SG Chapter 137

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Chapter 137: Three years later

After flying for five hours, I still had to transfer to another flight. I decisively gritted my teeth as I stared at the familiar phone number on my cell phone and pressed dial. The phone began to ring.

The moment the call went through, I exploded, “Miss Xialing. I want to ask you, do you know how to write the word humanity? I have been working my butt off at City C for half a month. Now that I could finally return home, you chose a cheap ass flight and you’re going to make me transfer again?! How could you bully your own boss like this?”

“Aiya….boss. Who says I’m bullying you?” Xialing sounded a bit muffled. She was probably eating something. “I’m doing this for your firm! I’m helping the firm save money. That means I’m helping you to save money, boss!”

I icily laughed. On the surface, Xialing’s words sounded very logical. But she thought she could fool me. “Last week, when you went on a business trip to City D, you stayed at a luxurious suite for three nights. So that was helping me save money as well?!”

“F**k…!” I could hear Xialing swear under her breath, “Did Zhou Zhen tell you? Damn that guy! He only knows how to tattletale on people. Ughhh!!!”

I coldly humphed. “Forget it. So what if Zhou Zhen was the one who told me? You’re physically weaker than him. Your spiritual powers are not as strong as his either. Yet you still want to get revenge?”

“Oh yeah, Yixin! There was a case that Wenwen was supposed to take over, but she can’t do it anymore. Last night, her boyfriend dumped her and now she’s crying as if her life is over. Right now, her own safety is more of a concern! Zhou Zhen and I are both already on a case. Do you think you….”

“I just finished my business trip…if I remember correctly, Wenwen’s case is also in another city, right?”

“Yeah. But today, CEO Xu called to rush us. He wants someone over ASAP…”

I sighed. “Fine. Help me book another flight….actually, forget it. Tell me where it is and I’ll book it myself. I can’t trust you anymore.”      

“My love, your words are breaking my heart…. But as an excellent staff from your firm, I’ve already pre-booked your flight ticket.”

“What? You already pre-booked….? You were already planning to shove this case onto me?”

I was furious. We’ve been working together for so long. Why was I still falling for Xialing’s schemes?

“Don’t tell me you’re going to make me return to City B and then fly again?!”

“Of course not! Actually, from the start, I booked you a direct flight. You’re currently at your destination! Go get your luggage, boss! Work hard! I’m cheering you on! I’m always with you in spirit!”

Then, Xialing hung up the phone. For some reason, every time Xialing called me boss, I felt like she was mocking me.

Currently, I still had the phone by my ear. I could hear the “di di” sound of a discontinued line. I stood at the airport; unsure of whether I should laugh or cry.

Eventually, I looked around my surroundings.The airport still looked the same as it did when I left three years ago. City A. Who would’ve thought I would be back again for work.    

I went to get my luggage. As expected, my luggage was lying there all by itself. Xialing had planned this evil scheme the whole time. I fell into her trap again!

After I picked up my luggage, I received a text message from her: Chang’an street, 236 Youyi road. Xu clan corporation. CEO Xu’s office is on the 21st floor. Head there and go find him directly. Work hard so you can afford to pay your staff! I love you, bossu!    

Even if I work myself to death, I wouldn’t be able to afford your luxurious suites from all your business trips! I sighed at my phone. Then, I adjusted my mood and exited the airport.

Three years ago, after I left City A, I went to find Grandmother Meng’s master. Master actually lived on the mountains. I told him Grandmother Meng sent me to him. As a result, he reluctantly taught me a year and a half of spiritual techniques. Then, he shooed me off the mountains to perish on my own…

After studying for a year and a half, I began my path to expel ghosts.

If people told me all the ghosts I had met in the past were easy peasy, I would totally agreed. Because within half a year, I encountered all sorts of evil ghosts. I used what my master had taught me and expelled them all. Surprisingly, this earned me a lot of money. After earning money, I rented my own firm and hired a few people who had supernatural abilities like myself. They could either communicate with ghosts or had spiritual techniques. Thus, “The Ghost Firm” was born.

Xialing, Zhou Zhen, Jia Wenwen were my staff members.

On the outside, “The Ghost Firm” was a detective firm. But in reality, most of the evidence we discovered came from our interactions with ghosts. That was the reason why our success rate was so high. Once in a while, we would get clients who wanted us to expel ghosts.

This time was different. This time, the person commissioning us was CEO Xu of the Xu clan corporation. Three months ago, his father passed away. Surprisingly, his father didn’t leave him a single penny on his will. Everything was left for his stepmother, Yao Youfan. CEO Xu suspects the will was a fake will created by his stepmother. So through close friends, he found out about us and wanted us to secretly investigate whether the will was real or not.    

“Pshh…!” I shook my head. I couldn’t believe what awaited me was another huge family internal dispute case. Why do I come across so many wealthy clients? Wealthy people truly have a lot of drama.

I went to a hotel and plucked down my luggage. Then, I took a relaxing shower. I didn’t even have time for a breather. After I was done, I quickly applied some makeup and put on a formal suit. I had to look like a professional before I meet with Xu Chuqiao.

After all these years, I have learnt that people will decide how much respect to give you based on how you’re dressed.   

I took the taxi to the Xu clan corporation and went straight to the 21st floor to Xu Chuqiao’s office. Just as I was about to enter, his secretary blocked my path.

“Excuse me, Miss. Do you have a reservation?”

“Please notify CEO Xu that Miss Lin from City B has arrived. He will know who I am.”

“Alright, please wait.”

A few moments later, the secretary came back out with a bunch of people following behind her. They seemed to be people from the management team. The secretary smiled at me. “The CEO is ready to see you, Miss Lin.”

Wow, he stopped a meeting to see me? Hmm.. Xu Chuqiao was quite bothered by this. If I can solve it for him, I will make big bucks! Please forgive my brain for always thinking of money. As a boss, I must earn enough to support my staff and myself! Or else, how can I pay for Xialing’s extravagant lifestyle?

“Hello, Mr. Xu.” I went to shake Xu Chuqiao’s hand. This was my first time meeting him. He seemed quite amiable. I was surprised his biological father didn’t leave a single penny for him after his death. How unfilial was he?

“Miss Lin. I have already told your firm about my situation. What do you….” CEO Xu went straight to the topic the moment his secretary left the room.

“I am aware of your situation, Mr. Xu. Right now, I have some questions I hope you would truthfully answer. It will help with the case.”

“Alright. I will tell you everything I know.”

I took out my notebook and began to take notes. “Is your stepmother, Yao Youfan, the chairman of the corporation?”


“Please forgive me for being too direct. But I want to know why she hasn’t kicked you out of the corporation after receiving your father’s estate?!”

Xu Chuqiao was pacing around the office so fast that it was making me dizzy. “Perhaps there hasn’t been enough time since my father’s death. She doesn’t want to make it too obvious. This is also why I’m in such a rush. I have no idea when the woman is going to kick me out. After all, ever since the will has been released, most of the company members are on her side… now, I feel like I’m walking on a knife blade everyday.”

“Why do you believe the will is fake?”

“I personally don’t think I have ever done something that have wronged my father; neither was I unfilial. My father wasn’t muddled or confused. Why would he not leave me anything in his will? So, I’m certain that the will must be fake. Please help me find the real will.”

“I understand. Now, I’m going to tell you my requirements.”

“Go ahead.”

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