SG Chapter 120

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Chapter 120: Akihabara

“Why are we here?” I looked around my surroundings. There were no one here

“This area is the best place to view the fireworks.”

As Suyang spoke, the fireworks from afar began to explode across the sky. He lifted his head and the light from the fireworks made him look like a hot guy from an anime. I could clearly see the reflection of the fireworks from his clear pupils. Suyang was gazing at the fireworks while I was gazing at him.

A few moments later, I murmured, “No, your pupils are the best place to view the fireworks.”

“When did my goldfish’s mouth turn so sweet? Did you eat a candy apple?” Suyang brushed his nose against mines. Then, he pressed his forehead on my forehead.

“I’m just overwhelmed with emotions.”

“Me too…” Then, Suyang leaned in even more. I distinctly felt the heat of his breath as I closed my eyes and savoured the passion between us.

Just as I felt like I was about to suffocate, our lips parted and Suyang gazed at me with a strong desire. Underneath the brightest fireworks, Suyang mouthed, “I love you.”

I was pretty sure that was what he said. However, since the fireworks were too loud, I couldn’t hear it. But based on the shape of his mouth, I was almost certain.

I truly wished that time would stop at this moment. It was as if we were the only ones in this world. The feeling was indescribable.


The next day, Huaze Yuxiang gave us a day to do whatever we wanted. Since I didn’t know any Japanese, I could only follow Suyang around. Who would’ve thought that he would take us to…

“What is this place?” I stared at the brightly coloured street around me. My mouth was wide open.

We were in a “flourishing” district. Suyang raised his chin and proudly introduced, “Akihabara!”

I had no idea why he was so proud. Akihabara?! Oh yeah! He had mentioned this place before

I looked around and saw all sorts of electronic stores. There were also countless of stores selling anime stuff. I had a rough idea of what type of place this was.

The streets were filled with cosplay people. For an otaku like Suyang, this was definitely Heaven. Before I could react, Suyang had already begun to enter the stores to “buy buy buy”.

“What are you buying?” I was stunned. When did Suyang turn into a shopaholic?

Shen Shaonu was following Suyang in and out very eagerly. Each time Suyang saw the latest action figure model or game, his eyes would sparkle and he would practically drool on the counter.

It was impressive that Shen Shaonu could still smile sweetly behind him…. Even though I was his girlfriend, I still wanted to maintain a fair distance between him.

You can like something, but no need to turn into a foolish man in a second!

As for Shen Shaoqian, I really wanted roast him. Last night, he was still upset over getting dumped by his ex girlfriend and was drinking and venting at the religious festival. Yet, today, when he saw all the young ladies dressed up in adorable costumes, he was nearly soaring.

In a flash, he had rushed inside a maid cafe. I swear, these two guys

In no time, I had lost them all. Suyang ditched his girlfriend as he wandered around his Otaku Heaven. When I noticed his back view disappearing from me, I made a sound and decided to go off on my own. Humph!

“Last night, I actually believed you loved me. I was too naive! I should’ve known that men are full of shit. Uggghh, they only know how to set the mood! As an innocent girl, I always fall for their traps…” I muttered resentfully as I randomly walked around nearby.

Sadly, there was nothing that I recognized. Everything was Japanese! Even if there were occasionally some Chinese stuff, I wasn’t interested in those stores.

Were we really going to stay here for an entire day?

I aimlessly walked around. But suddenly, a photo studio attracted me. It wasn’t only because there were Chinese characters, but the fact that the theme was Japanese Edo period.

I wasn’t sure why it attracted me, but I spontaneously went in.

“Hello.” I wasn’t sure if the worker was Chinese or Japanese. But she was wearing a kimono yet speaking Chinese.

“Hi, I would like to take a picture.”

To be honest, I felt kind of awkward after I came in. In my opinion, this wasn’t very different from cosplay.

“Alright. Please choose the style that you want. Then, our makeup artist will help you do your makeup.”

“I thought I was supposed to choose my own outfit and then you do my makeup?”

“Our makeup artist will match you with a look and outfit that’s suitable for your features. This way.”

“How much…”

The worker pointed at the price sign, “It is 1000 yen per photo. We will take ten pictures and then you can choose one out of the ten.”

I was a bit excited as I followed the worker to see the makeup artist. First, I had to choose a style.

“Miss, based on your facial features, I recommend this one.” The makeup artist was a guy dressed in Japanese garment. He looked very feminine and soft. I instantly felt as if he was a very spiritual being. He recommended the style on the last page of the album. It was a very dazzling and extravagant look.

“Doesn’t that mean you’ll have to whiten my entire face and neck?”

I was a bit concerned because it would be quite difficult to remove the makeup later.

The makeup artist lightly chuckled, “You’ve mistaken. It isn’t mandatory to smear white powder to create the plum blossom look. The plum blossom look has evolved over the years to adapt to the modern beauties.”

This is the plum blossom look (according to google). Ahhh, so pretty!!!

I trusted the makeup artist’s recommendations and allowed him to help me choose my outfit. After I changed, he would help me do my makeup. It was a lot more complicated than I had imagined it to be. Halfway through, I was already tired. My outfit was so heavy that I felt like I was sinking.

The makeup artist saw my condition and kindly turned on the A/C for me.

“It’s a bit hot, isn’t it?”

I awkwardly laughed, “It’s thicker than I thought…”

“The Queen of flowers symbolises the highest position of a Japanese geisha. Hence, it is only natural that the outfit would be out of the ordinary.” The makeup artist began to do my makeup.

For a long time, there was only silence between us. He was very focused and I didn’t know where to put my eyes.

Just as it was getting super awkward, Suyang called and saved me. “Where did you go?”

“You heartlessly abandoned me. Have you finally awaken from your Otaku Heaven? You finally thought about me?” I was dissatisfied.

“Hahaha!” Suyang laughed like a fool. “Where are you? I’ll come find you now.”

“I’m at….” I forgot the name of the photo studio and gazed at the makeup artist for assistance. He pointed at the name that was against the wall. “I’m at Edo City Photo Studio. Come here!” Then, I coldly hung up the phone on him.

How dare he forgot about me? From time to time, I must give him some attitude to show him who’s boss!

“Your boyfriend?”

“Yeah.. the moment we arrived here, he was so emotional that he forgot about me. He didn’t even realize I was missing until now. That’s why he called.” I explained.

“That’s very common. I often see this. Almost all our customers are bored ladies who come in because their boyfriends are too busy buying games and action figures.” The makeup artist laughed.

“Are you Chinese or Japanese?”

“You can’t tell?” He smiled at the mirror while looking at me.

“Your Mandarin is fluent like a Chinese speaker, but your mannerism seems different. That’s why I’m asking.”

“I am half Chinese, half Japanese. So, customer, your assumption is correct!”

Then, the makeup artist rolled up his sleeves and told me, “From now on, please close your eyes until I tell you to open them.”

Deep down, I was hesitant, but I still followed his instructions. After I lost sense of vision, my sense of touch became much more sensitive. When the brush touched my face, it felt very ticklish.

I had no idea what I looked like right now, but I guess that was what the makeup artist wanted. He wanted me to skip the process and get straight to the result.

I wasn’t sure how much time had gone by, but eventually, the makeup artist spoke up, “You may open your eyes now.”

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