SG Chapter 116

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Chapter 116: Getting the voucher

I forcefully dragged Suyang into the washroom and began my grand mission. First, shave his beard. Second, cut his hair.

“Do you know how to do it?” Suyang stared at my left hand. It was currently covered with shaving foam. I was clutching the razor with my right hand; looking lost.

Suyang’s body was trembling a little.

Was he trying to run away?

“Don’t you just put the foam on the face and shave it off with the razor? How hard could that be….?” I casually responded. But deep down, I wasn’t sure. After all, I had never shaven a guy’s beard before.

“Hey hey… your hand is shaking.” Suyang warned me.

“Oh? Really?” I stared my at right hand. It was being disobedient.

Suyang took the razor off my hand and the wiped the shaving foam away too. Then, he kicked me out of the washroom, “Forget it. For my life’s sake and to prevent you from going to Japan by yourself, I’ll do it on my own.”

After he shut the door, I heard the sounds of an open faucet. Around half an hour later, caveman Suyang had transformed back into pretty boy Suyang. Thank God!

It had been a week since I last saw him. I had my hands propping up my chin as I admired his handsome face.

“Aww, our little Xiao Su has lost weight. Poor baby….”

The moment I uttered those words, Suyang gave me a very odd look. Then, he wrapped his arms around his chest and appeared very bashful.

“What’s your motive?”

“What do you think?” I slyly smiled at him.

Suyang was so startled that he ran to his bedroom with only a towel wrapped around his body. By the time he came back out, he had already changed.

Like usual, we bickered as we headed to the department store. We were going to go pick up the vouchers.

When we arrived at the inquiry desk, I felt as if the staff had a grudge against me. Was it because of the phone call from earlier?

She was probably the one who made the call. But don’t blame me. It’s not my fault there were so many scammers around

“Why are you being abnormally quiet? Along the way, your mouth wouldn’t stop running.” Suyang teased despite knowing the reason.

When we were in an area where the workers couldn’t see us, I lightly pinched Suyang and made a face at him.

After arriving at the office, the staff member went over the redeeming procedure with Suyang. There was no need for me to be there, so I randomly walked around the store by myself.

I couldn’t believe we actually won a five day trip to Japan. My fidgety legs were an obvious indicator of my enthusiasm.

Honestly, if I could, I would teleport to Japan. Too bad I didn’t have the ability.

Suddenly, I felt as if someone was watching me. It gave me shivers and I anxiously glanced around my surroundings. However, I didn’t see anyone. Could I be hallucinating due to over excitement?

We had gone through too much stuff lately. It was a rare opportunity to finally relax and go on vacation. I didn’t want any weird ghosts messing it up for us. So, I closed my eyes and began to chant.

“Ghosts and demons, stay away! Ghosts and demons, stay away!”

Suyang tapped me from behind. He caringly asked, “What’s wrong? You saw another ghost?”

“No. Are you done?”

Suyang displayed the five vouchers.

“Why are there so many?”

“It’s supposed to be a family trip….”

“Should we invite others then?”

“Don’t you want to spend alone time with me? You want others to join too?” Suyang was so cute whenever he showed signs of jealousy.

I shrugged my shoulders and pinched Suyang’s smooth face. Then, I felt depressed. How could a man’s skin be better than a woman’s?

“I’m afraid you have inappropriate thoughts towards me!” I teased.

“Pssh. You’re the one who has inappropriate thoughts towards me! When we were sleeping on the same bed, I didn’t do anything. Yet you were the one who kept tossing and turning. Am I correct?”

I thought Suyang was asleep the whole time. So it turned out he wasn’t, eh

I instantly rebutted, “If you were asleep, you wouldn’t have known I was tossing and turning.”

Suyang stared at me; speechless.

“Haha! I caught you! The truth is, that night, you didn’t sleep well either! Right?! Right?!”

*cough cough*. Suyang suddenly coughed, “Um, we’re done here. Let’s go.”

“Don’t try to switch the topic! Admit it. You didn’t sleep well either!”

“Ah… I’m hungry. Let’s go eat. What do you want to eat?” Suyang avoided my eyes as he stared ahead.

