The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus Chapter 57

HEY! It’s me LtBeefy. Hungry was busy with class and threw me under the bus. So here I am posting our next chapter!

Chapter 1/3 of the week

Chapter 57: Fiance

Since he threw me under, I think I should pay him back. So let’s introduce a new segment that I like to call “Fun time at Hungry’s expense”

Ch 33
Tang Zheng was momentarily stunned and Fang Shishi was like a frightened little kitchen jumping out of his embrace, her face a deep red, she ran away as if she was flying:

Ch 54
Liu Qingmei stopped her car in front of a Kentucky Friend Chicken, got out of the car and returned later with a bag.

TL: Hungry

ED: LtBeefy

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