The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus Chapter 178-180 + Indefinite Hiatus Announcement

First off, here’s chapters 178-180

Announcement from Hungry

Hungry is putting The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus on an indefinite hiatus aka being dropped. According to him, he doesn’t have enough time to translate with his studies going on.

He also says, “I love you so much and thanks for sticking with us!”

Chapter 178: Scramble over the High School Exams!
Chapter 179: Purely Fictional
Chapter 180: First and last in history!

[etvo sticks a head in here] If anyone would like to pick this up on volare, please send in a message to us along with the translation test. Otherwise, this is free for general pickup. I got in touch with the publisher, but the author doesn’t seem to be interested in licensing the novel at all. So there’s that!