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Foreword to Sundering Nature

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Hello everyone, my name is Zhao,(@undecidedpie on Discord) and some of you may remember me from working on Bone Painting Coroner chapters (which, by the way, is a wonderful novel you should totally check out, also available on volare!)

Shameless self-promotion aside, first of all, I’d like to thank you for giving Sundering Nature (SN) a chance! There are some details I would like to provide in order to help you decide whether you want to read this novel or not. I’ll present them in list-form for the sake of conciseness.

  • SN is currently finished on Zongheng, totalling 336 chapters of about 3000-3500 characters, not a long read by web novel standards.  
  • SN has modern settings, but fantastic/sci-fi elements make up most of the plot. The main character is much more ordinary than a typical one you would find in a cultivation novel, so don’t expect insane ass-kicking à la Library of Heavenly Path style.
  • If you read the novel carefully, you’ll notice some interesting insights it offers about the current Chinese society, as much from the interactions between the characters as from the instances the author speaks “directly” to the readers. These passages can reflect, to a degree, the mentalities of native mainland Chinese people in their 30/40s. (Less of the younger generation, though.)
  • In addition, this novel pokes fun here and there at other popular works of fiction, or social phenomena (usually in a semi-meme like fashion). When that happens, I’ll surely add an explanatory footnote. This being said, if I ever forget to do that, or if you have a question about something, ask away in the comments and I’ll try my best for a timely reply!
  • The two points above mean that not all of the ideas within the novels are agreeable to all. There are a lot of amazing aspects about Chinese culture, but there are also things/ways of thinking which ought to be changed for the better, in my opinion. Therefore, please do not take any personal offense to some of the views advanced within the book, as they do not reflect our personal stances (Grenn and I), nor that of anyone at volare. I hope that through your reading, you’ll be able to learn more about the China of today, about its merits and its flaws.   

Enough about the nature of the book, and a few points about the people translating it (Grenn and I). For the foreseeable future, I will be doing most of the translation for SN, with Grenn focusing on BPC (a much longer novel), with, however, occasional hops between the two for a change of taste, or in case of emergencies. Lastly, we will have LtBeefy, Qi and SaidtheRaven as our wonderful regular editors. My two friends, Sjhacks and Krisaiare are generous enough with their time (or I am annoying enough with my demands) to proof-read the chapters for another layer of polishment. Although no work is flawless, so if you spot any mistakes, please tell me about it in the comments :). 


-No kick-ass in this novel.
-Try to not be offended by the ideas.

With this, let us binge-read at 3 am for procrastination… I mean embark on a journey.  


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