SRH Chapter 227 [Part 2]

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Chapter 227: Baelenbaatar Middle School [Part 2]

5 days later, Cillin drove Chang Five and Old Chang back into their home. Having gone through the treatment, Chang Five’s face no longer looked as sickly as before. Once he fully recovered, he would be able to run and jump like a normal kid too. Sometimes mischievousness was a kind of luxury. At the very least, Chang Five had never experienced it despite his age.

However Chang Five didn’t seem to be interested in intense exercise, and in the future he would only exercise to strengthen his physique. He also planned to focus most of his energy on programs. After being taught by the gray cat for a while, Chang Five’s understanding of mechanical processes had grown deeper than some so-called experts.

In the past his constitution couldn’t support his wish, but now his health and his family’s living standards had risen to a new level. There were also more new machines to be found inside the city.

Just like he had planned earlier, Cillin prepared to head out for a moment. Before he left, Old Chang gathered everyone together to talk once with Chang Three and Chang Four on another planet. Both children were happy to learn that Chang Five had recovered from his illness.

Old Chang gave Cillin 100 thousand MB coins and asked him to pass the money to Chang Three and Chang Four. There was a saying that goes, “you sweep bad news under the carpet when you’re outside”. Chang Three and Chang Four were precocious kids to begin with, so they wouldn’t report any grievances they’d suffered to their own family. But Old Chang couldn’t help but feel terrible when he noticed that both grandchildren had become obviously thinner. He might be smiling while the call was ongoing, but his tears immediately slid down his cheeks once the call was done.

Old Chang only had 120 thousand MB coins to begin with, and he made sure to pay off some of Chang Five’s medical expenses instead of letting Cillin handle all of them. Things inside the shop had stabilized anyway, and 20 thousand was more than enough to sustain he and the little fellows’ daily life.

Cillin wasn’t worried about the shop either. A great noble had sent out word after all; if something did happen the planetary government themselves would secretly lend a helping hand.

Bel had gone over his original 30-day plan by 2 days already, but still he waited to depart together with Cillin. He wanted to see a school in a different star region of the empire, and he hoped to find a leisurely job in the school too so he could relive his greener years.

No one suspected Cillin’s new ID. It was an ID that passed through the hands of a great noble, and there could be no doubt that it was absolutely authentic. It couldn’t be fake even if Cillin felt like it. With this ID, he would be able to travel anywhere he wanted without being suspected. This was a good thing.

And so, taking the gray cat with him, Cillin and Bel left the planet that was small and unremarkable amidst a vast star region and departed for a reasonably developed area in the Empire’s 23rd star region where Baelenbaatar Middle School lies.

The day Cillin and Bel left, the people of Blazing Eagle Vogel too left the planet to chase after their prince.

Neither Cillin nor Bel chose to hop onto a private spaceplane or starship; instead they kept their heads low and bought the ticket of a public transport starship heading towards the 23rd star region. As for the gray cat, it quickly sought out a place for itself just like many times in the past and went to sleep. It was going to come out only after they’d reached their destination. It had no intentions of being caged in the same place as those low IQ pets.

He was riding in a public transport starship again, just like the time he met Dias back then. The experience have remained the same, but the people have changed. He wondered what was going on with GAL right now. A chaos was bound to erupt after Oskulos’ death, but the exact scale of it, he couldn’t say.

Bel looked extremely excited. Although he had experienced many kinds of life, he had almost no experience riding in a public transport starship before. Musso and Ichechi would never allow him to ride alone in one after all. Cillin already sensed that several people were watching them in their cabin at all times, seemingly tailing after Bel. The prince completely ignored their gazes though. While talking to himself, he flipped through the star map of this star region continuously and learned about the school Baelenbaatar. He was also checking to see if there was an ideal position that he could work in.

A star region in Mist Bodhisattva Empire was in fact not as big as a Sector in GAL, but they had just as many livable planets. GAL was separated into the upper three sectors, the ten free trade sectors and the thirteen backwater sectors, but a division like this didn’t exist in Mist Bodhisattva Empire. Although there were star regions that were more advanced than others, the difference between star regions wasn’t huge unless it was the star regions within the domain of the imperial capital and the three kings’ main forces. No, the real gap was the wealth gap that existed within every star region. Cillin had had a profound experience with this rigid status quo already when he was living in that small planet.

The surrounding planets of Baelenbaatar Middle School were well developed. At the very least, the planet where Old Chang was was incomparable to them. The development level of these planets were about the same as the ten free trade sectors in GAL.

