SG Chapter 108

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Chapter 108: Breaking in

Suddenly, Wen Yufan appeared by my side. It was so unexpected that I flinched.

“What is it?” Suyang sensed my abnormal movement.

“Uh….” I was hesitant to share. Although Suyang was aware that I could see ghosts, Shen Shaoqian had no idea.

“That?” Suyang vaguely asked.

I nodded and used my eyes to indicate that Wen Yufan was next to me.

“What are you two talking about? What that?” Shen Shaoqian fixed his posture and sat upright. He was probably uncomfortable with our strange conversation.

“Nothing, we’re not talking to you.”

“Oh yeah! My friend also found out something shocking. Apparently, Gao Jialan and Wen Yihan were high school classmates!”

“What?!” Suyang and I both exclaimed at the same time. Based on how they were acting that day, they totally did not seem like ex-classmates! Plus, Wen Yihan wanted to…

“But don’t assume Wen Yihan will let her go so easily. Based on what their ex-classmates said, they didn’t interact. They were pretty much strangers.”

Were they really strangers? I turned to gaze at Wen Yufan. He didn’t seem surprised by the news at all.

Gao Jialan must be hiding something from us.

“Eh? Shen Shaoqian, there’s a box of mooncakes in your car. Can we eat it?” I happened to feel hungry.

“Yeah. Today, my parents wanted me to go deliver some mooncakes to our relatives. We ended up exchanging mooncakes and I even have an extra box. Go ahead!”

So, before our arrival, I ate two pieces of mooncakes (they are usually sliced into 8 pieces). Suyang also had a piece. Since Shen Shaoqian was driving, Suyang fed him a piece.

Sometimes, I feel like Suyang and Shen Shaoqian would make a great couple. They seemed to be a much better match compared to me and Suyang. Was my fujoshi side kicking in?

After Shen Shaoqian parked the car in a relatively hidden area, we walked out.

“How come I can’t see the villa?” I asked in a low voice.

“This piece of land is owned by Wen Yihan. He fenced up everything. Now, it’s like a sealed off prison.” Shen Shaoqian explained.

After we passed by the underbrush, we came to the fenced area. Suyang and Shen Shaoqian easily leaped over the railing. But for my height, it was a bit too high…

I was able to climb up, but I hesitated at the thought of jumping down.

But if I didn’t jump, I would become Suyang’s burden… so I felt very anxious. My mind was telling me yes but my heart was saying no. My feet wouldn’t budge.

“Don’t worry. Jump down and I’ll be here to catch you.” Suyang reached both his hands in the air to comfort me.

Aiya! There was no time to waste! I shut my eyes and jumped. Fortunately, I fell into Suyang’s open arms.

Suyang smiled lovingly. “I told you I would catch you!”

While I was feeling touched, Shen Shaoqian released his single dog resentment again. “What the hell!? Why do I always feel like such a light bulb around you two now? UGHHHhh.. Stop showing so much public affection in front of me!”

Hearing Shen Shaoqian’s complaint, Suyang put me down. We didn’t dare to “show off” our love anymore.

“This place is huge! How would we know where Gao Jialan is hidden?”

“There are three of us. We can split up to search. Are you guys prepared to split up?”

Suyang and I shook our heads. We didn’t mention about splitting up earlier

“Even if you’re unprepared, we still have to do it! If one of us gets caught by security, do not tell them anything even if they beat you up. Try to find an opportunity to text for help. The secret code is, potato! Whoever that is left will go save Gao Jialan and then call the cops to save the person caught. Understand?”

“Uh….” I nodded. Why does Shen Shaoqian’s plan seem so unreliable?

“Alright then. The mission starts now!” Shen Shaoqian immediately dropped down in the bush and laid flat on his stomach.

Suyang and I were shocked. We thought a security guard had caught us as we quietly crouched down to ask Shen Shaoqian, “What are you doing?”

“Why are you guys crouching? I just wanted to enter by crawling through the bush…. It seems cooler…”

Before Shen Shaoqian could finish, Suyang fixed his outerwear and stepped on Shen Shaoqian. He coldly stated, “I’m heading that direction.” And then he left without turning around.

“Then I’ll go that way.” I pointed to the opposite direction of Suyang. I also stepped on Shen Shaoqian before departing.

Shen Shaoqian muttered in resentment. “You two….”

We decided to follow the plan so the three of us went on our separate ways. I was responsible for a nearby warehouse. There weren’t anyone guarding the area, so it was easy to approach.

I searched the whole area and didn’t find anything suspicious. Just as I was about to alert Suyang and Shen Shaoqian through text, Shen Shaoqian sent a text that said: potato.

What? It has only been a few minutes and he was already caught?

I stared at Shen Shaoqian’s text and felt very scared. I noticed there was a person coming towards me, so I quickly hid in the bush.

After observing more closely, I realized it was Wen Yufan. He was standing and waving in front of me.

Is he here to tell me where Gao Jialan was located? Oh yeah! He’s a ghost! It must be super easy for him to find out. I should’ve followed Wen Yufan from the beginning. Oops, my mistake..

Wen Yufan managed to help me avoid the security guards. He brought me in front of a black door.

“Is she here?” I whispered.

Wen Yufan directed me the password for entry. I copied his fingers and the door opened.

I had no idea what will happen when I enter, so I was quite nervous.

I walked in on tiptoes. Then, I immediately slid down on the icy cold floors because I was afraid some type of surveillance camera would discover me. I mimicked Shen Shaoqian’s movements and slid across the shiny floors .

It took a lot of work before I was able to get to the flight of steps that would lead me to the second floor. I looked up and could see a door that was semi-opened. There was some faint lighting coming out from it.

“Is it here?” I pointed towards the lighted area as I quietly asked Wen Yufan.

He didn’t respond. Instead, he disappeared in the darkness.

What? He left me by myself? I looked around and could no longer see Wen Yufan’s ghost. The silence and darkness was causing me to feel more anxious. The strangest thing of all was that there didn’t seem to be anyone else in here…

I straightened my body and bravely stood up. I took off my shoes and began to crept up the stairs. I tried my best to minimize any sound.

I was getting closer and closer towards my destination. Just before heading in, I leaned against the wall and secretly tried to peek inside.

It seemed to be a study room. But I didn’t see Gao Jialan’s figure..

Surprisingly, this environment was quite nice. Wen Yihan was probably not mistreating her. I guess it may be because they were classmates?

I lowered my guard and bent down to lightly push open the door with my finger. Again, I tried not to make any noise. Then, I courageously entered the room as I whispered, “Gao Jialan….are you here?”

“Are you looking for me?”

A familiar masculine voice rang from behind me. I was so shocked that my hand slid off the doorknob and I nearly fell down face first. I knew I was in trouble. There was no time to freak out. I harshly whipped my head around and saw Wen Yihan standing behind me with a cup of milk in his hand.

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