SG Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: The Su descendants

Currently, in my mind, there was an image of a crow screeching and flying by…

Nobody said a word. It was completely quiet.

If a person is absolutely needed to break the silence, I’ll sacrifice myself! I bravely declared on the inside. But when it came to actually saying something, I didn’t know what to say. At the end, I ended up uttering, “Uh….good afternoon, boss….”

As I watched Suyang’s cold expression, I anxiously crawled back up. He gave me the feeling of a huge force suppressing me. Subconsciously, I backed up a bit to maintain a safe distance between us.

“I want to know why she’s here?” Suyang turned his eyes towards Grandmother Meng. Grandmother Meng was avoiding his glance. So, Suyang approached me, “Since my grandmother won’t reply, you answer. This morning, you told me you had something to do and took half a day off. So tell me, why is my assistant at my granny’s home?”

“Boss….you have so many apartments! I can see you make quite a lot of money….”

I felt a terrible atmosphere pushing me down, so I was speaking some rubbish. Then, through an interval, I tried to make eye contact with Grandmother Meng to request help.

She turned away from me. Is she expecting me to deal with this alone? Don’t abandon me! Grandmother Meng, we are on the same boat!

“Don’t you dare try to skimp me. Answer properly. Why are you here?” Once again, Suyang interrogated me. He extended his hand, I thought he wanted to hit me. So, I dodged like an automatic reflex.

“Stop moving!” Suyang’s big hand touched my hair, “Why is your hair wet?”

I was so scared that my neck remained at a crooked angle as I stood there foolishly. I didn’t expect him to comment on my hair. Immediately after, I turned and decided to run to the washroom. Along the way, I went by Grandmother Meng and grabbed her arm as I whispered, “What are we going to do now?”

“You know my Xiao Su?” Grandmother Meng asked quietly.

“He is my boss….” I wasn’t used to hearing Suyang being referred to as Xiao Su, but since Grandmother Meng was actually Suyang’s granny, I guess the nickname wasn’t too weird.

Grandmother Meng’s pupils were spinning continuously. I think she was trying to use her brain. As for me, I watched restlessly as Suyang headed towards the direction of the washroom. I began to rush, “Have you thought of a good explanation yet? I don’t want to participate in this battle between the grandson and the grandma. Please let me leave!”

“Don’t worry, I’ve thought of a good explanation.” Grandmother Meng clapped, “We’re ready!”

“Huh?” I wasn’t sure what her explanation was going to be. She was ready? I was still in a clueless state.

Suyang returned with a towel in his hand. I maintained my awkward smile as I sincerely reached out my two hands to take the towel from him. But it was as if Suyang didn’t see my hand at all. He directly placed the towel on my head and began to wipe it dry.

“No need….” I wanted to faintly refuse, but when I saw his eyes, I didn’t dare to utter a sound.

I was definitely not accustomed to Suyang’s action. He was practically tearing the hair off my scalp. My head felt numb, but under these circumstances, I was too afraid to speak up. I could only sacrifice my hair and suffer in silence.

Deep down, I saw it as a life trial I had to go through. God was giving me a test, and He specifically sent the Su descendants to torment me.

“You still haven’t answered my questions. Why are you here?”

“I told her to come.” Just as I was about to crumble from pressure, the great Grandmother Meng finally spoke up for me, “I know this lady knows you. Grandson, it has been so long since you’ve last came to see me. Grandmother misses her grandson. I want to know what my grandson has been up to, so I told her to come!”

I nodded crazily like those nodding dolls. Inside, I was thinking, Right, right! Grandmother Meng is right! From now on, she is always right!

“Granny, if you want to find out about me, you could always give me a call. Why do you need to find her?” Suyang actually believed her? Was he normally tricked so easily? Slowly, I felt like I could put down my hanging heart.

Grandmother Meng was beginning to act as she spoke in a tearful voice; it was totally the tempo of winning an Oscar. “I’m a lonely 70+ years old granny that is left all alone in a home. You don’t appear for ten days to half a month. When I call you, you always say you’re busy. Granny wants to know how her unfilial grandson is doing! Since I know this lady knows you, I asked her to come chat with me. I want to find out what you are up to, is that not ok?”

I chimed on the side as I covered my mouth with my hand and pretended to look sorrowful, “The old lady just feels lonely by herself…”

The circumstances have reversed! Suyang’s expressions were gradually turning calm and a bit guilty. “Granny, it’s not that I don’t want to see you. I’m just too busy with work.”

“Work your ass…!” I quietly mumbled as I lowered my head, “Aren’t you gaming everyday?”

“Goldfish! What did you say to my grandma?” Suyang heard me and scolded me.

I instantly lifted my head and shook it nonstop, “I didn’t say anything. Uh…now that you’re here, I’m going to go now! I don’t want to disturb your Su descendant reunion.”

My current wish was to say farewell to these Su descendants. I’ve never wanted to go home so badly before. Just as I was about to slip out, Suyang blocked me.

“Where are you going?”

“H…h-ome! You two have a good talk! I don’t want to bother you guys.” I gave him a big smile.

I tried to slip out from the other side, but Suyang blocked me again. He grabbed onto my collar,  “Stay here. We’ll head back together after dinner.”

“Ah? No need, no need! Boss, you should stay with granny. I don’t want to bother you two.”

Deep down, I was thinking, just release me…big bro!

“Yeah, perhaps she has something important to do. Even though she is your assistant, you can’t take up all her personal time!” Grandmother Meng was supporting me on the side.

“Do you have something very important to do? Don’t you have no friends? So you should be quite free after work, right? Plus, your job is 24 hours. There is no such thing as ‘after work’. Your every minute and every second belongs to me!” Suyang’s tone sounded like he would eat me if I dared to leave. So how could I leave? When did he turn so stubborn?

I swallowed my saliva. Darn it. I was screwed either way.

I tugged my sleeves uncomfortably a few times, Suyang suddenly dragged me and brought me to the bedroom. He closed the door and locked the two of us in the room.

I began to panic, “Grandmother Meng is outside. What are you doing?”

“Your clothes are wet. Pick one of granny’s outfits and change into it. Also.” Suyang forcefully pulled on my arm and hauled me in front of him. He hissed, “Don’t think I actually believed what granny just said. When we get back home later, you better tell me the truth.”


I curled my lips. I knew Suyang wouldn’t be tricked so easily. He was a sharp guy.

Since I had to change, Suyang temporarily left. I looked through Grandmother Meng’s clothes and randomly selected a set. When I looked into the mirror, I felt like I had aged thirty years. The moment I walked out, Grandmother Meng snickered, “This suits you.”

Suyang handed me all the groceries he had brought, “Go cook!”

“Let’s work together!” I blurted out of frustration and stared at Suyang. He was on the couch watching TV.

“Nah.” Suyang was watching a stupid variety show as he replied.

“How can you allow a guest to….”

Grandmother Meng was about to speak up for me again, but Suyang cut in, “Don’t worry about it. She is used to it. Plus, she is my hired 24 hours assistant. That means I’m spending money on her every second. So, she should be doing this type of work. Am I correct, Goldfish?”

“How much is your monthly salary?” Grandmother Meng’s face suddenly changed as she crossed her arms and asked me.

“Ten thousand…..”

Grandmother Meng appeared to be shocked by the amount. She quickly went over and smacked Suyang, “You damn child! You have so much money you don’t know where to spend it? How could you hire an assistant for 10k?”

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