Within the local star region, Baelenbaatar Middle School was known as the top 10 schools that provide middle level education. Since it didn’t provide higher education, naturally it didn’t have the scale of a higher education institution. That being said, Baelenbaatar Middle School still took up one tenth of the space on the planet.

A school that owned one tenth of the space of a planet had pretty much solidified its status on the planet. That was why the planet was also named Planet Baelenbaatar.

When Cillin and Bel walked out of Baelenbaatar’s port, the gray cat was already waiting for them while crouching underneath a lamppost. Bel had witnessed many special things from this cat. To this day, the scratch marks he suffered on his arms when he attempted to snatch the gray cat’s fish biscuits were still present.

“Baelenbaatar Middle School is pretty easy to find. It’s some distance away from this central port, but there is a direct train that leads straight to the school,” Bel said happily. He had already researched the transports here.

After filling their stomachs at a nearby restaurant, the two men and one cat hopped onto the train that travelled directly to Baelenbaatar Middle School.

A new plan and objective had begun, and Bel was very happy. The same couldn’t be said for Musso and Ichechi though, who felt very much like beating him with their fists. It was because their prince was planning to land a leisurely job in this place, and the order he left behind was for them to keep a low profile.

But why keep a low profile? Normally, a noble disliked hiding themselves even when they were keeping a low profile, although of course Bel was an exception. That was why after discussing among themselves for a moment, Musso and Ichechi decided to use the excuse of finding talents with good potential to stay here for a period of time. Whether they could find one or none at all depended entirely on the students of Baelenbaatar. If they could meet Musso and Ichechi’s expectations, then it’s congratulations, kid, you’re rich! But if they couldn’t satisfy Musso and Ichechi’s expectations, then it was a no go even if the headmaster of Baelenbaatar Middle School and the leaders of the planetary government themselves were to run over personally to curry favor with them. I’m sorry, I don’t like you, and I’m not going to take someone who failed me even if you’re willing to lie on the ground and lick my feet. Heck, do they think that entering the Blazing Eagle royal family’s circle is this easy?

The Blazing Eagle’s symbol really was too attractive. The moment it showed up, the people of the Baelenbaatar planetary government immediately got to work immediately. The teachers and students of Baelenbaatar Middle School also smelled blood and began presenting the best sides of themselves.

The whole planet’s attention was instantly drawn away by Musso and Ichechi, and it made both Cillin and Bel appear very normal. If the Blazing Eagle hadn’t shown themselves, the people on the train would’ve wanted to know if they were knew and what their business in Baelenbaatar was. But today everyone was discussing about the same thing: I heard that the someone from the Blazing Eagle royal family is here. There’s a rumor… there’s another rumor… I heard…

Cillin was bewildered. The Blazing Eagle had just arrived, hadn’t they? Was that all it took to stir these people into a frenzy?

Cillin had to admit that he underestimated the glamor that was a “royal family”.

He cast a glance at his companion next to him, sleeping and drooling and occasionally letting out a dumb laugh because of his dreams. He was starting to understand a little how those people behind the prince felt.

Cillin had never received a regular middle level education. He hadn’t even finished his higher education in Seven Lights. That was why Cillin felt a little wowed about the new sights of Baelenbaatar Middle School.

It was a school for middle level education, so the students here were all between 10 to 20 years old. A large majority of them were around 15 to 16 years old; the age of restless youth.

Unlike the freedom to clothing sported within a higher education institution, every student wore the same uniform. But despite having a uniform code, the gap between a poor and a rich student was still pretty huge.

Looking ahead, one could see that some girls wore hair clips with actual gemstones embedded into the accessories, dazzling necklaces around their necks, painted all kinds of patterns on their fingernails and so on. On the other hand, some students were dressed in a plain and simple manner. They didn’t have colorful ribbons, nor did they have necklaces with gemstones on them. They didn’t even dare meet people in the eye probably because they were bullied for a prolonged period of time.

However, some of the poor students led their lives in a different manner. The people right before their eyes were such examples.

The second Cillin and Bel entered Baelenbaatar Middle School, they immediately got to witness a ‘struggle between the rich and the poor’.

Both parties on opposite sides hated each other. One relied more on individual combat strength while the other relied more on the equipment they brought with them.

There were a lot rowdy jeering from the sidelines, and some of the teachers were used to this scene already. They practically knew the name of the leader of each group by now. The security guards inside the school didn’t stop them immediately either. They probably wanted to wait until the fight was about done before heading over to stop them.

Suddenly Cillin and Bel were not in a hurry to seek out Chang Three and Chang Four. The two heartless fellows found a cool spot for themselves, sat down and watched the battle ensue while they sipped their drinks.

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