SG Chapter 139

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Chapter 139: Hallucination

People were already coming in succession. I noticed a bunch of properly dressed workers sitting particularly straight. They were filled with youthful energy. Most likely, they had just graduated and were the new hirees.

I silently went over and stood next to them. Who would’ve thought I would be mixed with these young students again? I confidently patted my hair. Ever since I had cut my hair short, my complexion had dramatically improved. Furthermore, I had taken extra measures to maintain my youthful looks. Who could tell I was nearly 30?!

Now that I was making a lot of money, I naturally cared more about my appearances. After all, I was a woman. Skincare and beauty salons were part of a regular routine.

Hmm…strange…the atmosphere around the new hirees wasn’t what I expected at all. Why do they all look so guarded? Aren’t they colleagues now? What the heck

A few moments later, a woman dressed in a suit came out and stood in front of the new hirees. “I’m the one in charge of leading you guys. My name is Luo Zhen. Based on how fresh you all look, I’m sure you’re a young batch. In the future, call me Sister Luo.”

Luo Zhen arrogantly swept her eyes over everyone. Then, she flipped open her agenda and continued, “In a bit, I will be taking you around the building so you can get familiar with it. After you learn who your superiors are, you will be split into different departments. When you arrive at your assigned department, there will be another superior to help you. Understand?”

“We understand.” Everyone responded in unison.

“Also, all of you are on probation right now. Three months later, only five of you will be given permanent positions. So, don’t you dare slack off. The people around you are your colleagues, but also your competitors.”

Oh…. no wonder these kids have these looks on their faces. What a cruel world

Then, Luo Zhen took us on a tour around the building. Aside from Xu Chuqiao’s office on the 21st floor, the 1st to the 43rd floor were part of the corporation. This comprised all sorts of departments.

For the entire morning, we didn’t do much aside from walking around and exploring the building. I didn’t really pay attention to what Luo Zhen was saying since I wasn’t truly going to work here. The only issue I cared about was whether I was getting blisters on my feet from walking too much.

I shouldn’t have wore high heels

I was limping and ended up at the very end of the line. With difficulty, I managed to last until 11:30 am.

“Alright. The tour is now complete. Now, you guys can report to your departments; just in time for lunch.”

Then, Luo Zhen left confidently and at ease. She left all of the new hirees to stare at each other.

Why weren’t they moving? Was it because they didn’t know their departments? I couldn’t move now. If I moved, it would be obvious that I had gotten the job from an insider. I didn’t want to get bullied by the group.

Since no one moved, I remained still as well. As the psychological anxiety grew inside of me, I looked around and observed my surroundings.

Just as I was figuring out my next move, a guy suddenly left the group and headed towards the elevator. Then, everyone else went to their designated departments.

I finally understood. It wasn’t that they didn’t know their departments. It was because the atmosphere was too unfamiliar to them, so they were hesitant…

When I arrived at the marketing department, the guy that had left ahead of me was there as well.

“You two are the only new hirees for the marketing department. I am the secretary for the marketing manager. My name is Luo Jing.” A guy with glasses stood in front of us. His face was like a stiff emotionless robot.

Another person with the surname Luo? Could all the Luos be undertaking the new hirees? It was also the first time I’ve seen a male secretary.

“Now, I’m going to bring you guys to see the manager. After meeting the manager, I will tell you guys the specific workflow.”

Luo Jing led the way and we headed towards the marketing manager’s office.

Xu Chuqiao wanted me to keep an eye out for this person… he said he appeared out of nowhere and most likely had been hired by Yao Youfan. If I am able to investigate this person thoroughly, it would probably help me out a lot.

Thinking of this, I put on my best game face. Luo Jing knocked on the door and a voice from inside echoed, “Come in.”

Luo Jing pushed open the door, and me and the guy followed closely behind. He stated, “Manager, the new hirees are here.”

The manager was sitting with his back facing us. As a result, we couldn’t see his actual face. However, he gave me the impression that he was very cocky. He was definitely not a person I would want to mess with.

Why does he have to show off his superiority to newbies? I’ll give him 100% for putting on his act. I tried to scan his desk to find out his name. But I didn’t see a name sign anywhere.

“I welcome you guys to our marketing department. I’m your superior.” Suddenly, the marketing manager slowly turned his chair around. Then, he placed his name sign aggressively on the table. He had it in his hands the whole time.

