SRH Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: Sector Championship

The ‘Ci-Sa Incident’ made quite the noise, but it lasted only for a few days before it was completely covered over by another event – the Sector Championship was about to begin.

And what is the Sector Championship?

The Sector Championship was the contest joined by all higher education institutions of Sector B and C, and the top ten higher education institutions of the ten trade Sectors. It included contested sports such as ACM (Air combat maneuvering or dogfighting), gun fights, full-contact combat, integrated warfare and so on. This was a contest in which all the pros were gathered and where geniuses from all around the universe were looking to unleash their capabilities. This was also the most influential contest among the higher education institutions every year. ‘Gathering of Titans’, an electronic magazine with over seventy GAL contribution points had a special column reserved for this contest.

‘Gathering of Titans’ was an electronic magazine that specialised in reporting all kinds of sports events. It was the sports events type electronic magazine with the highest contribution point, and its influence on the entire GAL was extremely huge. The importance of this championship could be seen from the fact that it had a specially reserved column in ‘Gathering of Titans’.

Moreover, this contest was also closely related to the higher education institutions’ source of students in the coming years. If a certain higher education institution had failed to perform admirably in the Sector Championship, then who would be willing to apply into such an institution?

Seven Lights was without a doubt a beneficiary of this contest. In recent years, Seven Lights sat solidly at the fifth spot in the contest, and this was an achievement that all higher education institutions in Sector B were jealous about.

And why would they be jealous about a mere fifth spot? That’s because the top four spots of the Sector Championship were all landed by the four military academies from Sector C. After all, the people of Sector C were honestly trained and had true skills and abilities. That’s why Sector B’s higher education institutions would content for the fifth spot every year, but most of the time, that spot would be occupied by Seven Lights. That was how Seven Lights had come to enjoy its fame and reputation today.

This was also one of the reasons why so many great forces and families tried so hard to send their kids to Seven Lights. Seven Lights was just like a rich and powerful family, and it would definitely be most beneficial to one’s future development if they could join this family.

There were no lack of offsprings of ‘wealthy and powerful’ families like Lung and Pride, but those who lifted Seven Lights to the top were mostly specially recruited students. This was why Seven Lights’ treatment of specially recruited students were extremely generous, and why old professors like Mo Heng rather preferred specially recruited students over regular students. It was because they all had the potential to step into the top.

As of late, there were a lot less people frequenting the trade zone districts and entertainment zone’s Sleepless City. The training division and the school zone’s training rooms were fully occupied almost everyday, and there were also those who stayed in their accommodations the whole day, going online and entering the Sector Championship’s combat platform to warm up and train.

The Sector Championship’s combat platform would only be opened a month before the contest began, and after it ended, the platform would be shut down along with it. Every contested sport had their respective training grounds in the Sector Championship’s combat platform. While they were just virtual zones, some training grounds were still filled to the brim, so the people could only wait in queues for practice.

In reality, all contested sports were conducted in this Sector Championship’s combat platform except the last sport of the contest integrated warfare, which would be conducted in real life. However, the sensors would reflect a person’s physical condition on the platform, and the virtual character on the combat platform was nearly the same as the person’s physical condition in real life. Therefore, the tempering of one’s constitution was a must.

There were no special criterias in order to become eligible to participate in the Sector Championship. All Grade One to Four students were allowed to participate, but Grade Five, Six and Seven were forbidden from joining the contest. In reality, they could only be considered as half a student; those who had continued to pursue further study could already be considered as half a professional and thus, barred from the Sector Championship. There was also the fact that the military academies in Sector C or the higher education institutions in the ten trade Sectors had only four grades in their system. Therefore, for the sake of fairness, the students who pursued further study in Sector B did not have the right to compete in this contest.

It could be said that Knight had been looking forward and extremely gratified by the coming of this contest. He wasn’t able to enter a military academy, and so he had set his mind to knock those people in the military academies down a peg so he could absolve this particular grudge.

