SRH Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: First Meal in the Dining Hall (2 of 2)

There were many people who had heard of Lung Andrea, Ci Jincheng and Knight Feigler, but not many people actually knew them in person. Since Allen’s family had founded two GAL electronic magazines, he had memorized deeply the many faces of famous people in his head. That was why Allen had instantly recognized the trio beside Cillin the moment he saw them. For a time, he wasn’t sure how to react.

He had not received any news beforehand that these trio were coming to Seven Lights University. For the longest time, Allen had thought that the brightest stars of this term would be the Twin Stars of Seven Lights Pride and Kang Man, today he was truly overawed. When the trio had looked at him all in unison, Allen suddenly felt nervous. He, who had been a social butterfly for the longest time, was actually feeling nervous at this very moment!

Back in those days, his father had pointed at these three people on the ‘Tomorrow’s Star’ magazine and told him in private that they would definitely become the top dogs in business, military and academia in the future. Allen did not understand why his father would view them so highly; he had not given such high praises even when the Twin Stars of Seven Lights had shown up. But even so, Allen trusted fully in his father’s insight.

Thankfully, Allen had a lot of experience and managed to adjust his mentality swiftly.

“Cillin… are these three your… housemates? It’s definitely an honor, hahaha…” Allen howled in his heart: Oh my god, these three VIPs are Cillin’s housemates!

“You guys know each other? I’ll skip the introductions then.”

“Of course, of course. It is my great honor to have you all.”

While leading the way, Allen pondered about a change of plans and to add some more high-end dishes later. He must satisfy these guests.

However, reality did not go the way Allen wanted. Just as they approached the entrance of ‘Freedom Hall’, they heard a group of people chatting inside.

“Just who is it that Allen kid is receiving?” A somewhat arrogant and impatient voice asked.

“Oh, I know that guy. I know him from the transport.” Cillin had heard this voice before on the transport.

It was then followed by a sound of laughter full of disdain, “He’s nothing but a fellow who stays in a quad accommodation and eats at a public restaurant.”

Another roaring laughter ensued. There were no holds barred.

Allen’s eyes dimmed, and he nearly face-planted onto the ground. Holy shit, if I knew this would happen I would never have invited them! Also, why the hell did they not close the door! If they want to talk behind someone’s back at least do it behind closed doors – what am I saying, they shouldn’t do it even behind closed doors!

It was obvious that all four of them had heard their words clearly.

Before Cillin could say anything, Lung began to cry out, “Why, it looks like someone doesn’t welcome us! I guess everyone here is a big name, eh?” Lung would not care for Allen’s face. He’s the type to say whatever he wants to.

Allen did not even have the time to cry as his thoughts raced for a way to appease these guests. One of the youngsters among the laughing crowd abruptly stood up as if his ass was on fire before stuttering out with a red face, “Young… young master Lung…”

By chance, this person had seen Lung when his old man had gone to a business meeting. He was nothing in front of Lung; even his own father had to watch his own words and manners in front of him.

There were no idiots in this place. The moment they saw their companion’s reaction, they immediately stifled themselves and withdrew their previous jests.

Lung didn’t look at the guy who stood up at all. Since the sofas were already full, he went and pull a chair on his own and sat down. Cillin and the others had also sat beside him. And so a bizarre scene was formed. On the other side tens of people sat on soft, luxurious sofas; on this side the quartet simply sat on chairs. The quartet might appear to be sitting casually, but their aura was so powerful that the group of people sitting at the sofa felt as if they could not even raise their heads in front of the quartet. It was so uncomfortable they felt as if they were sitting on nails.

The person who broke this bizarre scene was Pride. The bodyguard who walked in first went blank when he saw Cillin’s group, and he was especially surprised to find Knight among them. However, he also felt a lot more assured. At first, he thought that this place would be very mixed and unhealthy for the young master’s growth, but if he was here, then they would not need to worry.

“Snotty brat is here as well (T/N: For some reason he suddenly takes on a completely British accent in my head)?” Knight scoffed.

The arrogant, chin-lifting Pride who couldn’t even be bothered to look people in the eye immediately reacted like a cat who had its tail stepped on the second he heard Knight’s voice, “Knight, why are you here?!”

“If a snotty brat like you can come over, then why can’t I?”

