SRH Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: The Second Person To Wield Guns To That Extent

It was fast. Too fast.

The time from the moment Liu Yewu began her offense until the situation right now was only five short seconds.

Five seconds. It was the time some people took to yawn, open their eyes and witness the scene before them. Before they could understand what they were seeing, before they could reflect upon anything, it had already turned like this.

Her weapon was pointed at her own forehead. Her hands were still numb. Liu Yewu did not understand how exactly Shadow X had did it, or should she say that she did understand somewhat, but wasn’t willing to accept it.

Two fingers were enough to catch the edge of a sword? Was it really as simple as it looked? Such a situation had not happened even during last year’s double combat tournament. She had no choice but to admit that Shadow X was really strong.

“A sword is a killing tool. If you cannot evoke a sword’s killing intent, then it is no different from a soft wooden stick to an expert.” This was what her father once told her. Was he talking about this situation?


Ka! Ka!

Pak ——

One Smile Kill pulled the trigger repeatedly in disbelief. Then her gun fell apart with a ‘Pak’ noise and dropped to the ground piece by piece. Among the pieces was an unused clip.

Cillin’s sword drew even closer. One Smile Kill still had a long way to go; Aiflon’s bodyguard didn’t even need to open fire to know that there was something wrong with his gun. It was something only those who had wielded guns to a certain extent could detect. They could detect even a tiny change in their weapons, and not act like One Smile Kill who absolutely refused to believe that her gun malfunctioned by pulling the trigger repeatedly even in the face of death. This was the sheer gap of skills.

Hesitation, doubt, lack of resolution, lack of killing intent when striking and lack of decisiveness when firing. This were the weaknesses of a student.

As the sword pressed closer, the mere chilliness One Smile Kill felt earlier had now turned into blood flowing down the sword’s edge. Although this was just a virtual platform, reflex sensation and the pain transmitted by the sensor still caused her to feel the illusion of bleeding.

Liu Yewu and One Smile Kill could clearly sense the killing intent from the sword. If they still would not surrender, then the generic robot before them really would splatter their blood across the ring. If that happened, then they would appear even more humiliated than now.

The entire match did not exceed even one minute from the beginning until the end. One of them had her swords snatched away from her, and the other did not manage to fire a single shot. Although they were very reluctant to admit defeat, this was the reality they had to face.

“One Smile Kill and Liu Yewu surrenders. This match is won by Knight and Shadow X!”

When this line appeared on the screen, many people had turned silent. More accurately speaking, they hadn’t recovered from the shock yet.

Boer withdrew his gaze and pondered on his seat.

That palm strike from Shadow X that blew Liu Yewu backwards was intentional, or his actions would’ve been much faster. But what Boer did not understand was why Shadow X had not killed Liu Yewu in one hit. He obviously had the ability to do so, and if that palm strike had more strength and speed behind it, then there was no way Liu Yewu would have had the time to react and block it in time. If the attack had hit her, then Liu Yewu would have been effectively put out of battle, not to mention that if he could easily find the gaps between Liu Yewu’s sword dance, then he could dodge One Smile Kill’s gunshots as well.

Liu Yewu’s sword was incredibly quick. The average person couldn’t even differentiate between the real swords and the afterimages of her sword dance. Since Shadow X could weave through her twin swords and attack through the gaps of her attacks with such speed and ease, Boer absolutely refused to believe he couldn’t dodge past One Smile Kill’s gunshots.

In truth, there were many people who did not understand why Shadow X had used such a method to win the match. It was a little cheap, mean, and even took advantage of the system’s loophole.

And why did they say that?

Shadow X’s generic robot appearance was thinner than most and not too tall. Thus, the situation became greatly advantageous for Shadow X where he could easily hide himself from One Smile Kill’s aim. If Shadow X had been in his true form, then One Smile Kill might have had a chance to hit him.

Someone posted a thread on the Sector Championship forum accusing Shadow X of being too mean and cruel. It was bad enough he used a cheap trick to secure victory, but he even used such a method to humiliate the two ladies. Their swords were taken, not a single bullet was fired, and they were even pointed at their forehead and neck by their own weapons. How did he expect One Smile Kill and Liu Yewu to swallow this humiliation?

When Comos and Feng Haicao saw this thread, they only smiled sarcastically. If Shadow X really didn’t hold back, how could this possibly be the extent of One Smile Kill and Liu Yewu’s fate?

