SG Chapter 128

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Chapter 128: Kabedon

“So you’re telling me that the Japan trip was part of Anson’s plan all along? Huaze Yuxiang is one of his people? Including everyone we dealt with in Japan? At the time, you guys were already planning to swap my soul with Anson’s?!”

Xialing shifted her shoulders and avoided my eyes. “Actually… we have been monitoring you and Suyang for quite some time. We just didn’t make a move until Japan.” Xialing honestly admitted.

I couldn’t believe we had walked right into a trap. I was clueless and had no idea that our lives were being closely monitored.

Xialing continued, “Anson possessed the person who drew the winner. He changed the winner to Suyang and lured you guys to Japan. Then, after you two had arrived, he possessed another woman to get closer to you. Remember? The Caucasian Anna. That was actually Anson.”

The truth was brutally slapping me across the face. I felt pathetic and useless. My life was actually part of Anson’s plan? I was being controlled like a puppet.

“So Anson can control anyone he wants? Doesn’t that mean he could control the whole country?”

“Yes, but he isn’t interested in doing that. He is only interested in Suyang.”

“So what are we going to do now? Anson is so powerful….” I gazed at the mirror and looked at my reflection. It was Anson’s face. How do I get my body back?

“Before we go another further, you mean, what should you do!? Not us! Next, I do not know how to swap souls. It is too advanced for me. Why don’t you just live as Anson for the rest of your life? He is so hot. You’re not really losing anything…”

I gave Xialing a dirty look. She could tell I was annoyed and quickly smiled apologetically. “Hehe! Just kidding! I could tell you’re very uptight so I was trying to help you loosen up!”

There was no time for me to loosen up. I mumbled again and again, “Swap souls…swap souls…”

Oh yeah! Grandmother Meng could swap souls! She had helped me twice already. The ghosts entered my body. That’s pretty much the same idea, right?

“Xialing. Let’s go find Grandmother Meng. She might be able to help me!”

“It’s very dangerous to leave right now. I’m certain Yuxiang already knows we have escaped. She’s probably hunting us down with a bunch of subordinates as we speak.”

“Well, we’re dead if we do, we’re dead if we don’t. Why not just go offense and attack?! No matter what, I must get my body back!”

Xialing shook her head. “I really don’t know why you’re so stubborn. Based on appearances, you actually look better now!”

“Look at me! I’m a MAN right now.. A MAN… do you understand?” I yelled.

“Ah!” Xialing exclaimed, “You’re afraid your current boyfriend won’t want you anymore because you’re a guy now, eh?”

Thank God. She finally got it.

“Aiya! Why does that matter?!” Xialing violently smacked my back. “It’s already the 21st century! It’s fine. If it’s true love between you guys, this is nothing.”

While Xialing was speaking, I could see her eyes sparkling. Was this the legendary fujoshi?

“I can take you to see Grandmother Meng if you want. But I have tiny request!”

“What request?”

Xialing pressed her palms together and crooked her head as she stared at me perversely. “Please kabedon me!”

This is kabedon. It’s very popular in Japanese manga/anime?! I found this picture on google to give you guys a better idea.

“What?!” What type of ridiculous request was that?

“Please pleaseeeee! Just once! This is an extremely rare opportunity! You’re Anson and obedient right now. Just kabedon me! Once!!!!!!”

“Do you have a crush on Anson….?” I was beginning to doubt my trust towards Xialing. If she likes Anson, why would she betray him?

Xialing shook her head. “Don’t misunderstand! I don’t like him! I’m purely being shallow and lusts after him for his looks! He’s …you know. So he’s not interested in women! Honestly, this is the first time I’ve ever gotten so close to Anson’s face. He looks hotter and hotter…as expected of a gay man!”

Xialing still had her palms pressed together as she gazed at me with her peach blossom eyes. She was practically sticking her face against mine. It was making me feel very uncomfortable.

“Stop stop stop! You know I’m Lin Yixin, right??? I’m a woman!” I pushed her away and rejected her with both my words and action.

“I know. But can you stop reminding me of this cruel truth?”

Alright, fine. It’s just kabedon. She saved me, so I should at least repay her.

So, I began to imagine myself as a guy. I crooked my head and loosen the first button of my shirt. Then, I pressed Xialing against the wall. Lastly, I smacked my right hand against the wall and gazed down at her.

“Is this good enough?” I raised my eyebrows and used the teasing tone that Suyang often used on me.

Xialing nodded her head like a maniac. Her face was as red as a tomato. “It’s perfect! I’m going to faint!” Xialing sighed as she continued to dreamily gawked at me.

The only time I’ve ever been admired was when I turned into a man… I hopelessly shook my head, “Now can we go?”

“Of course!”

After satisfying Xialing’s wish, the both of us rushed to Grandmother Meng’s apartment. Along the way, I was actually very worried. Grandmother Meng was very against my relationship with Suyang, so I wasn’t sure if she would help me. But even if she didn’t want to help me, I have to let her know Anson’s plan so she could protect Suyang.

Of course, ideally, I hope she would be willing to help me.

When walking through the corridor, it was creepy as usual. But since my physical appearance was no longer Lin Yixin, I was less afraid.

The moment I arrived at the entrance, I knew something was wrong. Usually, there would be two ghost bodyguards watching the door. But today, there was nothing.

“Grandmother Meng….” I pushed the half opened door. It was a complete chaos inside. Obviously, something bad had happened. Xialing and I glanced at each other knowingly.

“What should we do?” Xialing asked, “Anson’s subordinates has already taken her away…”

“Wow, they’re fast… we must go save her!”

“Save her? We can barely save ourselves! We’re supposed to hide from Anson. How can we save her? He can sense us as long as we’re within 500m of his proximity. You don’t believe me?”

“Not only is Grandmother Meng the only person who could help me, she’s also Suyang’s grandmother. I can’t let her get hurt… wait…. Anson loves Suyang, so he wouldn’t hurt his grandma, right?”

“That’s hard to say! Apparently, back then, Suyang’s parents died because of Anson. This time, it’s his granny. So, who knows? As a friendly reminder, Anson is 100% insane.”

Xialing’s words made my heart even more unstable. What should I do now?

“Why don’t you leave?” Xialing suddenly suggested. “After all, Anson’s only goal is to stay by Suyang’s side as Lin Yixin. As long as you do not appear in front of him or hinder him in any way, he won’t do anything or hurt anyone.”

“If I leave, everything will be fine?”

“Logically speaking, yes. Initially, Anson was planning to send you to a mental institution in Japan. But if you don’t want to go, you can go to United States, United Kingdom, Canada… etc. He won’t come hunt you down to kill you! Don’t worry.”

It’s that simple?

“As long as I don’t appear again, Suyang, Grandmother Meng, Shen Shaoqian….will all be ok?” I mumbled to myself. Deep down, I was calculating the pros and cons.

Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that the pros far outweigh the cons. “I….”

As I was about to reply to Xialing, someone interrupted me from behind.

“Who are you?” Suyang walked over.

“Uh oh! We’re caught…” Xialing whispered, “Good luck solving this!”

Then, she ran out and left me and Suyang in the same room together. When Suyang came closer, I realized we were around the same height.

“Who are you?” Suyang repeated again. Then he looked around the apartment. “Where’s my grandma?”

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