SG Chapter 134

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Chapter 134: Kidnapping ‘Lin Yixin’

I returned back to the apartment and faced Grandmother Meng again, “Do we need to prepare anything for soul switching?”

Grandmother Meng shrugged her shoulders, “Nope.”

“How come you make it sound like it’s such an easy task? It seems so complicated!”

“Complicated? It’s not complicated! You’re just taking two souls and swapping it. How hard is that?”

Hearing Grandmother Meng say this, I admit, I was garbage…. she knew all sorts of tricks. Anson could enter anyone’s body. Xialing could communicate with other ghosts… basically, anyone who had supernatural powers were more powerful than me! It was time for me to do some self reflection.

An hour later, Xiazhi still had not returned. But Xialing gave me a call.

“How did you persuade my brother to get me to help you?” Xialing sounded very gloomy.

“I told him I really had something important to discuss with you. I knew Xiazhi could find you!”

“What do you need help with? Anson has already been arrested by the cops.”

“But the person the cops took away is not Anson. It’s Lin Yixin! I want my body back. Please help me.”

“I already told you I do not know how to swap souls. It’s too advanced for me. I can’t help you!” Xialing sounded like she was about to hang up the phone. I quickly yelled, “Wait! I know you can’t swap souls, but…”

Before I could continue, Suyang snatched the phone from my hand, “You can lay down, right?”

“Huh?” Xialing didn’t understand what Suyang meant. Even I was confused. Suyang smiled, “I already have a plan in mind.”

Although Xialing was extremely unwilling, ultimately, she was willing to meet us behind the hospital. So currently, Suyang, Grandmother Meng, Xialing and I had gathered at the back of the hospital.

“Where is Xiazhi?”

“He went to reincarnate.”

“Ah?!” I was shocked. I didn’t even thank him and now he’s gone forever?

“I told him, if he wanted me to help you, he had to go reincarnate immediately. I didn’t want him to linger in this world any longer.”

I was quite sad when I found out I’ll never see Xiazhi again. I’ve known him for far longer than Suyang and Grandmother Meng…. I still remember he became my bodyguard the day we made eye contact. He had always tried his best to protect me. It may seem ridiculous but that was the truth.

“What is your plan?” Xialing’s voice cut off my thoughts.

“The plan is, granny will go distract Sheyu. Then, after Sheyu is gone, Yixin and I will enter the room and carry Anson out. Xialing, you’ll be lying in the bed to pretend to be ‘Lin Yixin’ for an hour. Understand?”

Grandmother Meng raised her hand, “How am I supposed to distract the cop?”

“Do whatever you want! Just act like how you usually act when you don’t want me to leave you.”

“Like this?” Suddenly, Grandmother Meng clutched her heart and shut her eyes. She looked like she was suffering from immense pain. “Ah……my heart! My heart feels….”

Xialing and I were stunned by her acting skills. We reached over to hold onto her. Unexpectedly, Grandmother Meng recovered in a second, “Like that?”

*clap clap clap*. Xialing and I couldn’t help but give applause. If the situation wasn’t so serious, I would’ve given Grandmother Meng the best female actress award.

“I have a question!” This time, I raised my hand, “Can the two of us carry Anson out?”

Suyang rubbed my head, “Don’t forget, you’re in a man’s body right now. How could two men not carry a woman?” Although, to tell you the truth, Lin Yixin is a bit heavier than the average woman….”

“Ah… can shut up now.” I was grumpy because Suyang was making fun of my weight again. I angrily put down my hand.

“Alright, if everyone understands, then let’s hurry! We’ll meet in the car. Xialing, in approximately an hour, we’ll come back for you.”

“I got it.” Xialing replied listlessly.

Her attitude was perfect. She needed to act as an unconscious person. If she was too enthusiastic or energetic, it would be too obvious.

So, we split up and entered the hospital.

Suyang, Xialing and I secretly entered from the back doors and into the hospital. Along the way, I made a record and tried to figure out the shortest route for us to exit.