Let’s put everything away and focus on that sword pointed at Liu Yewu alone. In truth, Shadow X could totally slice her from top to bottom. But Shadow obviously left his opponent some face and retracted his sword a little so that it would only point at Liu Yewu’s forehead. If this was Knight, he would’ve sliced his opponent cleanly in half regardless of their gender or identity.

“What do you think of this?” Comos asked Feng Haicao in front of the microcomputer.

While turning his cap Feng Haicao said, “He’s just playing; he really is just playing, that’s all. It’s not just Shadow X, but Knight as well. Up to this point, Knight has not used his Thunderstorm Fist, and no one knows how far he has trained his Thunderstorm Fist. He got such high praises from Ji Feihang, so it isn’t really easy to estimate Knight’s strength.”

“Yue Lou, what do you think?” Comos then turned to look at Yue Lou, who had been toying with his gun on his seat all along.

Yue Lou did not participate in the contest. In fact, he had never even registered an account on the Sector Championship platform since he entered the military academy for three years. However, Yue Lou was someone even Comos and Feng Haicao were very impressed with. The First Military Academy’s best marksman Yue Lou was known throughout the entire Sector C. The reason Yue Lou was never interested in the Sector Championship was because there was no shooting contest (T/N: What? Seriously?).

Yue Lou’s head was bowed and his eyes were drooped as if he was asleep. However, his hand movements weren’t slow at all. When he flung his handgun to the air it was split into parts, and when they dropped back down they were assembled back into a handgun once more. Moreover, Yue Lou was only using one hand, and his fingers were so quick that even Comos admitted inferiority. Meanwhile, Yue Lou’s other hand was propped against his chin, giving off the impression of laziness and that he would fall asleep whenever he felt tired. But everyone who knew Yue Lou knew that they should not disturb the man even when he was asleep. There were plenty of people who saw him playing around with his gun in his dreams, and was able to blast a soccer ball that was kicked at his direction into smithereens by pure instinct.

Hearing Comos’ question, Yue Lou spent a tremendous amount of effort before he finally opened his eyelids to look at Comos, “Ah? What did you say?” He only remembered that it was a question.

Comos, Feng Haicao: “…”

This guy fell asleep again, huh.

Feng Haicao rubbed his forehead helplessly, “Comos asked you about your opinion about that previous match.”

“Opinion?” Yue Lou pulled his own face with the hand he used to prop his chin, “Shadow X is very strong.”

It’s pretty rare that someone made you say the three words ‘is very strong’, you know.

“And then?” Feng Haicao asked again.

Yue Lou yawned once and stretched his lazy back, “I only watched Shadow X.”

That meant that he didn’t pay attention to anyone else at all.

He ignored the other three people on the ring again, didn’t he? Sigh, why is it ‘again’ again?

Yue Lou stood up from his chair, moved his fingers, the gun that was still parts earlier became assembled perfectly in his hand. He shoved it with practiced motion into his pocket.

Every time they saw Yue Lou shoving his gun into that wide pocket of his, Comos and Feng Haicao could not help their eyes from twitching. Bro, aren’t you afraid of misfire? That spot is close to the crotch.

Stretching his arms wide for a little and letting out yet another huge yawn, Yue Lou lazily walked his way to the microcomputer, brought up the recorded combat footage from earlier, slowed down a section of it and pointed at one of Shadow X’s movements, “He is the second peer I saw who could wield his gun to such an extent.”

Feng Kaicao and Comos pressed closer to the screen. It was the scene where Shadow X snatched Liu Yewu’s twin swords and pointed them at Liu Yewu and One Smile Kill. When Shadow X had pointed a sword at One Smile Kill, there was an instant where his hand had swiped across One Smile Kill’s gun. After that, One Smile Kill pulled the trigger but fired no bullets from her chamber. At the same time, Shadow X’s sword was placed at the aorta of her neck.

This was to say that in that instant, Shadow X had tampered with One Smile Kill’s gun, but One Smile Kill did not notice it in the slightest.

He had such amazing hand speed and was able to disassemble a gun with the one hand that was still holding a sword. No wonder Yue Lou said that Shadow X was very strong.

Feng Kaicao and Comos stared thoughtfully for a moment at the screen before they came around and asked curiously, “You said that Shadow X is the second person among our peers who could wield his gun to such an extent. So who’s the other one?”

Yue Lou wobbled his way to the storage cabinet and grabbed some food. He was hungry after a nap.

“He’s also from Sector B. The name’s Ci Jincheng.”

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