SRH Chapter 83

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Chapter 83: Back In The Team

“I want that!”

Tang Qiuqiu looked excitedly at the variety of sweets displayed on top of the counter. These sweets were all finely packaged, and the cutely designed boxes attracted kids more easily than the actual sweets inside them. But…

Why the heck is she pointing at the dinosaur that looks like green poop and not the pink rabbit or dolls or whatever at the side?

The sale was a kind of automated selling of sorts, and there were no human shop assistants about. Otherwise, a shop assistant would have looked at Tang Qiuqiu with strange eyes.

That being said, since Tang Qiuqiu liked it, Cillin wasn’t going to comment on her choice either. After swiping his card, he passed over the green poop dinosaur sweet box to Tang Qiuqiu, who took it excitedly.

“Why did you choose this one? The little animal boxes beside it are cuter.” Cillin asked.

“Because it looks like Dough.” Tang Qiuqiu’s smiled very happily.

Dough was that weird but quick-witted chameleon Eudy owned.

They circled the entire amusement park once. Most kids would have been so tired they would have fallen asleep already, but Tang Qiuqiu’s stamina was unusually good despite her thin and fragile appearance. She was still spirited and energetic after three hours.

Cillin allowed Tang Qiuqiu to sit directly over his shoulders; this way she could see the faraway scenes as well. Cillin’s current physique was much more bigger and solid than before, and with Tang Qiuqiu’s tiny figure on top of him, they painted quite the heartwarming image.

“Oh, what’s that?!”

While seated on Cillin’s neck, Tang Qiuqiu hugged Cillin’s head with one hand and pointed at a direction with the other.

Cillin looked at the direction she was pointing. There was a big floating cotton candy balloon.

“That is cotton candy.”

In truth the words ‘cotton candy’ was floating beside the balloon, but Tang Qiuqiu only recognised the word ‘candy’. Back at Sector V, she basically did not know any words at all, and even her discourse was in native language, with little to no experience with GAL linguistics. She learned a little of the language after joining the Sixth Squad, but was not used to it yet. That was why Tang Qiuqiu would diligently memorise what everyone said to enrich her own vocabulary.

There were many children around the cotton candy shop, saliavating at the cutely shaped candies and pulling and crying to their respective adults about buying them.

“Which one do you like?” Cillin asked.

Since Tang Qiuqiu was sitting on Cillin’s neck, she saw every cotton candy up there clearly.

“That one!” Tang Qiuqiu pointed at the cotton candy with a funny face.

“Boss, give me that candy with a funny face. Also, I’d like a custom-made candy that looks just like us.”

“No problem, but you’ll have to wait about ten minutes or so.”

“Sure.” Cillin paid for the sweets first.

The cotton candies were made on the spot, and they sold like hot cakes. They were bought almost the instant they were made. Some people were waiting because they chose to make a custom cotton candy.

At first, Cillin wanted to bring Tang Qiuqiu somewhere else for another twirl, but Tang Qiuqiu refused and wanted to stay there to watch the process of the creation of a cotton candy.

Some of the surrounding kids hugged the adults beside them and asked for the same treatment when they saw Tang Qiuqiu sitting on Cillin’s neck. Tang Qiuqiu glanced at them once and smiled until her eyes were bright with joy.

Tang Qiuqiu ate her cotton candies all the way back to the airport. Cillin carried a huge bag in his hand, and it was completely filled with sweets. Of course, there was also a bottle of denture cleaner, or with the way Tang Qiuqiu were consuming her sweets her teeth was most certainly going to rot.

Tang Qiuqiu fell asleep soon after getting on the flight from T-C100 to T-H001. It had been an all-too-wild day, and she was still just a kid who needed her rest. Even when she was asleep, she wore a smile on her lips, hugging the dinosaur sweet box in her lap.

Cillin pressed a button beside his seat, and a panel popped out. He began reading magazines on it. There were plenty of news on the electronic magazines recently, and while Cillin was reading he saw the news about himself.

‘The son of the successor of the Douance Family assassinated’, ‘Seven Lights’ genius falls to gunshot’…

Many of the details of the reported news were watered down, with no negative sayings of Seven Lights’ role in the incident. In fact, the majority of it absolved Seven Lights from their responsibility, proving that Seven Lights’ higher ups put in quite the effort to see that it was so. The title itself might look pretty shocking, but there weren’t much actual content or even video footages to show. Everything was severely trivialised. Cillin’s name didn’t even appear and was replaced with the term ‘son of the successor of the Douance Family’, so it would appear that Aiflon had a hand in this matter as well.

This news was also connected to the other news about the Douance Family where Aiflon buckled the matter of the assassination on a particular group within the family and dealt with them with an iron fist. He used the assassination as an excuse so that he would appear to be standing in the right.

After arriving at planet T-H001, they would still need to switch to another passenger transport if they were to meet up with Dias. There were many small passenger transports parked at planet T-H001’s main port, headed to different planets.

At Sector T, any planets that started with H were categorised as hunting planets. These planets were not suitable for human habitation, and were basically the world of beasts. Hunters loved to hunt in these planets, the transfer their catches out of the planet and sell them.

The beasts in this Sector’s planets were all pretty special, and most species were valuable from head to toe. Their skin, hair, horn, teeth, bones and so on sold like hotcakes outside. However, to ensure the preservation and survival of the alien beasts in this Sector, GAL had a treaty where they forbad the use of weapons of mass destruction, the use of radioactive weapons, the destruction of the environment so on and so on…

Sometimes, if the Hunters used a weapon that was more powerful than anticipated and blew up a mountain or a forest by accident, they would be fined or worse, sent to jail.

Dias’ squad’s hunting spot was at Planet T-H036. When Cillin and Tang Qiuqiu took a passenger transport and arrived at the planet, they immediately saw the familiar starship parked at the spaceport. The starship’s gigantic dagger symbol was incredibly eye-catching, and it also warned the rascals to take a measure of themselves before planning anything funny against them.

At this time, the personnel responsible for guard duty should be the only ones left on the starship, and all the core members of the group should have gone out to the planet to hunt. However, an aircraft had just coincidentally flown out of the planet at this time and back into the starship. When Cillin and Tang Qiuqiu entered the starship, they immediately saw Cary ordering the men unloading some items from the aircraft.

“Eh, Qiuqiu, you’re back!” Cary walked over and was about to give Qiuqiu a hug. But when he looked down and saw the blue and red alien beast’s blood on himself, he ultimately decided against it.

Seeing Cary’s questioning gaze on his own, Cillin smiled and said, “Long time no see, Cary!”

Cary was even more doubtful now. He was sure that he had never seen this foolish-looking man before him.

Tang Qiuqiu giggled right away. It would seem that she wasn’t the only one who couldn’t recognise him, “He’s brother Cillin!”

The fact that Tang Qiuqiu added the word ‘brother’ in front of Cillin’s name meant that she had acknowledged Cillin now. Before this, she would either call him ‘Cillin’ directly or without adding a title at the front.

“Cillin?!” Cary’s mouth fell open as he looked Cillin all over before voicing his amazement, “No wonder the lieutenant said that you’ve changed into a new skin.”

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