When we arrived at the fire exits on Anson’s floor, we could already hear a lot of commotion. I was about to rush out, but then I saw Grandmother Meng and Sheyu arguing. So, I hurriedly ducked my head back in. The three of us held onto our breath as we continued to observe; our heads were lined up vertically with one above each other.

Grandmother Meng was arguing intensely with Sheyu. Suddenly, she grabbed onto Sheyu’s sleeve and had her mouth gasped open as she collapsed.

If I hadn’t already seen her acting, I would’ve rushed out to save her. I felt bad for making her act such a dramatic scene at her old age.

All of a sudden, the scene became very chaotic. Sheyu called a bunch of nurses on shift and everyone rushed to put Grandmother Meng on the wheel bed and took her away.

“Hurry! They’re gone!” While no one was watching, I quickly urged Suyang and Xialing. We didn’t have much time. We must hurry and do everything in the shortest time possible!

“Oh no! The door is locked. What should we do?”

“That’s a simple issue I can handle.” Xialing declared with a smug expression. She took out a thin iron wire from inside of her pockets and began to stab it into the keyhole. She swirled and twirled and *ka cha*, the door opened.

Suyang gave Xialing a thumbs up. Based on his shining eyes, he must be impressed by her skills.

We noiselessly entered the ward. Fortunately, Anson’s had an individual room. I was quite stressed and violently pulled out his IV drips. “Do you think pulling these out will be ok?”

“You’ve already pulled them out. So why are you asking?! Hurry and get out!” Xialing responded, “I will lay here and wait until you guys come back.”

“Yes!” Suyang and I replied in unison. Then, Suyang put Anson on his back. His face was turning red and he looked like he was struggling. “After you get your body back, you really need to do something about your weight!”

Damn that Suyang! He is always insulting my weight! Am I really that heavy?

I sharply shoved Suyang and stated like a boss, “Are you a man? Let me carry her!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes! Hurry!”

It’s a female body! Plus, right now I was Anson. I was confident in my abilities and my body weight! Suyang was just exaggerating. Also, he rarely exercised; so he was weak to begin with.

“Okay! Then, catch!” Suyang leaned over to slide Anson onto my back.

“Pshhh!” Xialing was already lying on the bed. “Time is running out and you guys are still playing around? Why does it matter who’s carrying her?”

“You don’t understand! This is what you call ‘you may kill the soldier but not dishonor him’!”

After I said those powerful words, I was faced with reality. Eh….? I weighed more than I expected. The moment ‘Lin Yixin’ was on my body, I had to grit down my teeth in order to hold on. With difficulty, I pretended I was totally fine to Suyang, “See? I’m not that heavy….”

Suyang shook his head, “It’s useless for you to hide it. The sweat on your forehead has betrayed you.”

“No! I’m just hot!” I began to pant. I must lose weight after I get my body back!

Suyang was leading the way as he checked the situation outside. Then, he gestured to me that it was safe to come out. The two of us rushed to the fire exit and ran for our lives.

“Hurry! Quick!” Even though we had successfully taken Anson out, I was still afraid the cops would chase after us. I felt like a guilty thief…. wait, we weren’t stealing any valuables; instead, we were stealing a living person!

Fortunately since it was so late, there weren’t many people on shifts. Suyang and I safely returned to the car and placed Anson inside.

It was kind of odd. He was only shot on the arm. How could he be unconscious for so long?

Even when I had been shot on the chest, I wasn’t like this. It was the same body too… sigh. Poor me. My body must be the type to get shot easily. At such a young age, I’ve already been shot twice.

After we settled down Anson, Suyang gave Grandmother Meng a call to notify her. Soon, Grandmother Meng swaggered out the front door. She looked almighty and proud.

“That cop is so easy to deal with. How could a cop be tricked so easily? Aaaiiii!”

Was she trying to show off? Suyang and I smiled but didn’t respond.

Sheyu had always been like this… luckily she was the one on guard.

We drove to Grandmother Meng’s apartment. She had already prepared two separate beds for me and Anson to lay down on. Then, she kicked Suyang out of the room.

Before she began, she solemnly said to me, “Don’t forget your promise to me. You’re going to leave after you get your soul back.”

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