SRH Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: The Sickest Accommodation in Town (2 of 2)

When they saw the duo walking in, the smiles on the employees’ faces grew wider. However, their mentality were different from when they faced Ci Jincheng. Right now, the duo were trying their best to smile as honestly and warmly as possible, but in truth they were beginning to sweat all over their backs.

With their insight, naturally they noticed that the flying car that looked like it was inlaid with a layer of red gemstones was not something any ordinary rich family could buy. And then there was that hoverboard. To begin with, it was a military grade hoverboard! A military grade hoverboard was incomparable to the average flying car, and there was only one place in the entire Seven Lights University that had this kind of hoverboard: the training division. They both knew very well what kind of people resided in the training division. If this boy could get a military grade hoverboard from the training division, then it was obvious that he had quite the military background. Those with military background weren’t easy to deal with.

“Yo, student BPT! We meet again! This is fate!” Lung let out a bright smile. He hadn’t really expected to meet Cillin at this time.

While Lung might be driving a deluxe flying car, he was still wearing the same clothes Cillin had seen him in at the trade zone. It was a really incongruous sight.

“What a coincidence.” Cillin answered with a smile. Cillin did not feel disgust towards this person; in fact he thought that he was pretty interesting. A prominent background could not conceal this man’s abilities. There might be a lot of people who missed this, but Cillin was sure that Lung’s true strength was not weak at all.

As for the other young man who had arrived riding a hoverboard, he wore with him an air of arrogance concealed within a layer of fortitude, and when he saw Cillin, a terrific fighting will flashed across his eyes like a star. Even as mere bystanders, the two employees felt a sense of fear towards him.

This young man was none other than the one who had watched with Huo Neil the whole process of Cillin slapping down the flying cars at the training division, Knight.

When he saw Knight’s eyes, Cillin felt confused. And who the heck is this guy? It seems that he recognizes me. However, Cillin showed no intentions of cowering whatsoever as he faced the intimidating fighting will in Knight’s eyes.

Both Knight and Lung’s Seven Lights cards were Crimson just like Cillin’s. After both cards had been swiped across the device, the duo’s information were displayed on the screen.

Lung Andrea. Knight Feigler!

The two employees matched each other’s eyes and felt a violent beat in their hearts. After so many years in Seven Lights, they were of course familiar with some of the more sensitive surnames of the galaxy. While everyone knows about the Andrea ‘So Poor Money is All That’s Left’ Family, the real crux of the matter today was the sudden appearance of the ‘Feigler’ surname!

Feigler was a well known military family. There were already quite a few generals who bore the surname Feigler, and there was even one who was among the eight grand admirals of the Galactic Alliance Military.

The two employees watched nearly every step of the way when they dealt with the duo standing before them; terrified that they might offend the two little devils. There might be plenty of rich kids in Seven Lights, but those with such terrific backgrounds were few and far between. In comparison, Cillin’s own background with the Douance family was a lot more low-key.

Originally, the two employees had planned to report the matter to the higher-ups and apply for a few single villas, but to their surprise, Lung and Knight had chosen right away to stay in the same villa as Cillin and Ci Jincheng. There were very few people with such profound backgrounds who would choose the least popular quad accommodation. With that kind of background and history, they only needed to insist to acquire their single villas.

After finishing up all the procedures, Lung waved a hand and said, “Come, my housemates. We’ll ride there in my car! Our beautiful life of four has begun~~ 4 seater mode!”

At first, there was only one seat. As Lung’s voice settled, that lavish flying car of his began to transform swiftly. Its body was slightly stretched, and three seats appeared one after another.

Cillin did away the pleasantries and jumped straight into the car. It would be a waste to turn down a free ride. Seeing Cillin’s actions, Ci Jincheng paused for a second before jumping into the vehicle as well. Knight scooped up his retracted hoverboard and entered Lung’s car.

“Oh? I see that you’re fine with my car now, brother? I thought it was a little too poor for your taste when I made you the offer earlier.” Lung joked when he saw Knight jumping into the car.

Earlier today, while Lung was driving over from the trade zone and about to reach the school zone, he had run into Knight riding on a hoverboard and flying over from the training zone.

“Cut the nonsense, you didn’t even bring out a seat at that time. It was clear that you were just offering for the heck of it.” Knight’s mouth twitched.

