SRH Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: The Star Who Walks Out Of The Darkness

While Knight was speaking, his knees were slightly bent and he shifted his weight to his toes. His fists were placed in front of his body, reading to initiate combat at any time.

Cillin raised a foot and took a step sideways. His arms were wide open and placed seemingly casually on both sides. His posture appeared to be full of holes.

When Cillin said ‘let’s go’, the emotions in his eyes slowly subsided until not a speck of it could be seen. It was a sharp contrast to Knight’s intense fighting will.

His instructor once told him that it was possible to determine an opponent’s next action from their eyes, but all Knight could see from Cillin’s was tranquility; a tranquility so deep that it was like the abyss. Knight had seen the same tranquility in many people’s eyes before, but they were either extremely experienced instructors or prominent characters like his father. He had never seen such eyes from a peer!

This Cillin gave Knight a very strange feeling. The Cillin now was like a hunter waiting quietly for its prey to fall into his trap.

Prey? Knight laughed at his own thoughts. We will see who is the hunter or the hunted after this fight!


Whoever strikes first gains the advantage. Knight’s figure instantly vanished from his spot, and the air where he stood resounded with a bang due to the air compressing and colliding instantaneously with each other.

Knight rushed forwards and tightened his fists the instant he arrived in front of Cillin. His speed was even several times faster than when he first started, and his strength was instantly adjusted to its best condition. Just when Knight felt like he was about to hit Cillin, he suddenly realized that his elbow had dropped slightly as if sucked in by a whirlpool, causing him to deviate a little from his aim. At the same time, Cillin’s other palm had pierced through the gap and attacked right at Knight’s neck.

Knight blocked the attack with a raised hand, and rather than retreating, he took another step forwards and punched Cillin’s face yet again. This time his punching speed was again much faster than before; Cillin could even hear the friction sound of Knight’s fist crackling against the air.

Cillin dodged past it, shifted and withdrew, adjusted his footing and twisted his body forwards at the same time.

Was he going to charge into Knight head-on?

No, he wasn’t!

That bizarre, whirlpool-like force had appeared once more and ‘sucked’ Knight’s fist away from its original trajectory. This time Knight had seen it clearly. The origin of the strange force was the cyclone formed from the movement of Cillin’s palm unto his entire arm.

To subdue hardness with softness?

Knight recalled the examples of ‘subduing hardness with softness’ his father and instructors had told him in the past while he was still in training. Since almost everyone in the Feigler family were strength types, Knight had learned a lot of countermeasures so that he would not be caught off guard in the future. However, one of his favorite countermeasures was to add strength upon strength; that is absolute strength.

He might be having thoughts in his mind, but his hands were definitely not slow. A knife hand went straight for Cillin’s throat, but he did not withdraw it completely when it was parried away in the next moment. Instead, he swiftly overturned his palm and struck downwards at Cillin’s chest.

He never stopped once, and his speed only accelerated faster and faster.

The eyes, the back of the ears, the neck, the throat, the ribs, the stomach, the shin, the tailbone… Every time he attacked he had aimed well at his target, but every time his strikes would be ‘sucked’ off target by that cyclone energy and hit the walls, the floor or the ceiling instead…

Meanwhile, Cillin had not actually put on much of an offensive. Most of the time, he was simply defending. Every time he fought against a different person, he would always check out their skills and combat style. While he neutralized the enemy’s attacks, he would also correct his weaknesses and learn new techniques from the fight.

Cillin had never seen Knight’s fighting technique before. Although he could still deal with it at the moment, Cillin knew that Knight was improving little by little as well. At first, Cillin was still able to deviate Knight’s fists to a certain corner, but gradually his attacks grew stronger and faster with each passing moment. The cyclone had been gradually losing control to the point where he could only throw the attacks aside. This meant that Knight was slowly grasping the limits of this cyclone.

Countless banging noise rang inside the training room, and depressions were beginning to appear on the walls, floor and even the ceiling. One could see just how powerful these punches were to be able to punch holes in the special walls and ceiling of the training room.

Ci Jincheng and Lung sighed on the inside as they felt the tremors coming from the training room.

“This is a little fierce, isn’t it? Jincheng, is Cillin’s genotype really just rank B?”

Ci Jincheng nodded.

Cillin’s admission data did show him as a B rank genotype, but on the other hand Knight was a full fledged A rank. Would an A rank really need to use this much firepower against a B rank right from the beginning? Plus, Cillin was still able to resist against Knight’s attacks up to this point. More accurately speaking, Cillin was leveraging off borrowed power and causing all of Knight’s attack to miss.

