SRH Chapter 76

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Chapter 76: Do Not Judge A Book By Its Cover

“What kind of effect do these things have?” Lung pointed at the categorised variety of plants on the rock that were almost done drying and asked.

“You’ll know when the time comes.”

Cillin dealt with the remaining plants in his hands before setting them aside. Cillin really hadn’t thought about using this method at first, but the moment Lung mentioned laxatives, the idea immediately came to his mind.

Lung had only ever seen researchers isolating a plant’s medicinal properties before creating more drugs basing off its functional chemical formula. But now that he saw Cillin doing the same thing, he thought that it was incredibly novel. His choice was the right one after all; it would definitely not be boring to pair up with Cillin. Hmm, there seems to be a huge business opportunity here…

“Are these things really going to work?” It’s not that Lung didn’t believe it, but because he felt that it was novel. There were many plants here that he did not recognise. He would pull whichever grass Cillin had him pull, and the treatment for each type of plant was different as well. For some flowers he needed to collect their pollens, and for some he needed to collect their nectar or petals. Although Lung had memorised all of these, he did not really understand how they could be used.

Cillin pointed at the collected herbs and said, “Do you know that before humans step into the age of machines, there were no drug synthesizers, no needles, no antibiotics, no analysers or any kind of mechatronics at all, but they were still able to create all kinds of drugs? Be it poison or tonics, they were all made using the primeval method, and through this method, we will be able to mix the drugs we need.”

“This way we can poison their lake and make them shit?” Lung narrowed his eyes as if he could see it in his mind the Fourth Military Academy shitting en masse already.

“No, it’s useless to dump poison into the lake; their drinking water would all be filtered and detoxified… Don’t mess with those herbs!” Cillin threw a rock and struck Lung’s hand fiddling with the herbs.

“It’s just grass, plus didn’t we touch them already back at the forest… Aiya!” Lung looked at his right hand. A red rash appeared on where he just touched the herbs, and it was both numb and itchy. But contrary to expectations, not only did he have not the slightest self-consciousness whatsoever, he even let out a silly smile as if he was taking credit for the act, “Look, it really works!”

What the hell’s so funny about this! How much stupider can you get?!

Cillin itched to send this idiot flying off with a kick.

There was a bottle carved from stone at the side, and there were several kinds of herbs soaked inside it. If someone was to sniff it, they would even find the scent of nectar. Cillin poured out some and applied it to Lung’s hand, and five minutes later, the red rashes gradually faded to leave behind only a faint mark. Ten minutes later, even the mark itself was gone.

Lung began turning his right hand back and forth and examining it all over like it was a rare object. Then he used his left hand to touch the herbs again…

“Eh? Cillin, why isn’t there a reaction any longer?” Lung lifted his left hand and saw not a single red rash.

Cillin rolled his eyes at him, “This is a type of allergenic drug. After the first allergic reaction, the body will produce the antibodies to fight it off, although the average person wouldn’t be able to grow accustomed to it so quickly. It means that you have a pretty good constitution.”

Cillin sent a secret message to Knight using acoustic ciphers. They had defined each representation of the acoustic ciphers, so even if it was intercepted by the enemy team, they would not know the meaning behind the secret message.

While Cillin was making drugs over this side and Knight was developing the next operation plan, Sird and Hard had run into the students of the Fourth Military Academy. Sird was marked red, and Hard managed to escape by luck.

At the same time, in Seven Lights’ stronghold, Kang Man who was operating the Sentry’s surveillance system suddenly discovered an intruder showing up in their alert zone. Moreover, this person had walked out leisurely and openly without any intention of hiding himself at all.

Kang Man notified Ci Jincheng and Fu Luo. Both Ci Jincheng and Fu Luo were very familiar with the person on the screen.

“This guy…” Fu Luo did not express her opinion, but she did not tell Kang Man to activate Sentry and attack him either.

“Ignore him.” Ci Jincheng said after glancing at the intruder once.

“But he’s holding a gun.”

“You won’t see his gun if he really wants to attack; especially not this type of gun.”

“Alright.” Kang Man did not operate the Sentry, but he did not let down his guard either. He just thought that the man was very dangerous.

However, exceeding Kang Man’s imagination, after the man walked past the Sentinel’s alert zone and arrived at the aircraft within their stronghold, he began overtly knocking on the door.

“Open up, I’m dead tired here!”

Kang Man looked at Ci Jincheng. When the others were out, Ci Jincheng was responsible for the duties inside the stronghold.

“It’s fine, just open the door.” Ci Jincheng said.

Kang Man sighed once. Since Ci Jincheng had given the word and Fu Luo did not express her opinion on the matter either, it was not something he needed to bother with. He opened the hatch and let the person inside.

“Hey, sister-in-law Feng, long time no see!” The guy greeted smilingly at Fu Luo when he came in and saw her, acting like he knew her for a very long time.

“Yue Lou, what did you come here for?” Fu Luo raised an eyebrow at the ‘sister-in-law Feng’ greeting before asking.

Yue Lou shrugged his shoulders, “It’s too noisy over there. They’re busy marking red the Second Military Academy, and since I have nothing to do I came over here to catch a nap.”

Nothing to do… catch a nap…

Kang Man could only think of how ridiculous the situation was. While his teammates were busy fighting, this guy actually had the leisure to search for a quiet place to sleep?! But looking at Fu Luo and Ci Jincheng’s expressions, it seemed like they were well accustomed to statements like this.

“If you’re not going to help in a mark red fight, then why did you join the integrated warfare contest?” Fu Luo asked.

“To watch a show, of course, not to mention that I’m on vacation right now. I have nothing to do anyway, so I came over to play.”

Seeing Kang Man staring closely at the gun he’s holding, Yue Lou smiled, flicked a finger, then broke the gun down to several parts before sending them falling neatly onto the round table nearby.

Kang Man’s eyes twitched. This guy was a dangerous person!

Yue Lou yawned and asked, “Is there any place I can sleep?”

“Find one yourself.” Ci Jincheng answered without even turning around.

“Can I go to the bedrooms?”


Yue Lou looked at his surroundings before dragging over a few chairs and joining them together. Then he laid on top of the chairs and broke into yet another yawn, “Wake me up whenever they’re turning in the mission. Otherwise, don’t wake me even if they’re all marked red.”

When he finished saying this, Yue Lou closed his eyes and slept right away without caring whether he got their permission or not.

Kang Man was dumbfounded. This guy was seriously a weirdo.

“Ignore him. Just pretend that he doesn’t exist.” Ci Jincheng said to Kang Man.

How could I possibly ignore such a dangerous man?
Kang Man curled his lips and sat down in front of the monitor, resuming his previous work. Five minutes later, Kang Man could hold it in no longer and turned his head around to ask Ci Jincheng and Fu Luo, “Just who is this guy?”

“First Military Academy’s Grade Two student, 18 years old. Within the First Military Academy, he is hailed as a genius that appears only once in a millennium. At Grade One he was already the undisputed king of the shooting leaderboard, and it was also during the same grade in which he began carrying out missions for the army. After he graduates, at the minimum he will be commissioned as a second lieutenant in GAL.” Fu Luo introduced Yue Lou to Kang Man.

An 18 years old… GAL second lieutenant?!

GAL’s military ranks were in no way easy to climb at all!

“To him, the guns used in the integrated warfare contest are not guns at all. Therefore, he probably hasn’t fired a single bullet yet.”

While listening to Fu Luo’s explanation, Kang Man looked at the man snoring on top of the chairs. It really was as the saying goes: do not judge a book by its cover.

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