SRH Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Hoverboy

The two people inside the flying cars might be confused as to what just happened, but Huo Neil and Knight saw it crystal clear in front of the screen inside the training division’s office.

The instant the hoverboard exploded, Cillin had leveraged the force of the explosion, zoomed over to the crimson flying car and slapped its rear with his palm. At the same time, he used the energy of the slap to swiftly kick towards the bright yellow car next to it.

In the blink of an eye, one flying car was slapped down to the ground, and the other was kicked into the air.

The reason Huo Neil and Knight were shocked wasn’t because of Cillin slapping or kicking the two cars away. They were shocked by his ability to grasp the perfect timing.

The act of borrowing the hoverboard’s momentum after it exploded was a risky thing. If he was a moment too early, he would not have been able to able to leverage its pushing force; and if he was a moment too late, he would have been hurt by the explosion’s shockwave. At the same time, Cillin was able to accurately home onto the crimson flying car’s body after he flew out, before leveraging the force of his own actions again and kicked the bright yellow flying car away.

Knight pointed at Cillin on the screen who was landing safely on the ground, “How is it possible that such a person is unknown?”

Huo Neil did not answer Knight’s question and exclaimed instead, “He definitely deserves Sir Mo’s protection alright! Still, since when did the Douance have such a person in their family?”

It was obvious that Cillin was a veteran who had fought countless battles. There was no way he could be one of those fresh greenhorns. Moreover, Huo Neil could see that the kid had acted pretty decisively, without a bit of hesitation to be seen in his movements.

Inside the vast green woods, after two crashing sounds, Cillin slowly walked beside the crimson flying car. The body of the car was already warped, and some of its internal components were scattered to the surroundings or even further away. The energy system of the flying car had not exploded, since it was built with increased safety in mind. The driver did not suffer too much injuries thanks to the air bag, even though he was still inside the car. However, he was obviously still shaken. His eyes were dull, his body was shivering continuously, and his teeth were chattering.

Cillin looked at the man once before grabbing his backpack from inside the car. He counted the items inside, and felt his mouth twitch. .

He pulled away the air bag with one hand, then grabbed the man’s face and shook him a little. It was only then the man’s focus slowly shifted onto Cillin. His already pale face turned even whiter from fright as he stuttered, “Don’t… don’t kill me… You can take the bag. I’ll pay you… all the money you want…” This time he was truly afraid. He had never encountered such a thing. When his car was slapped down from the sky, he had felt as if his entire body was wrought with despair.

“You make it sound like I’m the one who robbed you.” Cillin took out his tablet and wrote something on it. Then he passed it over to the man to have a look, “You will have to compensate me – as you should – since your criminal acts have caused me severe losses. Look, the details are all written in there. A hoverboard is 2000 galactic credits; the expended batteries are 500 galactic credits. You ate three of my snacks, and every one of them costs 5 galactic credits so it’s 15 galactic credits in total. However, I bought these from the trade zone and there is no way I am going back to buy them again, so let’s round them up to 30. There is also 10000 galactic credits worth of emotional trauma compensation. But of course, the most important thing is that this matter has wasted my time. As you know, time is more precious than gold, so I guess I’ll just have to suffer the loss and fine you another 10000 galactic credits…” After summing everything up Cillin concluded, “They all add up to a total of fifty thousand galactic credits. Is that a problem?”

The man lost his will to think long ago. He could only shake and nod his head.

“Alright, that’s it then. Press your fingerprint here.” Cillin put the tablet into his hands.

The man shakingly pressed his fingerprint on the tablet.

“Where’s your card?”

The man shuddered again and took out his Seven Lights card.

“Wow, an orange rank. Which grade are you?”

“Se… second…”

It was at this moment that a police siren rang. the eyes of the man inside the car, who was full of fear, suddenly lit up as if they had found their savior.

The police had sent a whole team of police cruisers. In the past, it would’ve been incredible if even a single police car was sent out to deal with such a case, but today, it could be said that they had mobilized with the utmost seriousness.

Gerrard had led the team personally. Along the way, there were only three swiftly moving targets on the surveillance monitor in his car, and he could differentiate which one was a flying car and which one a hoverboard. This was because both hoverboards and flying cars had GPS tracking system installed in them. However, Gerrard would not know what exactly was going on from this information alone, so when he saw the hoverboard’s signal vanish from the monitor, he felt as if he had fallen into an ice pool. Crap, how the hell is he going to explain this to Sir Mo?

Although both flying cars had crashed, their car bodies were still intact, so the GPS signals had not disappeared as well. That was why Gerrard had urged his men to move faster after he saw both cars coming to a sudden and bizarre stop. But when they saw the real scene, everyone in the police team was a little dumbfounded.

Both flying cars had crashed? What happened?

Right now, the only person Gerrard was concerned about was Cillin. Huo Neil had already sent Cillin’s information to Gerrard, so Gerrard had rushed right at Cillin the moment he arrived at the scene and saw him.

“Cillin Douance, is it? I am the captain of the police force Gerrard.” Gerrard said with a friendly smile. When he saw that Cillin was okay, the weight on his chest was lifted.

Cillin was leaning against the car, and when he saw Gerrard walking over, he was sure that he did not recognize this person. But before he could answer, they abruptly heard the person still inside the car screaming, “Help!” He cried out while did his best to extract himself from the car before running right at Gerrard who had a police emblem on his uniform.

Gerrard had dumped the guy running at him on his men at the back. He had no time to bother with him right now.

“We received a report that there was a flying car robbery incident in the train station at the trade zone, so we need to get a handle of the situation right now…”

“Good day, captain Gerrard. I am very thankful that the police could come over to uphold justice, but we have already come to an agreement and settled behind closed doors.”

That would be the best outcome alright! Gerrard shouted in his heart. There was no way he was getting involved in the contest between the younger generation of the great families. But when he thought of Sir Mo, Gerrard still gave the person who robbed the bag and deducted a demerit in credits.

“Captain Gerrard, do you have a card reader with you? I would like to borrow it for a moment and make a transfer.”

“A transfer? Uh, yeah I have one in my car.”

Gerrard led Cillin over to his car, and when he saw Cillin swiped the card, transferred the funds and very calmly returned the card back to its original owner, he couldn’t help but think that they might have really acted unnecessarily by coming over.

With Gerrard’s experience, naturally he was able to guess what had happened after seeing the scene. He couldn’t help but think much more highly of Cillin. If he had come because of Sir Mo’s face, then he had acknowledged Cillin’s abilities now.

The other person in the bright yellow car was also brought over. His condition was pretty much the same as the guy in the crimson car. He was shivering so much that the police almost had to carry him all the way.

After the major matters had been taken care of, Gerrard had his men dealt with the remaining matters on site and drove Cillin and a few more team members away. However, Cillin had gotten off the car after he had arrived at the edge of entertainment zone’s Sleepless City. He still needed to survey the state of affairs in Sleepless City.

Once Cillin had gotten off, a police team member beside Gerrard exclaimed, “Captain, that kid’s actually a King Kong, isn’t he?”

To chase a flying car with a hoverboard? It was a seriously unimaginable feat. Moreover, he had relied on a hoverboard that uses a common battery alone to wreck the two flying cars. Not everyone could do this; not even Gerrard would dare say that he could do the same without a chance of failure.

At the same time, a video was uploaded into Seven Lights’ internet, and the name ‘Hoverboy’ began to circulate within Seven Lights.

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