SRH Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: Arrival At Asteroid C-N976

The sky was still grey dark at the training division, but the place was already bustling with activity already. It had turned lively an hour earlier than the usual time.

The students attending the military class had ran surprisingly early to the training division’s airport. They were all extending their necks and glancing at their surroundings. Gerrard did not restrain them either; it was something that happened every year and not necessarily a negative occurrence for these students. At the very least, it could incite them to work harder in the future.

Before long, a passenger transport had flew over and descended at a parking spot at the airport.

The first person to descend from the transport was a dean in Seven Lights. The dean were followed by Fu Luo, Pride, Knight, Cillin…

All ten candidates wore special uniforms. The main color of the uniforms was sky blue. Seven Lights integrated warfare uniforms were different every year, rotating between seven colors. Last year’s was green, so this year’s theme was the color after green, blue. The chest area of the uniform was imprinted with Seven Lights’ seven-colored school badge of the seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The back of their jackets had Seven Lights’ logo and the candidate’s name. Every one of their clothes were unique.

This uniform represented a kind of honor, the honor to represent Seven Lights to compete in the Sector Championship integrated warfare contest.

The moment they saw them, the surrounding students began to discuss among themselves.

“Which one is it? Which one’s Shadow X?”

“That guy with light grey hair next and next and next to Fu Luo! He’s Shadow X!”

“He really doesn’t look like it!”

The ten candidates did not care what the students were saying about them and followed the dean to the front.

Cillin and co were still in a sleepy and groggy state. Last night, Lung, who was so excited that he could not sleep, had dragged the three of them together to play cards with him for the whole night. Although they won every cent of the dividends he got from selling the black mice claws in his pockets, but it was at the expense of their sleep time. Therefore all four men had come over in disgruntled moods and dark circles around their eyes.

“Yo. You guys went out to catch thieves last night or something?” Gerrard watched the incoming group and set his eyes on Cillin and his friends. He immediately noticed the serious lack of sleep on their faces.

“We played cards for the whole night…”

Cillin covered Lung’s mouth before he could continue further. Only this idiot with a screw loose in his head would tell the truth with easy conscience in this situation. Did he not notice the green vein throbbing on the dean’s forehead?

Knight and Ci Jincheng looked away from Lung in unison. Brother, just how thick could you get?

The dean’s task was to deliver these ten candidates to Gerrard, and Gerrard would lead the team to asteroid C-N976. After the discussion, Gerrard then led the group up the starship.

The starship had Seven Lights’ logo on it. There were medical staff and workmen inside. These people had been trained and handpicked for this journey. The majority of them were people from the training division and the police division.

The ten candidates were arranged Individual lounges on the starship. Cillin and co had gone straight to their own lounges to catch some Zs after boarding the starship. The rest of the candidates were also bored and went back to their respective lounges to watch the footage of last year’s integrated warfare contest.

For the next few days on the starship, Gerrard would talk to them about things to take note of and some past experiences, before answering some of the questions raised by the candidates. Teamwork was the most important factor to obtain a good result, which was why Gerrard allocated more time for the team to familiarise with each other so that accidents would not happen later.

When Cillin’s group had arrived on asteroid C-N976, the people of the four military academies were there already. The teams of two Sector B institutes of higher learning had also arrived before them.

Just like the students in Seven Lights, the thing these people were most concerned of was Shadow X’s identity. However, when they saw Cillin, they found that it was truly difficult to believe that he was Shadow X. From his appearance, Cillin truly did not look like the Shadow X in their hearts. He looked more like the young master of a rich family.

The twelve floor building in the camp was built specifically for the participating students. The second floor was a restaurant, and everything above the second floor were accommodations. Every team had a floor to themselves, and prior to this, every institute drew lots to decide which floor they were staying in. Therefore the decision was finalized long ago as to which floor belonged to which institute, and even if there were opposing opinions, it wasn’t anything to be disputed about.

There was also a gym covering a wide area beside the student accommodation. They were both indoors and outdoor. The indoor gyms did need not be described; Cillin and everyone else were familiar with them. The outdoor gyms had a much larger variety.

There were all sorts of vehicles such as hoverboards, flying cars, mechs, fighter aircrafts and much more. Moreover, they were of military grade and were of much better specs than the usual stuff. Many of the students who came here and felt bored could even fly a fighter aircraft and take a spin around the area. Regrettably, the scenery of this place could not be considered great. Mechanized buildings could be seen everywhere, and it was either that or large areas of battlefields. Forget about beautiful country scenes; it was only possible to meet a thousand blooming flowers in one’s dream.

“Cillin, do you want to give it a try?”

While clinging to Cillin’s shoulders, Knight pointed to the fighter aircraft parked on the field. For some students, a fighter aircraft might be something fresh since it was usually something they could come into contact with only on virtual platforms. There weren’t many people who had flown a real fighter aircraft before. But Knight came into contact with one real early; his father had flown circles with him in his lap before he even knew how to walk. Though, of course, at the time Knight was put inside a safety compartment, or with his baby constitution, it would’ve been one hell of a ride.

“Sure.” Cillin answered crisply.

“I want to fly too. How about… the four of us have a match?” Lung pointed at Ci Jincheng reading a book at the back and said.

“Great idea! Wanna go, Ci Jincheng?” Knight looked at Ci Jincheng.

Ci Jincheng closed his book, “Of course. The four housemates shall go for a stroll!”

Pride lifted his chin and humphed. In his opinion, there was nothing here that was worth strolling. These aircrafts didn’t even have homing missiles on them; they were put here purely for the sake of fooling the students. Only those who had neither seen nor flown a fighter aircraft before would be curious about them.

Knight’s eyes zipped right over at Pride’s disdain-filled ‘hmph’, “Guys who lost a dogfight have no right to ‘humph’ others!”

Pride choked and turned beef red at Knight’s words. Oh, how he wished he could lock horns with Knight there and then. It was a fact that he had lost to Knight on the Sector Championship platform in a best of three dogfight.

One must register first to use the fighter aircraft on the training field. Originally, Sird and the others wanted to join them as well, but since Knight said that they wanted a fight between the four of them, Sird decided to wait and see how they fly first. Although he had flown a fighter aircraft before, this was Sector C. It made Sird even more excited.

Cillin and co all chose the same model. After registration, they climbed their respective fighter aircraft.

Not far away, the people of the four military academies, be it in the training rooms or accommodations, all wore expectant smiles on their faces as they watched the four fighter aircraft flying up from the field.

Comos leaned against the railing and looked towards the four fighter aircrafts rising to the sky and said, “They will probably run into that, won’t they?”

Feng Haicao flipped open the display device on his hand. The light screen that popped up showed the images of the four fighter aircrafts, “But of course, the people at the upper level really likes to tease their students, you know. Even Knight probably won’t realize it until it’s too late By then he wouldn’t be able to contact the others anyway.”

“Can’t wait for it!” Yue Lou yawned and moved closer to the screen.

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