SRH Chapter 229 [Part 1]

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Chapter 229: I Want to Meet Your Headmaster! [Part 1]

The rain stopped once about twenty or so minutes after it started, but it suddenly grew stronger again when classes were about to end.

A rhythmic music rang. It was the signal for the end of class, and it was the chorus of Baelenbaatar’s school anthem too.

A lot of students surged out of the classrooms of the school zone. The richer students who possessed an AI flying car of their own had already gotten into their vehicles. They didn’t need to brave the rain. Some students had people to fetch them. There were also students waiting for the school bus to arrive.

A few noble students who came out together got into an incredibly showy flying car. Then, the car did a 180 spin on the spot and threw rainwater at the people standing at the side.

Those who were left behind pointed at the flying car’s back and swore loudly at the noble students who were driving away while laughing loudly.

Chang Four a.k.a Chang Fu was doing his homework inside the classroom. It was raining heavily outside anyway, so he planned to head out only after the rain had gotten a little lighter. This way, he wouldn’t need to pay to take a school bus.

Chang Three was holding up a book and reading next to Chang Four. It was a book on the distinguishing features of Mist Bodhisattva Empire’s star regions which she borrowed from the school’s library yesterday.

Chang Three and Chang Four were triplets, but their personalities were drastically different from each other. Chang Three’s personality reflected her name; she was always wearing a smile on her face. But Chang Four seldom smiled at all. He was indifferent towards most people except those he was very familiar with.

The two children were busy with their own things when a female student chose this moment to walk towards them. It was obvious from her attire that her family was doing pretty good.

“Chang Fu, I have an extra umbrella with me. I can lend it to you.” While saying this, the girl put a double layer automatic umbrella on Chang Fu’s table. The umbrella was about 3 meters wide once it was unfolded in full, so it was big enough to fit both Chang Fu and Chang Xiao underneath.

Before Chang Fu could turn down her offer, a shrill voice rang. “Yo, trying to court his favor again, Lunani? You are a noble, you know. I can’t believe you will do such a pointless thing; you’re practically embarrassing us nobles!”

The speaker was also a girl whose looked almost the same as Lunani. She was very well dressed, and she wore sparkling chains around her neck and wrists.

Chang Xiao closed her book and cast a glance at the frowning, impatient-looking Chang Fu. She let out a sigh. What a low EQ fellow. She had to be the mediator every time.

Chang Xiao was just about to say something when a cat’s meow suddenly drew her attention. Why was there a cat in a place like the classroom, especially when it was raining so heavily outside?

Chang Xiao looked towards the direction of the meow, and she saw a gray cat crouching by the window sill and staring at the two of them.

“Wheeze!!” Chang Xiao cried out in pleasant surprise.

Both her and Chang Fu had seen the gray cat before during the video call.

Even the serious-looking Chang Fu had cracked a smile when he saw the gray cat.

If Wheeze is here, then that means Cillin is here too!

They closed their books and swiftly packed their stuff into their bags. Then, after thanking Lunani once, Chang Xiao left together with Chang Fu.

Outside the school building, Cillin and Bel were standing in wait while holding an umbrella each. When Cillin saw Chang Xiao and Chang Fu, he beckoned for them to come over.

“When did you arrive, brother Cillin?” Chang Xiao asked.

“Around this afternoon.”

He took Chang Xiao’s bag from her before extending the second layer of the umbrella and increasing its coverage. Cillin and Chang Xiao shared an umbrella, and Bel and Chang Fu shared an umbrella. Bel had a lot of things to say, apparently. He never stopped talking all the way back to Chang Fu’s hostel, starting from the battle at the school entrance all the way to the time they caught frogs at the lotus pond.

After watching Chang Xiao and Chang Five leave the school building, Lunani stood at the corridor and waved her hand once. A pink flying car immediately flew to her side. Lunani jumped into the flying car, spun it around and flung all the rainwater on the vehicle onto the sneering Sharalisa.

“You! I’ll get you, Lunani!”

Sharalisa stomped her foot and entered her own scarlet flying car. Perhaps her mind was overridden by anger at the time, but she failed to control her flying car properly and bumped once against the flying car next to her, causing yet another commotion. However, a casual accident like this was incredibly common, and both parties left the scene while swearing at each other.

