SG Chapter 145

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Chapter 145: Grandmother Meng’s letter

There was a long silence between us. Suddenly, Suyang sighed and released me.

“So it turns out you’re not as heartless as I thought you were. After three years, I’m still the person you love, right? You can be honest. Regardless of what you say, I’ll believe you.”

How the heck does he expect me to answer this question right now? The word love hasn’t came out of my mouth in so long.

Suyang fished out a photo. It was the picture I took of him while we were at the beach. It was his back view. I wanted to snatch it, but he moved it away from my grasp. Suyang stood next to the last lit candle. “I thought you burnt all the photos. Surprisingly, you kept one.”

“It was an accident. But I like the feeling this photo gives off. It would be a pity to burn it.”

The whole time, I had kept Suyang’s photo in my wallet. Although he wasn’t physically by my side, it was comforting to know that a part of him was always with me.

“So you’re saying you would rather keep a still photograph than to get back with me?” Suyang lifted the photo and slowly brought it closer to the candle, “What’s the point. Let me help you end it now.”

Suyang was about to burn the photograph. I screamed and ran forward to rescue the picture, “Nooooo!”

The last candle was extinguished by me. My nose tingled. I wasn’t sure if I was crying due to the burning sensation on my hand or for other complicated reasons, but tears began to fill my eyes.

The darkness became very blurry.

“Are you crazy?” Suyang rushed to hold onto my hand. He was carefully rubbing it with his palm. “Aren’t you going too far for a photo?”

“I can’t let you….” I took a deep breath, “Without it, I won’t feel at ease. How about we just pretend we’re strangers at work. I won’t meddle in your affairs and you won’t meddle with mines. From now on….”

Before I could finish talking, Suyang pulled my hand upwards and made me touch his eyebrow.

“This is my eyebrow. This is my eye. This is my nose. This is my mouth.” In the darkness, Suyang continued to lead me downwards. As my fingers touched his smooth skin, my fingertips were overcoming a challenge I never had to deal with before.

“This is me. I am Suyang; a real person. I am still in love with you.” He whispered.

Suyang’s soft and sincere confession smashed apart my defensive line. I wasn’t sure where I got the courage from, but I held onto him like no tomorrow. My heart was aching and I didn’t care anymore.

“Me too! During the past three years, I never once stopped loving you. I tried lying to myself, but it was useless. You’re so stupid. Do you know how difficult it was for me to finally decide to let you go? Yet, you deliberately keep provoking me…I’m trouble, you know.”

“I don’t care what trouble you are. I can decide for myself.”

I stood on tiptoes to kiss him. Just as my lips were about to meet with with his, Suyang suddenly moved back. He raised his brows, “So are you getting back with me now?”

“I….”  I was pouting because our lips almost touched. Now, we were standing in an awkward position.

I wasn’t sure. Initially, I had no plans of getting back together. This outcome was not what I had expected. Suyang was probably not used to my behaviour either. I was hot and cold. Even I was confusing myself because I didn’t know why I was acting like this.

“Let me go first.” Suyang was fidgeting.

“Why? Don’t you still love me?” I gave him an innocent face.

“Just let go first…..” Suyang lightly tried to push me off.

“I’m not letting go!” I roared, “I’m only letting go if you trust me! Also, I’m really mad at the fact you changed my room because you mean too much to me!”

“Ok, okay!” Suyang gently patted my hand, “You can continue being lovey dovey later. I’m going to the study to give you something. How am I going to walk if you keep hugging me like this?”

“Huh?” Since Suyang said he was getting something for me, I immediately let go and stood around stiffly. I thought he just didn’t want me to stick on him…

In my mind, I had a drama all planned out. I thought he was trying to get revenge so he wanted to get back with me. Then after I had my guard down, he would leave me…

Soon, Suyang came out from the study and turned on the living room lights. He had a letter in his hand, “This is the letter granny wrote for you before she died. She said to give it to you when I see you.”

“Grandmother Meng wrote a letter for me?” I took the letter from his hand and opened the envelope.

To Yixin,

I just knew that one day you and Xiao Su would reunite again. I want to thank you for keeping your promise and not seeing my grandson while I was alive. Although Xiao Su and I appeared to be living the same lives as before, I could tell Xiao Su is very unhappy without you. Every time I see him hiding in his study, I always reflect. What have I taken away from him? Now, I regret the words I said to you that led to your departure.

