SG Chapter 109

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Chapter 109: Gao Jialan’s high school POV (Part 1)

Had he been following me the whole time?

I thought about my stupid and ridiculous acts from earlier; I truly wanted to dig myself a hole and hide in it.

“Long time no see. So, you’ve decided to secretly enter my house now?”

Oh no! It’s over! It’s over! Now, I only have one thought left on my mind. It looks like both Shen Shaoqian and I were f**ked. Except, my situation was even worse!

I shakenly took out the mooncakes from my pocket. There were only two pieces left. They looked squished. I displayed the pieces to Wen Yihan with both my hands as I dryly laughed, “Haha. If I told you I was here to deliver mooncake, would you believe me?”

“What do you think?”

“Haha…” I pressed my dry lips together and looked at my watch. I laughed brainlessly and said, “It’s not midnight yet. So, Happy Mid Autumn Festival!”

Alright. I admit it. I’m doomed


(This part is in Gao Jialan’s POV while she was in high school)

12 years ago, Gao Jialan was a senior at a high school. On that fateful day, she was the student on cleaning duty so she was by herself in the empty and spacious classroom. After tidying the classroom, she was ready to head home.

It was the monsoon season of July and there hadn’t been so much rain in the past ten years. The rain just happened to come out of nowhere. Coincidentally, it was on this day that Gao Jialan was carrying her most cherished doggy designed umbrella.

But, she wasn’t planning to use it. She was standing inside the school by the entrance as she stared into the rain. It was difficult to tell why she was so distracted. Her eyes were unfocused; it was as if her body and mind were separated.

Gao Jialan will never forget that day.

Suddenly, a guy’s voice appeared from her side. He overbearingly snatched the umbrella from her hand and brought her back to reality. The guy assertively stared her up and down and stated, “Girl, it is raining too hard. Lend me your umbrella.”

Then, he roughly opened the umbrella. When he saw the dog designs all over it, his brows furrowed and he looked displeased.

“So childish.” He muttered. But still, the boy took off with the umbrella. Since the rain was too strong, his gangster back view quickly vanished like smoke.

Gao Jialan was annoyed and unwilling to accept this. Her beloved umbrella was stolen by an evil tyrant? Even though he said he was going to ‘borrow’ it, his method wasn’t acceptable.  

Forget it. It wasn’t worth forming a connection with this guy for an umbrella.

So, Gao Jialan sat by the entrance and waited for the rain to finish. This type of rain shower was the type to arrive suddenly and disappear suddenly. However, since it was so fierce, anyone with an umbrella would be soaked regardless.

Initially, she wanted to tell the guy that she was going to go home after the rain. But before she could tell him, he had already dashed off. Now, he could experience what it was like being soaked. That was his punishment for stealing her umbrella.

Gao Jialan was bored and decided to review her lessons. She began to memorize what she learnt in class earlier today. “A confident youngster raises his eyes to look at the sky; is comparable to a jade tree facing the wind.” Gao Jialan quietly repeated the poetic line and thought of the boy that had just came by.

She mumbled to herself, “He’s such a irritable fool….but rather good looking.”

Thinking of this, Gao Jialan secretly smiled. As expected, the mind of teenage girls were hard to predict. A second ago, she was annoyed; yet a second later, she thought this random encounter was interesting.

A week later, Gao Jialan accidentally slept in because her alarm clock had stopped working. By the time she had arrived at school, she had already missed two periods.

Although she was an excellent student, she still had to abide by the school rules. Gao Jialan’s teacher courteously told her to head to the corridor. While the other students weren’t watching, the teacher quietly whispered to her, “Please forgive your teacher. I know you weren’t late on purpose, but I must treat all students the same. I will have to trouble you to stand outside for the duration of one period.”

Gao Jialan lowered her head. This was the first time she had ever been punished at school. She was going to take it as a life lesson. So now, she headed towards the punishment station with an expressionless face.

Surprisingly, there were already a group of students present. Some of them had piercings, wore short dresses, and tattoos… none of them looked like high school students.

