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Chapter 24: The Sickest Accommodation In Town (1 of 2)

There were many people who heard of ‘Hoverboy’, but very few actually knew that ‘Hoverboy’ was Cillin, the reason being that Cillin’s figure was blurry and his face was unclear in the video. When Cillin had chased after the flying cars, the air around him had extruded and twisted abnormally. Therefore, the sharpness of the video captured by the person on the passenger car was poor, and later on it was also impossible to revert the twisted parts of the scene. Because of this, the person who recorded the video had even bought a more professional filming equipment; so that he wouldn’t regret it again if he ran into a similar situation in the future.

Cillin had seen that video by chance. Luckily, he had changed into a new set of clothes when he arrived at Sleepless City, since the one before was worn due to air friction. Otherwise, even if the Hoverboy’s true face was unknown, his clothes would still make him pretty recognizable.
After he had arrived at Sleepless City, Cillin was deeply impressed by the money making abilities of this entertainment system. Many of those who came to Seven Lights – especially those with a strong background – had spent more than eighty percent of their expenses in this place. In comparison, the tuition fee or whatever was practically nothing.

Playgrounds, bars, arcades, hotels, casinos… the madness of entertainment knows neither day nor night. There were disputes happening at almost every moment in Sleepless City, but the police would normally not involve themselves too much. There were clear rules in Seven Lights, and the people were allowed to go crazy amongst themselves as long as the matters were within acceptable bounds. However, if they were to exceed that limit, then Seven Lights’ punishments would be very severe. There were plenty of people who had been expelled because they caused too much trouble.

In addition, this place also had its relevant laws and regulations. The moment they were infracted upon, the police and training division would mobilize to execute these laws. And who were the police and training division? They were men sent over by the galactic military who had gone through many battlefields of life and death. Resistance was futile.

Cillin had stayed in Sleepless City for two days before he continued to the next stop. Within the next three days, Cillin had visited the rest of the zones such as the training zone, the research zone and so on. However, these zones were more restrictive and Cillin did not have the permission to enter them right now. But still, even though Cillin could only observe these zones from the perimeter, he still had a profound experience as to how unique these zones were.

On the last day of registration, Cillin took the train and returned to the school zone. He still had a lot of time to register going by his original plan. The reason Cillin had wandered the zones before registering was because he could only wander inside the school zone after registration and was not permitted to leave freely. Once the registration was done, a student’s profile would be fully activated. They would become an official Seven Lights students, and Seven Lights was more strict towards their new students. This was the education method most academies had adopted in Sector B.

Cillin arrived at the registration center following the map’s guidance. The last 48 hours before the registration ends were also the busiest, but there would definitely be no one during the final hour of the registration.

He could already see from afar that there weren’t any students at the registration center except two employees sitting at the spot while shaking their arms. It looked like their workload today was pretty huge, and it tired them out.

“They came this early to Seven Lights University, and yet they had all ran to Sleepless City to have fun before rushing back to register on the last day. It tires the hell out of me!” One of the employees complained.

“What can we do? It’s the same every year. Those pampered kids would rot from boredom inside the school zone if they registered a few days earlier.” The other guy lying down on his chair answered.

“One more hour left; there should not be anyone else. I’m going to take a nap and leave once its time.”

“I’m afraid not. There’s another kid at the front.”

Both men looked somewhat sick when they saw Cillin gradually coming closer. They could not even hide the impatience on their faces.

After reading Cillin’s card, one of the man pointed at the small device beside his hands, “Swipe your Seven Lights card here.”

Once the Seven Lights card was swiped, Cillin’s information appeared on the screen.

Hmm? The Douance? That’s a great family.

After seeing Cillin’s information, both employees’ attitudes improved a lot. They forced out a smile and gave Cillin a tablet, “Please fill in this form.There is also the choice of accommodations and more at the back…” the employee paused for a second, “It looks like there are no single accommodations and… huh? There are no double accommodations as well. I’m very sorry, but think the only choice left for you is a quad accommodations. Still, a quad accommodation has its own benefits. Its space is huge and the space distribution in Seven Lights has always been 1+1+1+1 smaller than 2+2, and 2+2 smaller than 4. Moreover, the quad accommodations were all in the style of villas…”

As the person had explained, a quad accommodation did have the biggest living space out of all the choices; bigger than even four single accommodations put together into one. However, Cillin also knew that this so-called extra space was just an additional courtyard. Most people couldn’t care less about it, but Cillin was an exception in this case.

The most expensive living quarter among Seven Lights’ dormitories was a single villa, and the best value proposition was actually a studio apartment. But these two choices were also obviously the most popular, so those who came later would not be able to choose them. Moreover, a quad accommodation had always been thought to be the kind of living quarter that was filled with strife and troubles. After all, it was easy to gain mutual dislike for each other with four people squeezed inside a single apartment. There were plenty of cases in Seven Lights where the conflicts between housemates had caused entire villas to be destroyed.

Other than the interior space, the reason they were called twin or quad accommodations were because everyone would have their own set of training room, rest room, bathroom, study and so on. A single accommodation would only have one set of each, whereas a quad accommodation would have four sets of everything other than the courtyard, the living room and the kitchen.

“I’ll have the quad villa then.” Although the ideal choice for Cillin was a studio apartment, but if he couldn’t get one then no harm done. Regardless, these living conditions were far better than the place he used to live in.

While Cillin was filling in the form, another person had walked in from the registration center’s entrance. It was someone familiar.

“Eh? So you’re registering at this time as well, Cillin.” Ci Jincheng shut the book in his hands and came over with a smile.

Ci Jincheng’s Seven Lights card was orange in color, and it meant that he was specially recruited. The smiles on the two employees’ faces immediately grew wide as they enthusiastically introduced Ci Jincheng to the registration process.

The reason they were this enthusiastic wasn’t only because that Ci Jincheng was a specially recruited student. The most important factor was the information displayed on Ci Jincheng’s card. The surname Ci wasn’t common in this galaxy, and when put together with Ci Jincheng’s qualification to be specially recruited, the two employees immediately thought of that particular family – the leading authority of academic studies, the Ci Family!

Within the academia, there wasn’t anyone who hadn’t heard about the Ci Family. The frequency of Ci family members appearing on the two top magazines ‘Glory’ and ‘Code’ would amaze most people, and their influence on galactic military and politics could not be underestimated as well. It was no wonder that these two men were this enthusiastic.

According to normal registration procedures, every accommodation should be filled up completely before they could arrange for the next one. But both Cillin and Ci Jincheng had solid backgrounds, and they knew each other. So the employees didn’t mind doing them a favor and opened a new quad villa; the previous villa was already three man full anyway, so it was only a matter of time before they opened a new one.

While the duo was filling in their information, a sudden engine rumble came from afar. There was the sound of a flying car, and a hoverboard.

Screeeech! a luxurious, red gemstone-like flying car swung its tail and drifted into a stylish stop. When the ceiling of the car opened, a familiar face appeared.

Lung Andrea!

The hoverboard had also paused in front of the entrance at the same time the flying car had come to a stop. A sturdy young man had jumped down from the hoverboard, withdrew the transport and walked in. The two men had entered almost at the same time.

Ci Jincheng’s eyelids twitched when he saw the duo. These people…
Original and most up to date translations are posted at volaretranslations.

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