I know I have used up my lifespan. I won’t be wandering the Earth like those lonely ghosts. I will reincarnate right away, so you probably won’t have an opportunity to see me again. Aside from Suyang, there is nothing else that makes me reluctant to leave. The moment I know that I won’t see him again, my heart hurts. By the way, I contacted my Master and he said that you’ve already graduated and left. So now, I assume you’re quite good at controlling your spiritual abilities?

After you see Suyang, please do not feel apprehensive by what I have previously said. Just live the lives that you want. A selfish part of me doesn’t want my Xiao Su to be alone in this world. Although this request may be inappropriate, I hope you can be his friend if you no longer love him. If you still love him, then stay with him for life.

Grandmother Meng

“Grandmother Meng….” I read the entire letter in my mind and then carefully folded and placed it in my bag.

“What did granny say?” Suyang stretched his neck. He wanted to see the letter.

“The letter was written for me; don’t you even think about it! Since Grandmother Meng already made it clear, I guess I have no choice but to take on this difficult task!”

“What do you mean?”

“Where should I put my luggage? We can’t just keep it in the living room!” I’ve already made it so clear. If Suyang still didn’t understand, he’s an idiot.

As expected, Suyang understood instantly. He quickly pushed my luggage into his room. Then, he ran out and spun me into the air.

“Put me down!” I was a bit scared. My hands were tightly wrapped around Suyang’s neck.

“You’re the one holding onto me. How can you accuse me of not letting you go!?”

“I’ve released my hands but you still haven’t released me!”

“It has been three years. I have to hug all my years’ worth!” Then, Suyang spun a few more circles. He took the opportunity to bring me into his room and dropped me onto the bed.

“Huh?” I could sense the tense atmosphere as I gazed at Suyang, “Do you have dirty thoughts again? Let me warn you. Today, I’m not drunk. In fact, I’m very sober.”

Suyang immediately kissed my lips to stop me from talking. We continued to kiss until I was about to suffocate from a lack of oxygen. Then, I shoved him away.

“Why are you stopping?” Suyang opened his eyes and changed positions. He laid on his side and supported his head with one arm. He seemed dissatisfied.

“Not today!”

“Why not? It was great yesterday….!” Suyang whined.

“Too bad!” I sat up and fixed my messy hair. “Where am I sleeping tonight? I need to rest.”

Suyang pressed me down with one arm. He stuck to me like a baby, “Of course you’re sleeping with me! We’re back to being in a sweet relationship!!” He smirked.

“No! I’m not going to sleep next to you! Who knows what you’re going to do?” I was half serious half joking.

Suyang put his chin on my shoulder and blinked his huge eyes, “Don’t worry. If you say no touching, I won’t touch… unless you think you can’t hold back.” He had a sly grin on his face.

“Nonsense!” My face was starting to burn up. “Why wouldn’t I be able to hold back?! You’re nuts….” I smacked him, “I’m going to shower now. Don’t lust after my beauty and peek!”

Suyang snorted and flung his non-existent hair, “You dare to talk about beauty in front of me? Anyone with eyes could tell who the beauty is!”

“Yes yes yes…. !” I nodded and went to the bathroom. After taking a shower, I realized I had forgotten to bring my pyjamas. I couldn’t find a long bathrobe either.

I can’t just use two towels and come out like this, right?

“Suyang…are you asleep?” I tested. If he was asleep, I’ll just run out naked to get my pyjamas.

“No….why are you calling me?” Suyang’s voice came from the living room, “Do you need my help?”

How does he know…..? Whatever.

“Umm… could you go through my luggage and grab my pyjamas? Then, give it to me.”

Suyang didn’t respond. The air remained silent for a long time. Suddenly, I heard items falling down.

I had a very bad feeling about this. “Suyang, you better not be dumping all my stuff on the ground! Be gentle! Gentle!!!”

I could see Suyang’s fuzzy figure outside the frosted glass door. I was so shocked that I began to back away. Suyang was trying to break open the door. The speed of his voice was 4x faster than his usual pace, “Open up! Don’t you want me to deliver the pyjamas? Open!”

“Why would I open the door for you when I’m in this state?” I kicked the bathroom door, “Just leave the pyjamas outside and you can leave.”

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