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Chapter 82: A Grave Sin Indeed

Tang Qiuqiu was bought out from Sector V by Dias. In reality, a war slave at Tang Qiuqiu’s age was extremely cheap and wasn’t worth even a thousand galactic credits. Many people from other Sectors would buy war slaves from Sector V, and due to the nature of their environment, these war slaves basically fell under the category of cannon fodders.

Since most war slaves at war torn zones did not have a name of their own, after he bought her and took her back to the Sixth Squad, Dias had her come up with a name for herself. Thus, ‘Tang Qiuqiu’ was born.

Every newcomer must complete a mission prior to entering the team in official capacity. Therefore, after Shawton had tested and trained her for a while, he then handed her the ‘assassination’ mission. After all, with Tang Qiuqiu’s qualifications, her invisibility was far greater than Shawton’s.

“The squadron’s pretty active in Sector T recently. Dias’s squad is currently hunting alien beasts; once we reach the transit planet, you and Tang Qiuqiu will go over and meet them. I’ll be returning to the main starship right away, there are things to be done there.” Shawton explained the next few arrangements to Cillin. As the commander of the Sixth B Squadron, Shawton was a very busy man.

“Alright, got it.”

“The remuneration you got belongs only to yourselves, and the squad will not ask for additional dividends. So buy whatever you want to, you do have some wealth of your own now.” Shawton said smilingly.

It was true that Cillin had gained quite a sum from Aiflon through the mission. The total amount was close to a hundred million galactic credits, which was something both Shawton and him did not imagine at the beginning.

They had nothing to do before they reach Sector D, so Cillin and Tang Qiuqiu played the shooting game for a little while. It must be said that the kids who grew up at Sector V were really different from the norm. Her shots were only more decisive than the next, and her judgment and accuracy were pretty good as well. Otherwise, Shawton would not have let her to act as the shooter in the first place. As long as it was not a fast moving target, and the target was within her shooting range, it could be said that Tang Qiuqiu simply could not miss.

After coming in touch with the Sixth Squad, Tang Qiuqiu saw many great shooters and gained access to many different types of guns. At the same time, she learned quickly, and she was able to learn almost every type of gun the moment she used them. A child at her age usually had amazing learning aptitude. That being said, she learned what she shouldn’t learn pretty quickly as well…

“Fuck! What the fucking dick hair is this!”


Shawton, who was drinking tea and pretty engrossed watching at watching the duo fighting it out spat out everything in his mouth.

Cillin stared speechlessly at Shawton. It was simply way too ‘thrilling’ to hear such a thing from an eight years old’s mouth, and a girl’s no less. Who taught her that?

Worse, the person who said it had not the slightest self-consciousness of the inappropriateness at all. She continued to suck on her lollipop and frowned at the screen.

“Ahem, Tang Qiuqiu, a girl should be more refined.” Shawton wasn’t sure what to say. He had no experience teaching little kids.

Tang Qiuqiu looked very doubtful, “Am I not allowed to say that? Brother Xiao Shang always say such things.”

Xiao Shang, you’re just asking for a beating aren’t you! It’s fine if you say it during other times, but how dare you speak such bullshit in front of a child! Shawton gritted his teeth.

“Cillin, you may sentence that horny bastard Xiao Shang to punishment when you see him later!”

“Yes sir!”

Shawton turned around and straightened his expression, “Tang Qiuqiu, Xiao Shang and the others can say that line, but you can’t say it, okay? It’s not good for a girl to say that.”

Tang Qiuqiu frowned and looked conflicted, “But it feels pretty cool to say.”

Like fucking hell it’s cool!

Shawton nearly slipped into swearing rant, but he forcefully swallowed it all back down his throat.

Do you know that a single slip may cause everlasting sorrow? Oh, Xiao Shang, your sins have just become greater.

Dias’ squad was the one squad that loved to act like a hooligan the most. As the saying goes, a subordinate imitates their superior’s vices. Since Dias himself was of such conduct, his squad of course left even less to be desired. When Cary and Xiao Shang ran into each other, the only thing that filled their mouths were indecency. But there just was no other place Tang Qiuqiu would go but Dias’ squad. She simply refused to join any other squads at all.

