The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus Chapter 58 SPONSOR

HEY! It’s me, LtBeefy, here again. Hungry is still busy and I wanted to get this Sponsor chapter out so here I am again!

This is a sponsor chapter that came before the SPECIAL was announced.

Chapter is sponsored by Daniel Pennell and LtBeefy

Chapter 58: Truth passing for an act

TL: Hungry

ED: LtBeefy

SPECIAL: “The only scary thing this Halloween is the SPECIAL SPONSOR EVENT we are holding. $40 for the first chapter, $35 per chapter if two to four chapters are sponsored, and $30 per chapter if five or more chapter is sponsored. EVERYONE CAN CONTRIBUTE!”

Story: This EVENT is in reflect of my slow descent to hell.

I will make an announcement as to how many chapters are sponsored, if any, by 12PM EST on November 1. This event should end at Halloween but it’s all good as long it’s in by like 11:50 so I have time to make the post!

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