SG Chapter 107

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Chapter 107: Secret operation

“Then tell me what to do?! If Gao Jialan and her child are harmed, we would be the sinners!”

Suyang closed the main door and took me inside the bedroom. Then, he closed the bedroom door as well. He whispered, “Speak quietly. Most likely, Wen Yihan will have people monitoring us for a while. There are ears behind walls.”

I felt utterly defeated by the power of the wealthy. I was so stressed and tired. I tightly tugged on Suyang’s collar. “Then what should we do? Suyang, tell me. Give me a solution.”

“First, give Shaoqian a call.” Suyang took out his cell phone.

“Why are we calling Shen Shaoqian?”

“Wen Yihan is not going to make a move that quickly. He is not going to bring Gao Jialan to his house. Most likely, he’s going to hide her somewhere. Shen Shaoqian can find out where Wen Yihan might be holding her hostage.”

“Shen Shaoqian has that ability?! I didn’t realize he was that useful….”

“He has a very wide network. Usually, I get him to do the investigative work.”

“So what happens after we figure out their location?”

“Then we go save her, duh!” Suyang knocked me lightly on my head. “We will find an appropriate opportunity to rescue Gao Jialan and then hide her elsewhere. Then, when Wen Yihan comes to look for her, we just won’t admit to anything. What can he do then?”

“I have one more question. How are we going to save her? Based on Wen Yihan’s tactics… how can the two of us save her?”

“Don’t we also have Shen Shaoqian!?”

“Fine, let’s include Shen Shaoqian. Three people?! Do you think this is the time to joke around?”

“A hundred people have hundreds of methods. Three people have methods for three people. We will figure out something. Don’t worry!”

Ahh… my head hurts. I wanted to drink some water to freshen up my brain. But the moment I turned around, Suyang assumed I was going to run after them again. He shouted, “What are you doing?!”  

I took a deep breath. “I just want to drink a cup of water. Calm down. Before I know where Wen Yihan is hiding Gao Jialan, I’m not going to make any rash moves.”

“Oh, alright then.” Suyang knew he had misunderstood me so he shook his head and coughed. He wanted to dissolve the awkwardness. “Then.. I’ll go give Shen Shaoqian a call right now.”

When I turned towards the dining area, the first thing I noticed was the 600rmb that Gao Jialan had initially wanted to give me to allow her to stay here.

I felt so guilty. She gave me money yet I wasn’t able to protect her…. Sigh. I gulped down the water and my brain felt more refreshed. But deep down, my heart was still in a disarray.

It was a feeling similar to a stranger stealing something you like in front of you. Yet, you were helpless and couldn’t do anything about it. There was so much resentment and regret.

I prayed that Gao Jialan could hold on for a while while we think of a way to save her

Suddenly, Wen Yufan appeared in the living room. I was shocked, but more so, frightened. I dropped my cup of water as he gazed at me.

I didn’t have the courage to face him. I didn’t know how to explain why I wasn’t able to protect Gao Jialan.

“Um… we’ll think of a solution to rescue her. Please don’t worry. Your child will be fine.” My voice was turning lighter and lighter. I was attempting to get closer to comfort him.

Strangely, Wen Yufan didn’t seem like he was afraid or suffering at all.

Was it because he had became a ghost for too long? Ghosts tend to be expressionless, but his is too much…. Has he gotten to another level? An idiot?

No! Aside from being expressionless, he also looked a bit relieved? What the heck?! How could you look relieved when your wife and child might be in danger!?

“Hey! What’s with your expression! Your wife and child may be in danger!” I clapped my hand, wanting to wake Wen Yufan up.

Before I could interrogate him, Wen Yufan vanished.

“Don’t go!” I was left alone yelling in the living room. Suyang came out with his phone in his hand.

“What happened? Who came?”

“Wen Yufan! His expression is really weird… This will not do. We must save Gao Jialan and find out exactly what’s going on!”  

We had set the operation day on Mid-Autumn festival. But the night beforehand, the guys were actually planning to go without me. I caught them in the middle of the night while I was heading to get a drink of water.

The moment I opened the bedroom door, I saw Suyang and Shen Shaoqian in the living room doing something in the dark.

“What are you two doing?” They were so focused that they didn’t realize I was in front of them. My voice caught them off guard.