To think that such a beautiful flower escaped the taints of war at Sector V, only to be dyed in the Sixth Squad instead. Shawton seriously did not dare to imagine how Tang Qiuqiu would turn out in an environment like this that’s full of profanities.

Shawton said seriously, “Tang Qiuqiu, if a girl says this she will not be beautiful.”

But Tang Qiuqiu frowned even deeper than before, and her expression obviously stated the words: What’s beautiful? Why is beautiful necessary?

Shawton and Cillin both turned quiet.

Yeah, that’s right. In Sector V, everything else but life and death was about as important as the clouds on the sky. Anything like beauty or ugliness could all be equalized with a single shot.

“Ahem, Tang Qiuqiu, are you unhappy because you lost?” Shawton changed the topic and no longer persisted on the slur incident. The next time he saw Xiao Shang he was absolutely beating the shit out of that punk.

The moment the match was brought up, Tang Qiuqiu immediately pouted, “I lost by one point.”

Back at Sector V, Tang Qiuqiu did not have this many expressions, but after coming in touch with the people of the Sixth Squad, her face gradually became rich with expressions. She saw on TVs or magazines that kids pouted when they feel dissatisfied or conflicted, so she too copied their behavior and pouted as well. Dias had even purposely filmed Tang Qiuqiu practicing her pouts in front of a mirror. It was very funny, but it also left behind a bitter taste in the mouth.

“When we first started you even lost by a full ten points, but didn’t you lose less and less during the latter rounds? You’re improving tremendously, aren’t you?” Cillin did hold back, but even then he could obviously sense Tang Qiuqiu’s improvement. Her ability to learn was simply too amazing, and her speed at which she corrected her mistakes was also impressive.

Tang Qiuqiu said nothing, imagined that Cillin was the lollipop and crunched down fiercely until it made a crunching noise.

“One more round!” Tang Qiuqiu rolled up her sleeves and prepared herself for another battle.

“Let’s do that next time. We’ve reached Sector T, and we still have to search for the lieutenant and the others.”

“Okay, we’ll find brother Dias and the others first. Then we’ll see who can hunt down more alien beasts!”

“Who knows, we might surpass Cary and the others from behind and hunt even more beasts than them.”

“Yeah, and that horny bastard brother Xiao Shang as well!”

Shawton, who was just about to exit the door tripped and nearly fell on his feet. As expected, one should not use their words carelessly, should they?

“Tang Qiuqiu, ‘horny bastard’ is not a good word. A girl will not say it carelessly, okay?”

Seeing that both Cillin and Shawton wore serious expressions, Tang Qiuqiu continued to pout, “Alright, I won’t say it.”

After entering the transit planet T-C100 in Sector T, Shawton split away from the group. There would be someone who would take him back to the main starship. Meanwhile, Cillin and Tang Qiuqiu went to buy a flight to planet T-H001. Right now, both Cillin and Tang Qiuqiu had new IDs of their own. With the Vanguard’s means, it wasn’t hard to acquire such legal IDs.

The flight departure was still more than half a day away, so Cillin took Tang Qiuqiu to enjoy a fulfilling meal first. Tang Qiuqiu’s appetite was bigger than her average peer, but she wasn’t picky about her food as well. Moreover, she would do her best to finish any food that was ordered. Having experienced true hunger, Tang Qiuqiu disliked wasting food.

Cillin looked at the time and saw that they were still more than five hours away from departure. After opening a map of their surroundings and giving it a glance, he said to Tang Qiuqiu who was drinking a fruit juice, “Qiuqiu, the flight is still five hours away. Do you want to go take a walk? There’s an amusement park nearby, we’ll play inside for a little while and it’ll be time before we know it. It’s better than sitting here and doing nothing anyway.”

The moment she heard the words amusement park, Tang Qiuqiu’s eyes lit up immediately. She had only seen them on TVs and magazines, and had never experienced them for herself. Tang Qiuqiu herself desired it after seeing the kids on the screens seemingly have a great time playing at the amusement park.

“Okay, let’s go to the amusement park!””

Tang Qiuqiu followed Cillin out of the restaurant while holding her fruit juice, and sat in a taxi headed towards the amusement park.

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