength as I threw it at Suyang. I unleashed all my frustrations and anger in my throw. Sadly, he managed to avoid it. On the other side, I sat on the ground and acted very pitiful and shameless. I requested a rematch.

“No! No!” Suyang waved his finger, “Even if we have a rematch, you will lose. For your pride’s sake, I’m not agreeing to it. This is called protecting the player.”

I wasn’t able to conceal my smile. The corner of my mouth curved upwards without my control. I made a snickering sound. Fortunately, Suyang didn’t notice because he was busy living in his boundless praise.

Well, now that I had gone to these efforts, it wasn’t that apparent, was it? My wish to go on a date with Suyang…

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