So suspicious

I went to turn the lights on and noticed they were posing like dinosaurs. Suyang was sticking some black tape on Shen Shaoqian. What new game have they invented now?

“ come you woke up….?” Suyang looked super guilty. It was obvious they were trying to do something behind my back.

Shen Shaoqian was staring at the ceiling, whistling.

I observed the two of them. They weren’t giving me proper eye contact; their hands and feet were all over the place; and they were dressed completely black. Whichever direction you look at it, it was suspicious…

“I came out to get some water. I didn’t expect you two to betray me… confess your crimes now and I’ll go lenient on you! Why are you dressed like this? Where are you going?”

Shen Shaoqian suddenly acted like he was broadcasting gymnastics. He solemnly looked at me, “The weather is great tonight. We have decided to go for a run.”

I turned to the clock in the living room. Who goes for a run at 10pm?

“If you keep making things up…I will…….. Are you two secretly planning to rescue Gao Jialan while I was asleep?” I gave Suyang my intense killer glare. There was no reaction.

Fine! I’ll change to a weaker target!

I stared at Shen Shaoqian. As expected, he looked very uncomfortable. I could tell he was about to confess.

“This operation is a bit dangerous. We’ll only be gone for a bit. Wait for us at home.” Suyang spoke up directly.

“I’m the reason why you guys are associated with Gao Jialan in the first place. How could you guys go rescue her without me? Wait! I’ll change now and come with you!”

I swiftly turned around to return to my room. But Suyang ran over and blocked my path. “There is no point of you going. If you come, Shen Shaoqian and I would be distracted because we’ll be concerned for your safety.”

So you think I’m a burden, eh?

I secretly chuckled and pretended to give in. “Alright…”

Then, I gestured Suyang to get closer. I had something I wanted to say.

He probably assumed I wanted to warn him to be careful, so his guard was off. I timed myself perfectly and seized him by the arm, turned skillfully, crouched, and slammed his shoulder down.

*Bang* Before Suyang could react, he was already harshly dropped across the floor.

I wiped the fake dust off me and gave Suyang a smug expression. He was so bewildered that he couldn’t keep his mouth closed.

He must be reevaluating his life and girlfriend right now!

*Clap clap clap* Shen Shaoqian was impressed. He instantly became obedient and gave me a smile. Then, he turned to Suyang. “We should bring Yixin with us. I think she can protect us!”

Suyang crawled up with difficulty and lightly nodded.

“Yeah!” I gave them the victory sign and also copied them dressing all black.

“Some parts of your clothes reflect off the lights….” When we were in the car, Shen Shaoqian handed me the black tape that Suyang had used on him. “Use this and you’ll be fine.”

“Oh, I see. So earlier, you two were using the tape to get rid of the reflection…”

Shen Shaoqian sighed. “I bought these clothes online. It was supposed to come in all black. Yet, there was a white strip across it. I swear, you always get scammed if you buy from cheap sources! Fortunately, we’re smart enough to use the black tape to cover the white strip. Not bad, right?”

I smiled and didn’t respond.

“By the way, when did you learn how to flip people?” Suyang asked.

“That day after Gao Jialan was taken away, I looked on the internet and learned. I swore that next time I see Wen Yihan, I would use it on him!”

Based on Suyang’s reaction, I didn’t put my learning in vain.

“Aside from this, are you capable of anything else?”

“Yup. I learnt a few simple methods. Most of them are specifically designed to target men…..” I poked my head in between the driver and the front passenger seat as I patted Shen Shaoqian and Suyang on the shoulder. “Would you two like to experiment?”

“No no no!” Shen Shaoqian instantly rejected my offer. When we were at a red light, he gave Suyang a pitiful gaze. “Bro, take care from now on…”

“Drive your car….” Suyang rolled his eyes at Shaoqian and turned to look at me. “When you threw me onto the ground, I felt a deep betrayal.”

“Psssh.. You dare to talk about betrayal? When I had opened the door and saw you and Shen Shaoqian in the living room, I felt more betrayed…You two are always doing things behind my back.” I muttered to show my displeasure.

I stared out the window and into the darkness. “Where are we going now? Honestly, you guys didn’t tell me anything. Good job at keeping this operation so secretive!”

“Umm… my friend is a private detective. He found out that Wen Yihan had recently entered this villa. It is highly likely that Gao Jialan is locked inside.”

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