As he watched the continuously shaking training room, Lung exclaimed, “The guys from the management are probably starting to notice.”

It would be a real surprise if they didn’t notice such a huge commotion, though they did turn off all of the training room’s cameras when they came in earlier. Still, there’s no way the management wouldn’t have a backup plan, would they?

Ci Jincheng didn’t say anything. He took out a finger-sized device and pressed it once. Many probes and pinhole cameras appeared on the floor, walls and ceiling of the training room. There were also a few monitoring equipment joined together with the walls that appeared completely ordinary at a glance. At the same time, anyone of the monitors that were connected to this training room would only display static. Even the records would be deleted as well.

“Check the card owner of that training room.” One of the employees of the management said.

“Got it. Looks like he didn’t delete this card record. The card owner is called… Ci Jincheng!”

“His surname is Ci?” The person thought for a while, “Never mind. Ignore that training room. Let them do whatever they want as long as they didn’t destroy it.”

Since the commotion Cillin and Knight had caused was too huge, even those who were training had come out of their training rooms and looked about curiously. Just who was so amazing to cause such a noise? Even those in the nearby training rooms could sense the tremors clearly.

A group of people followed the noise and arrived in front of the training room. The room’s door was shut, and locked down in ‘Onlooker declined’ mode no less. Since the crowd couldn’t get in, they could only gather in front of the door and discuss what’s happening inside. People came one after another to join the discussion circle.

Both Cillin and Knight were not in the mood to think about the reactions outside.

The longer they fought, the faster they became. If there were afterimages that were visible just now, now even those had completely vanished. Instead, fleeting bolts of electricity began to appear clearly.

“The Feigler Family’s Thunderstorm Fist.” Ci JIncheng said while watching the flashes of electricity.

“I have long heard its name. But I’ve never seen it with my own eyes.” Lung had only seen videos of it from electronic magazines, but they were only blurry images at best. Most magazines did not dare to analyse too deeply into things related to the military.

At this time, Cillin who was defending against Knight’s attacks could sense clearly the beginning of a restless air around him. The particles were beginning to split and release energy, and these changes were all caused by Knight.

It was as dense as rainstorm and as devastating as a thunderbolt. Every one of Knight’s punches would spur flashes of electricity around it, and crackling sounds persisted in one’s ears.

These were no fancy effects, but real electricity. Cillin could already feel his skin numbing from the contact with these miniscule particles. He had a feeling that he was inside an electric field, and the electric field was still strengthening as more and more fission particles appeared. Every time he moved the numbness would worsen.

Cillin could even sniff the kind of scorched stench of burned clothes. If this continues, he definitely wouldn’t be able to last much longer. The bulging green veins on Knight’s arms and the gradually declining acceleration of his punching speed indicated that his strength was about to reach its peak.


Cillin received the blow and backed away a few steps.

However, when Knight encroached onto Cillin, he realized that Cillin had shaken both his arms and dispersed his cyclone. Instead it was replaced with a completely different aura from before. It was an unfathomable, immeasurable, and even stifling pressure.

Then, the restless particles around Cillin began to subside.

Now this is the real you, isn’t it… While thinking, Knight’s leg pushed against the floor once more and heightened his momentum of his charge to the peak. The crackling electricity seemed ready to tear apart even space itself…

Cillin neither dodged nor used the same deviation tactic as before when he faced down Knight’s attack. Instead, he chose to meet him head on. He stood there, raised a fist and moved forwards.


The two sounds had resounded nearly at the exact same time. The impact of their fists clashing against each other caused both Cillin and Knight to fly towards the walls on both sides.

The students discussing heatedly outside the training room turned dead silent. It was because they saw a human shaped protrusion jutting out from the wall.

These students had trained inside the training room long enough to know exactly how tough the walls’ strike resistance were. It they tried to leave a footprint on the wall, they could probably kick until their leg bones were fractured and not even leave a curve on the wall. But then, how could they explain the scene before them?!

Ci Jincheng and Lung’s eyelids twitched continuously. Luckily the duo had not been blown towards the quarantine zone, or the entire quarantine floor would be smashed apart.

Knight was very strong. This was something both Ci Jincheng and Lung had known a long time ago. As their contemporary, they would often hear high praises about him from their seniors even though they did not belong in the same field.

But what about Cillin? Since when did the Douance Family give birth to such a monster? How could someone who could fight Knight to a standstill possibly be obscure?

He was like a bright star hidden in the darkness all this time, watching the world quietly, while displaying a terrific brilliance at a place where no one would know.

But no matter what, this star would soon appear before everyone’s eyes. Since he had walked out of the dark, then his brilliance could no longer be hidden.

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