What kind of introduction was that…. I secretly felt a disdain towards him. But out of curiosity, I couldn’t help but lift my head to look up at my new boss.

However, the moment I made eye contact, I breathed out cold air and took a step back.


The new worker and Luo Jing both turned to give me criticizing looks. Hey, you can’t blame me….

I stared at the man who made me tongue tied. That face

My first reaction was to bow and apologize. “I’m sorry, I think I’m too excited from getting hired. Hence, I slept very poorly last night. I am hallucinating at the moment. Could I exit and re-enter again?”

The other new hiree secretly nudged me. It was as if he wanted to remind me, “How dare you try to talk about conditions with the marketing manager when you’re a nobody?”

“You may.” The familiar face was smiling. Then, he gently nodded, “Exit and re-enter again then.”

“Thank you! Thank you!” I continuously bowed as I left the office. Then, I viciously slapped myself on the face twice, “Lin Yixin! You must pull yourself together! You cannot hallucinate again!”

“One, two, three!” I closed my eyes and counted on the inside. Then, I knocked on the door.


I gritted my teeth and stomped on the ground. Next, I closed my eyes as I pushed the door open. I imagined my hallucination disappearing. The whole time, my mood was very heavy and my head was lowered. After taking a deep breath, I raised my head and stared at the marketing manager.

There was no change…. Was I sick to the point of no return?

Last night, I had already dreamt of his fuzzy face. Now, his face was clearly in front of me. The smiling face was exactly a duplicate of Suyang’s.

It was that same face. The face that once made intense eye contact with me. It was the same high nose bridge that I touched while we were playing around. And the same lips I once kissed… it was exactly the same from three years ago.

He stood up with a ridiculous amount of confidence and walked towards me. Although he was less than three metres away, I felt as if I had stepped across a light-year.

“Are you more clear-headed now, Miss. Lin Yixin? Earlier, you were outside so you didn’t hear my introduction. Allow me to re-introduce myself. I’m the marketing manager for the Xu clan corporation, Suyang.”

I could feel Suyang’s burning gaze despite having my head lowered. My mouth felt dry and breathing was difficult. My hands were tightly clenched into fists. There was a fire alarm going off in my head. Aside from the chaotic buzzing in my ears, I couldn’t hear anything else.

Time, space, air all seemed to have paused.

I wasn’t sure what I was feeling, but it wasn’t the joy of meeting an old friend. In fact, I felt like I had been caught in a hopeless manner.

Wait a sec! What’s going on?! …..this is wrong! I haven’t prepared myself for a reunion. W-why did we encounter each other here? Regardless of how I rubbed my eyes, I couldn’t believe Suyang was the marketing manager of this company. He was my superior!

After I confirmed that I wasn’t hallucinating from a lack of sleep, I remained still like a frozen piece of ice. I couldn’t move at all.

“Miss. Lin Yixin, could it be that you’re surprised the marketing manager is myself? I guess you recognize me?” Suyang murmured.

No! I lifted my head up in fear. I gave him a warning glance: Suyang, you can’t expose our relationship here! Or else….or else everything will be even more complicated!

“This type of situation occurs quite often. I guess you must be one of my fans!” Suyang lightly patted my back. “Although I was an author two years ago, I’ve retired from that field. I entered this company because I have a Masters of Finance. So now, I’m just an ordinary office worker. Hope we will get along great!”

Based on the new hiree’s confused expression, I was positive he had no idea Suyang was previously an author. I never would’ve imagined that Suyang would be the person that Xu Chuqiao wanted me to investigate. This was the first time we met in three years, and now I have to investigate him?

I never wanted this to happen

Although I had no idea what he went through these past few years, I knew Suyang was a schemer. I was not up to his par. What am I going to do? I just started a new job and I have already encountered a roadblock...

“I have nothing else to say. You guys may go and do your job now.” Suyang turned around and returned back to his seat.

That sentence gave me so much relief. It was like being told I was getting released from a life-imprisonment sentence. Obviously, I couldn’t show how I truly felt. I had to keep all my emotions hidden.

“Yes.” I turned around and wanted to get out of the office as soon as possible. I really couldn’t handle the awkward and strange atmosphere. I needed to breathe in fresh air. If I stayed here any longer, I was worried I would suffocate….

“Lin Yixin candidate, please remain here.”

Suyang’s command caused me to heavily sink to the bottom of the ocean. It was as if my four limbs were made of lead.

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