“Haha! You’re blushing! Who would’ve thought Suyang would blush!? This time, I caught you!”

“It’s my treat.” Suyang held me in his arms.

“Really? Then, I want to eat hotpot!”


It took around a month for all our passports and visas to arrive. So, it wasn’t until the beginning of November that we were ready to travel.

While we were waiting at the airport for our tickets to print, I noticed two familiar figures. I raised my brows and turned towards Suyang as I pointed at them.

“What’s going on? Please explain.”

“Uh…” Suyang shook his head awkwardly, “Shaoqian’s new girlfriend broke up with him. These days, he has been too depressed. So, I decided to invite him to help him heal and loosen up.”

He got dumped again?! Wait. Why was I saying “again”? I had already predicted it.


Ever since Shen Shaoqian broke up with his girlfriend, he would bombard us daily. He would always call Suyang late at night. If Suyang didn’t pick up, he would call me…

Usually, his first line would be from a classic oldie:

“Aren’t I your dearest love? Why aren’t you saying anything….”

Later on, I finally learnt how to block his number. I thought we would be able to regain a few days of peace. But we ended up receiving a call from a server.

Suyang and I quickly got dressed and rushed to the scene. When we arrived, we witnessed a handsome looking server being shoved to the ends of the sofa. Shen Shaoqian was jabbering on and on. He had a bottle in his hand as he refused to let the person go; red faced. “Women are all liars… they cannot be trusted. Why must they hurt me? Tell me, do I seem….like such an easy target?” He sobbed.

The server looked helpless as he quietly pleaded for us to help him, “Uh…can you guys help me?”

I patted Suyang’s shoulder and he coldly proceeded forward. He dragged the still Shen Shaoqian off the server and threw him onto another sofa like he was a piece of garbage.

The alcohol in his bottle splashed over his face.

We apologized to the poor server and now there were only the three of us left.

“That’s enough. How many days has it been? You have to wake up now.” Suyang ruthlessly slapped Shen Shaoqian on the face. “Wake up. We’re heading home now.”

“No!” Shen Shaoqian buried his head in the sofa. Then, he instinctively wailed, “This is the place where we first met. I am waiting for her. Waiting for her to come back….and watch the peach blossoms bloom with me….”

I looked around the room. If this was the place where Shen Shaoqian and his ex-girlfriend met, I could understand why he got played so badly.

Shen Shaoqian may have a tendency to talk big, but deep down, he was a pure, innocent, and loyal boy. Compared to the other male snakes around, he didn’t stand a chance.

“Let’s get him home soon… I’m really tired.” I yawned to Suyang.

Suyang icily laughed, “You want me to take him? Dream on. Do you know how heavy a drunk Shen Shaoqian is?”

“Trust me, I know.” I recalled the time when the drunk Shen Shaoqian had fallen on top of me. It was as if it happened yesterday.

Suddenly, Shen Shaoqian bounced up from the sofa and held onto his bottle like it was a microphone. He began to sing very loudly as he walked towards me with his arms opened wide. “If you are willing to peel off my heart, layer by layer….”

I began to slowly back away. Uh.. Shen Shaoqian was probably confusing me with someone else.

“Don’t leave me!” Shen Shaoqian whined as he rushed towards me.

I began to run. A second later, I saw that Suyang had gotten up from the sofa. Now, Shen Shaoqian had one hand up against the wall as he leaned forward to prevent Suyang from escaping.

Not only was Shen Shaoqian getting faces wrong, he was also confusing genders.

“I found out how the server got our numbers.” Suyang lifted Shen Shaoqian’s arm and revealed a list of numbers that were written down. It said, “If I’m drunk, call these people.”

It took us a long time before we managed to carry him home. I watched the drunk Shen Shaoqian sleep on our couch. Just as I was about to cover him with a blanket, Suyang stopped me.

He looked very serious, “Although he’s super annoying, you can’t strangle him.”

Who’s the one who wants to strangle him?!

*Back to reality*


I shook my head violently and pointed at Shen Shaonu. “No! I’m not talk about Shen Shaoqian. I’m talking about her!”

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