Chang Xiao and Chang Fu’s hostel weren’t far apart from each other, but they were all going to Chang Fu’s hostel to enjoy some frog roast.

The hostels here were four person hostels. Every hostel had four rooms and one living room, and each student had a 15 square meter bedroom to themselves. They didn’t need to pay extra for lodging since all the students within the top 100 were exempted from tuition fees and lodging fees. That being said, the students who lived here were normally common born. The noble students preferred single apartments more. They would rather pay an expensive rent than live together with a commoner student.

Someone had already returned by the time they reached the hostel, as evident from the brushing noises coming from the bathroom. The child inside the bathroom was about to jump out into the open completely naked when he heard noises and realized that someone had returned, but thankfully he was quick enough to notice that there were strangers and a girl within the vicinity. He forcefully stopped himself when he was halfway out of the bathroom.

“… ehehe, it’s you, Chang Xiao…” The boy said a bit awkwardly. Everyone here knew about Chang Fu’s twin and older sister.

Chang Xiao rolled her eyes at him. She knew very well what kind of people Chang Fu’s hostel mates were.

“His name is Nakut, same grade. He’s my hostel mate.” Chang Fu briefly introduced him.

Nakut went back inside to bath after greeting them once.

“Not bad.” Cillin recalled his own time back at Seven Lights when he saw Chang Fu and his friend. Sigh, those were the times!

Bel didn’t think nearly as much. He had ran to the kitchen to find something the second they entered the hostel, and a while later he finally dragged out a dusty, simple grill from beneath a bunch of random stuff. He began processing the frogs impatiently after a wash.

Cillin didn’t help him after seeing how practiced his skinning movements were. This guy could handle all the work by himself.

While Bel was busy dealing with the frogs, Cillin called Chang Xiao and Chang Fu into a room. He then passed over the card with 100 thousand MB coins to the duo on behalf of Old Chang before explaining briefly the shop’s situation as of late.

“There’s 100 thousand MB coins inside this card. The shop’s doing much better now, and the family’s living standard is much improved, so the two of you don’t need to skimp too much, get it? You are both growing right now, and you can’t afford to skip meals to save money. If your constitution’s weak because you’re lacking in nutrients, then you won’t be able to improve your overall ratings, right?”

Cillin walked out after of the room after a brief talk. His main duty for coming here was to pass the card to them. He had also passed over the documents about their new ID to the duo.

The moment he walked out of the room, Cillin immediately noticed that Bel and the young boy named Nakut was crouching beside the grill and busying themselves. Bel was talking about his own experience. “The more primitive it is the tools you use to roast a frog, the better. If you had used an enclosed automatic roaster machine instead, I can tell you that the taste is absolutely inferior to the primitive version. Speaking of which, frog eating is…”

Cillin shook his head. Gluttons like him existed wherever he went.

When Nakut noticed that Chang Fu and Chang Xiao had come out of the room, he turned around and asked, “Oh right, Lu Jie said that he’s going to bring some food back for us. Should we tell him that he can forget it now?”

Lu Jie was their hostel mate too. This guy had ran to the canteen with a couple of people the second class was over.

Chang Fu nodded. “I’ll talk to him.”

Chang Fu dialed Lu Jie’s number, but the call didn’t go through even though he waited for a long time. Chang Fu tried again, and this time the call went through. However, the person who took the call wasn’t Lu Jie but another person from another hostel who was on pretty good terms with Lu Jie.

The guy didn’t even manage to utter two words before the connection was broken off yet again. However, they could see from the image displayed on the communicator that it was complete chaos on the other side!

“Is he fighting again?” Chang Xiao asked.

“It doesn’t look like it. Something must have happened.” Chang Fu called the number a couple of times again but couldn’t get any response. He grabbed an umbrella and walked straight outside. “I’m heading to the canteen to take a look.”

“Hey, Four!” Seeing that Chang Fu had ran off without even looking back, she turned around to look at Cillin. “Brother Cillin, I’m heading over to take a look too.”

“Sure, let’s go together.” Cillin grabbed an umbrella and went out together with Chang Xiao.

“Wait for me! Hey kid, stay here and watch these frogs, understand? Don’t burn them, or you’re catching a new frog from the lotus pond for each frog you burned!” Bel poked Nakut’s forehead once while saying this.

Nakut felt like crying. The lotus pond was… really far away from their hostel.

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