“Hmph!” Pride turned his head, dragged a chair and sat down next to him. He might not be able to stand Knight, but those people on the sofas weren’t worth even a single glance.

Even an idiot would know that these people sitting on chairs were not to be trifled with by now. Otherwise, why would Pride stare them in the eye? Everyone on the sofa said not a word as they pondered their own thoughts. Even the girls’ gaze on Cillin had turned different.

Cillin nibbled at some melon seeds and watched the show from the sides. How interesting. I should tell Dias and the others about today when it’s time.

Pride looked curiously at Ci Jincheng and Lung once he sat down. He had seen Cillin before on the transport, so he automatically overlooked him.

“This is my housemates; Cillin, Ci Jincheng and Lung.” Knight gave a simple introduction before turning to Cillin and the others, “This snotty brat here is called Pride.” He had only introduced his name and nothing else.

Pride’s only response to Knight’s ‘snotty brat’ nickname for him was a humph, but if he was someone else then Pride would definitely have turned on him. What could he do; he was defeated again by Knight during their last challenge, so he had no choice but to endure the nickname.

Pride gritted his teeth. Sooner or later he was going to get back at Knight, and when that happens, he was going to pummel the bastard so hard not even a pig would recognize him!

“I can’t believe that you’re living in a quad accommodation.” Pride said scornfully.

Knight shrugged, “It can’t be helped. I’m a poor man. I can only afford to eat at the dining hall’s public restaurant and live in a quad accommodation that no one wants. It’s by coincidence we ran into Cillin’s friend that he so kindly brought us up here. But it appears that we’re not wanted though.”

Allen broke out in cold sweat profusely. Objection! He swore to god that he never thought and would never dare to think such a thing! At this point, even Allen did not know what to say anymore. These people have very eccentric tempers and Allen could not figure out what they’re thinking right now. He could only look at Cillin for help.

When he received Allen’s S.O.S, Cillin put down the melon seeds and said, “I’m hungry. Why don’t you send up the dishes, Allen.”

“Alright, we’ll send up a few dishes first. Please order anything you want.” Allen hurriedly passed them the menus as if he was freed.

In the end, around the huge, rectangular table there were a group of five sitting on chairs and cheerfully eating away at their meal, whereas the other a group of people sitting on sofas were trembling and sweating and moving very carefully.

In short, the atmosphere of this lunch was bizarre.

Knight was the speedy type. He finished three bowls of rice before Pride could even finish one. However, Cillin and the others weren’t slow as well. After they finished, the quartet bid their goodbyes and left first. Although Pride had eaten a little slowly, seeing that Knight and the others had all left he had no mood to eat while facing the remaining people as well. So he pushed his bowl aside and left.

Cillin and the group did not care what the group of people might have said after they left. After they returned to their accommodation and finished tidying up the stuff, they went to bed and had a good sleep.

The next early morning, Cillin was forcefully woken up by Knight saying that they sould spar at an ad hoc training room in the school zone after choosing their courses. According to the rules, students had two days to choose their courses after registration. Every accommodation had a platform, and they were used for course registration as well. The quartet then finished choosing their courses in succession during breakfast time.

Breakfast was prepared by Lung’s domestic robots, and the results weren’t bad. All four of them had programmed the robot and placed their breakfast ingredients in the kitchen. This way they would be able to eat breakfast right away every morning.

After finishing their breakfast, the quartet then sat Lung’s flying car to the training room at the school zone. The training room in the accommodation was too small and fit for some simple exercises only after all. The only place they could let themselves go and fight was the training room at the school zone. It had a wider space and all kinds of training modes.

There weren’t many people who were using the training room today. Cillin used Ci Jincheng’s orange card to pick a medium-sized training room, since their red cards could only book a small-sized training room. Technically speaking, a small-sized training room would be sufficient for single combat, but Knight still felt that it was a little too small, so they chose the medium-sized one.

They were the only four people inside the medium training room. Ci Jincheng and Lung watched from the quarantine zone at the sides, while Cillin and Knight did some warm ups to digest their breakfast. Their coats were also left at the quarantine zone so they wouldn’t be damaged by the match.

“You ready?” Knight asked.

“Ready. Let’s go.”

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Original and most up to date translations are posted at volaretranslations.