For the past few days, Knight had almost never left his doorsteps. A fridge was purposely placed in his bedroom, which he would eat directly from after he was hungry, before returning to the Sector Championship’s platform after he was filled to fight again. His only regret was that he could not hug the sensor to sleep.

Seven Lights’ identity card was needed to register on the Sector Championship’s platform, and every student could only have a single account. Therefore, the students who were Grade Two, Three and Four already had their own accounts, which would be deleted only after they had graduated from the university.

No classes were held during the Sector Championship, and even if there was, Cillin could choose not to attend. He had accumulated enough credits to rise straight to Grade Three, not to mention that he had Old Mo, Mo Heng backing him up. All of the tutors had taken no notice to Cillin’s absence in class.

He opened his microcomputer, put on the sensors, opened the Sector Championship’s platform and scanned his Seven Lights account registration number. The account name Cillin entered was ‘Shadow X’. The account name was shown to be usable. After a variety of verifications the message of successful registration was finally displayed. Only a brief introduction was shown in ‘Shadow X’’s information window.

ID: Shadow X
Gender: Male
Genotype Rank: B
Institution: Seven Lights
Combat Information: No record.

Other than his ID, the rest of the information had been automatically generated from his Seven Lights card. They were all real information, because he hadn’t competed in any contest yet, many of the display fields were blank.

After confirming his information, a choice to configure his appearance and body size appeared. He could choose to display it as it was or modify it to his wishes.

Its initial appearance was very much like the domestic robot Mo Heng and the others had created. It appeared very common with nothing special to speak of at all. However, Mo Heng had never liked to add unnecessary beauty modifications to his robots, and Cillin was too lazy to bother with such non-essential things himself. It’s not like it would affect his participation in the Sector Championship.

From the beginning, the reason Cillin had participated in the Sector Championship was simply to get to know the geniuses around the universe and improve himself through combat. He did not plan to fight for an actual place for himself. After all, even if he did become number one of the contest, it would still belong to Cillin Douance and not him.

However, Cillin still underestimated the significance of face engineering to the masses. The first thing Cillin heard when he finished registering and officially walked into the Sector Championship’s platform was:

“Fuck! This guys is openly streaking on the Sector Championship’s platform!”

And so Cillin entered the first page of the Sector Championship’s platform forum on his first day of entering the Sector Championship’s platform – ‘The Sudden Appearance of the Streaking Male’. Shadow X became known to the public before he had even started in a single match. There were even some Seven Lights students who accused ‘Shadow X’ of throwing the university’s face and ruining the university’s reputation.

Cillin was speechless. It’s not like this robot’s appearance had an exposed dick, and it looked just like those humanoid domestic robots running about daily on the streets. Since such a generic robot choice was setup in the system, then of course it’s there to be chosen! The hell does it have to do with streaking! Not to mention that a university’s reputation was not built on empty talk, but on blood, sweat and tears.

Cillin no longer paid heed to those silly personages. He decided to find someone to practice a bit and get used to platform fighting. There just happened to be a man who just finished registering and walked out of the newbie zone at this moment. He wore a camouflage suit, and through it informed everyone right away that he was from a military academy in Sector C. Cillin looked at his information. Fang, Male, Third Military Academy, rank A genotype.

Not bad. This is a good target for practice.

Cillin sent out a 1v1 challenge request to the man straight away.

Fang seemed a little surprised to be challenged right after he came out, and by a rank B genotype non-military academy student no less. Where did he find the courage to challenge him, a rank A genotype who hailed from a military academy?

Normally speaking, there were plenty of cases where rank B genotype military academy students had fought non-military academy students to a standstill or even defeating them outright. It was no wonder that Fang was so surprised.

Fang’s first reaction was that this kid’s brain was addled, but it would be too embarrassing to reject Cillin outright as well. This was his first challenge request on the Sector Championship’s platform after all.

And so, Fang clicked the accept button.

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