Supernatural Girlfriend Chapter 140

To my dear readers,

This chapter is super early! It’s supposed to be released tomorrow night but I ended up finishing it now so I decided to be nice and released it now! Hope you like it!

Also, I received a huge donation from a reader named Rangi! Apparently it means sky in Maori! So cool!!!!! I have no idea if he’s a eunuch reader or a SG reader since he didn’t write anything. So just in case, I want to thank him here too. (Actually, since I have translating, only one person specifically said she was donating for SG. Everyone else donated for “The Eunuch is Pregnant”) Thank you so much for supporting me!!! It means so much to me. I am so touched by your generosity. *cries*

Anyhow, this chapter is good. Actually, every chapter is good. =D Thanks for reading!

Chapter 140

P.S. Suyang is going to be super shameless in this arc. He isn’t yet. But he will be!!!!