God truly wanted to test her.

Gao Jialan scanned her eyes across the group and instantly recognized the guy who had taken her umbrella. Everyone around him were holding their backpacks on top of their heads as punishment.

His expression looked like someone owed him six figures.

Gao Jialan finally remembered that he was the class’s troublemaker. He was one of the lowest ranking students and often came to class late and left early. Although they had been classmates for over a year and a half, she barely knew him.

What was his name? Oh yeah… Han something…. Wen Yihan…!

“Oh? You’re being punished too?!” Wen Yihan gave her a welcoming expression and drove the others away. He indicated for Gao Jialan to stand next to him.

Gao Jialan ignored his invitation and stood at the very end of the line.

Wen Yihan’s friends snickered at him and Wen Yihan knocked them against the head. Then, he carried his backpack and walked over to Gao Jialan’s side.

“You’re the person who lent me the pink umbrella, right?”

“Mm.” Gao Jialan abruptly replied. She thought rather highly of herself and didn’t want to associate with garbage like Wen Yihan. She didn’t want to waste another line of conversation on him.

“How did you get home last time? I had an umbrella but I was still drenched. Without an umbrella, weren’t you in a worse position than I was?” Wen Yihan wouldn’t give up and continued the conversation.

Gao Jialan was wondering if Wen Yihan lacked IQ. Why must he bring this up? Fine, she’ll go along with it. “Tell me, why didn’t I have an umbrella?! When are you returning it back to me?”

“Your umbrella was gloriously sacrificed in the rain…” Wen Yihan shook his head. “Don’t worry about it though. In a few days, I’ll give you money to buy a new one.”

It was merely an umbrella. Wen Yihan made it seem like it was such a valuable item.

“Forget it. I don’t need you to return it.”

“Speaking of which, where is your backpack?” It wasn’t until now that Gao Jialan realized every single person around her was holding a backpack above their heads.

Most likely, her teacher didn’t want her to suffer so she purposely let her off easily? Thinking of this, Gao Jialan felt lucky.

“You’re going to get in trouble. We might be bad students, but at least come to school with a backpack?!” All of a sudden, Wen Yihan was the one lecturing Gao Jialan instead. “If the teacher sees you without a backpack, he will increase the severity of your punishment.”

Then, Wen Yihan shoved his backpack towards Gao Jialan, “Use mine.”

“What?” That was ridiculous.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m used to getting in trouble with the teachers.” Wen Yihan was acting like a hero as he righteously declared.

So now, he was helping her? Gao Jialan’s eyes were open wide. After a few seconds, she snapped out of it and politely rejected Wen Yihan’s offer. “Keep the backpack for yourself… I’m fine without it.”

“Don’t worry about it. Last time, you lent me an umbrella. This time, I lent you my backpack. So now, we’re even.” Wen Yihan spoke as he placed the backpack above Gao Jialan’s head. “Just hold on. Don’t worry, I don’t have many books in my bag. It’s not that heavy.”

But the moment Wen Yihan released the backpack, Gao Jialan couldn’t hold it up. Her arms couldn’t handle such a heavy load and it immediately fell onto the ground. *bang*

What kind of backpack makes that type of noise? That was clearly the sound of metal?!

“Why are you so careless?” Wen Yihan picked up his backpack with ease and handed it to Gao Jialan again. This time, Gao Jialan wouldn’t accept.

“What did you put inside?” She blurted.

“Not much. I feel like books are too heavy, so I put two metal rods instead. A person in jianghu must be able to defend himself!”

Unbelievable! He resented the books for being heavy so he replaced them with two metal rods? They were definitely not from the same world. Gao Jialan gave up talking to Wen Yihan. Regardless of how he tried to continue the conversation, she ignored him.

Finally, the 3rd period was over and Gao Jialan had permission to return back to her class.

Gao Jialan breathed a sigh of relief. She no longer had to stand next to that weird guy. She didn’t want anything to do with him.

But fate was strange; the more you disliked something, the more it will appear.

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