Lung smiled and did not answer. As Knight had said, he really was just offering for the heck of it. Even if Knight wanted to take a lift, he would have ignored him. But since they were all staying in the same accommodation now, as the old man would have put it, they were now ‘one of his’, and it was only natural to treat his people better.

After watching the flying car zooming away with a whoosh until it vanished completely out of sight, the two employees finally dropped and lay crookedly on their seats.

“Holy shit, there were so many people who registered today, but I did not expect such a highlight to show up at the final hour.”

“Yeah, and who would have thought that four heavyweights would show up all at once. Especially Knight. Hey, tell me, with such a profound military background, why in the world had he come to Seven Lights and not the military academy at Sector C? This doesn’t seem like the style of the Feigler Family.”

“This is nothing man, those rich kids are all weird. Perhaps they felt like having a change of air. Just look at the Andrea Family and tell me which one of them aren’t ‘unique’?”

“That’s true.”

“Accommodation number 13 sector 6, This may be the term’s, no wait, this may be the sickest accommodation even in the entire Seven Lights University…”

The quartet’s accommodation was at number 13 of sector 6. Sector 6 referred to a private villa area, and number 13 was the house number. The number showing on the screen of the recording system was exactly 0613.

After the number 0613 was entered, a clear navigation route had appeared, and before long, the quartet had arrived at their assigned accommodation. The first floor of the accommodation was at least 500 square meters wide, and there were three floors in total. The first floor had the largest area, whereas the second and third floor were about the same size. Excluding the courtyard, the three floors added up to a total of at least 1200 square meters wide. The wide courtyard was paved with grass, and above the fences was a detection light curtain that reached straight into the sky. Those who didn’t belong in this accommodation would not be allowed to enter, and forced entry would trigger the alarm and retaliation. The object of detection would be the Seven Lights card.

While they were processing the documents at the registration center, the quartet’s information had already been entered into the accommodation management system. Upon sensing their Seven Lights card, an opening appeared in the light screen at the courtyard, and the flying car flew straight into the courtyard.

At first glance of his accommodation Lung sighed, “Man this place is fucking small.”

Cillin: “…”

Although Ci Jincheng and Knight did not say anything, their expressions were obviously aligned with Lung’s thoughts.

Cillin sighed inside his heart. Fine, we’re poor people. We’re not gonna compete with them.

The key to the accommodation was the Seven Lights card. As for the locks on their respective rooms, that would have to be arranged differently. Every bedroom had its own setup system used to configure the locks of their respective bedroom, study, training room and so on.

The four training rooms, living room and the kitchen were all here. To Cillin’s surprise, other than the first floor, the second and third floor could be configured to one’s own likings. The space was just like toy blocks that could be moved around and combined, which was why there were no longer any clear boundaries left between the second and third floor after a series of adjustments. There was only the top and bottom floor.

After tidying their respective bedrooms, studies and so on, Lung yelled out and said, “Let’s go and grab some food first; man I’m so hungry I could die. I don’t have the energy to tidy up the rest of the stuff.”

Bullshit, did you even do anything? Then what are those two domestic robots for? The only thing you did was some spatial adjustments!

That being said it was almost time to eat. Oh well, he could finish up the rest of the stuff after meal.

“Are we ordering a takeout or eating at the dining hall?”

“Of course we have to visit the dining hall on our first day, plus we get to look at the hot chicks of Seven Lights. And I’m telling you, they’re pretty good.” Lung wore a perverted smile on his face.

There are 7 sectors in the accommodation zone. Sector 1 and 2 contained single villas, sector 3 and 4 contained double villas, sector 5 and 6 contained quad villas and finally sector 7 contained single apartments. These seven sectors joined together to form a circular ring, and the center area that they’re surrounding would be the dining hall, convenience store, hospital, cafe and so on.

The dining hall was built in the shape of a heptagon. Every one of its corner was pointed towards an accommodation zone.

When the four of them arrived at the dining hall, they first swiped their cards and reserved their seats. It would be fine to leave them as long as they returned within thirty minutes. If the person who swiped their card did not return after thirty minutes, then the seat would automatically cancel the reservation and revert to a free state.

Once they reserved their seats, the group split up to pick their own food. Everyone’s taste differed from each other after all. However, while Cillin was choosing his own meal, a shout suddenly came from behind him.


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Original and most up to date translations are posted at volaretranslations.