SRH Chapter 222 [Part 2]

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Chapter 222: One Emperor and Three Kings of Blazing Eagle, Vigor [Part 2]

The next day, Cillin woke up earlier than usual. Old Chang gave Cillin a list of things he needed to buy. It was nothing really, they were just some daily necessities. Old Chang wanted to give him money, but Cillin turned it down again. He had accumulated over a thousand MB coins over the past few days, and the groceries didn’t even cost 200 MB coins.

Chang Eight also rose early today. Judging from her appearance, the girl was so excited that she didn’t get much sleep. Although she didn’t sleep much, she looked pretty spirited. The moment she saw Cillin she immediately ran towards him happily.

The gray cat didn’t follow them out. The gray cat was able to learn many things from the many surveillance equipment around the area alone, and since Cillin was just walking around the commoner zone and not the city, it felt no need to follow them. Also, Chang Five’s progress required much of its attention and thinking. It finally got to enjoy being another person’s teacher, and for now it was an addictive feeling.

When they were outside, all four kids addressed Cillin as their ‘cousin’.

Cillin walked on the streets while carrying Chang Eight. Here at the noisy street, shabby flying cars often drove on pedestrian lanes. There was no one to regulate order, and to make matters even worse the drivers often threw trash casually out of their windows. If someone at the pedestrian lane was unlucky enough to get hit, well they only had their bad luck to blame.

The repair shops of Repair Street really were as average as they seemed, fulfilling only the needs of low-end customers. Basically no one from the city would repair their cars here and risk losing their face. Of course, the city people Bender brought to Old Chang’s shop was a different story.

Chang Eight stared at the shops of the street and the cars flying here and there so excitedly that her tiny face was completely red. Despite her age, she could count the number of times she went out to the streets with her fingers. That was why the little fellows were so excited at every opportunity to head out, and why their reactions were so fresh.

Cillin had witnessed bustling cities before, so naturally these sceneries were of little interest to him. He first arrived at the grocery shop to buy the necessities. Then, he looked at the shelves and pinched Chang Eight’s tiny face, “Tell me what you want to eat. I’ll buy it for you.”

Chang Eight pursed her lips and shook her head. She couldn’t control her eyes from hovering up across the shelves.

Cillin sighed on the inside. Although Old Chang had bought some snacks for the kids in the past, it didn’t happen too many times. After all, there were too many other things that required money. He grabbed some lollipops and biscuits from the shelves, but couldn’t find any fish biscuits anywhere. Then again, where would one find such high grade pet snacks in such a place?

Once the items were paid, Cillin carried the groceries with one hand and Chang Eight on the other. Chang Eight eagerly chewed on the lollipop in her mouth.

“I can walk myself, cousin Cillin.” Chang Eight felt apologetic because he had to carry a grocery bag and her.

“It’s okay, I have a lot of strength to spare.” He wasn’t willing to let the girl walk on her own because this place wasn’t all that safe. Just now, he even saw a flying car flying on low altitude. At least half of them were driving on pedestrian lanes, and he was sure that these people would run as fast as thieves the second an accident occurred. If anything did happen, it would be too late for regrets.

While walking, Cillin suddenly came to a pause. Five meters away, a box fell down from the sky. Someone was tossing trash from their flying cars again.

Cillin continued to walk while teaching Chang Eight about some dangers on the streets that she had to watch out for. A children was inferior to an adult, and their reaction time was comparatively slower. If a kid were to walk on these streets, they would be in greater danger than an adult.

Suddenly, there as a commotion on the sky. When Cillin looked up, he noticed that the insufferably arrogant drivers who were scaring the pedestrians by flying low had suddenly scattered like they were running away. Their driving had also become a lot more subdued.

Cillin also noticed that a lot of flying cars had suddenly stopped in mid air.

“What’s wrong with them, cousin Cillin?” Chang Eight asked while eating.

“It’s nothing. Remember to keep quiet and speak softly later, okay? Don’t be scared. I’m here.”


Although she wasn’t sure what was going on, Chang Eight still nodded obediently.

Cillin walked for a small distance before looking up to the sky again.

A short while later, a group of flying cars flew by. He knew immediately who the newcomers were from their cars – it was the planetary defense troops!

No wonder those arrogant people were holding still in midair without letting out even a peep.

The planetary defense troops was a term that almost everyone in the area revered. It was a force that was impossible to shake.

In fact, judging from the looks of things these flying cars were just the vanguard. Another dozen or so flying cars came not long after them.

A while later, a large and beautiful spaceplane guarded by nearly a hundred flying cars and several small spaceplanes appeared on the sky.

This meant that the two groups of flying cars earlier were here to open the way only.

The people couldn’t help but think: Just who on earth are these people escorting?

The cowered drivers from earlier were now stretching their necks as far as they could to look at the sky.

While others might not be able to see the tiny drawings on the spaceplane, Cillin’s eyes were sharp enough to notice some of them. He could see an insignia on the big, beautiful spaceplane, and it was the insignia of a blazing eagle.

There were one emperor and three kings that ruled over the Mist Bodhisattva Empire. The highest ruler of the empire, the Mist Bodhisattva imperial family aside, the three kings beneath them are one, King Fuji of the Elder Tree Fuji Gen Family; two, King Blazing Eagle of the Blazing Eagle Vogel Family; and three, King Snowstorm of the Snowstorm Wendyska Family.

Of course he had plans for the Gen Family already; Cillin was already planning things step by step for the future. As for the force flying flamboyantly above their heads right now, they were King Blazing Eagle’s men. The blazing eagle insignia on the spaceplane was unique to the Vogel Family.

This particular spaceplane was even more flamboyant than the starships or spaceplanes’ of the great four. The blazing eagle insignia on the spaceplane was so huge that it was as if they were afraid that others wouldn’t realize that they belonged to King Blazing Eagle.

But why would the people of one of the three kings show up in such a small place? From Old Chang’s occasional rant, Cillin learned that this tiny planet hardly saw visits even from a higher class noble. So what was this? He didn’t hear anything like this from the planetary media either.

Still, regardless of who this figure was, they represented the Vogel Family all the same.

By now some people had already seen the insignia on the spaceplane through telescopic equipment. They immediately cried out, “It’s the Blazing Eagle! The Blazing Eagle!!”

The name ‘Blazing Eagle’ immediately caused an uproar.

It was the insignia of one of the three kings, the Blazing Eagle Vogel Family!

They were upper nobility!

It was hard to describe how important an upper nobility was. Here, lowborns might not even have seen a third class noble before, and this new visitor was something a third class noble could never rival.

If someone from the Blazing Eagle were to stand right in front of a third class noble and tell them that they were shit, the third class noble would have no choice but to smile and admit it as fact. To them, third class nobles are shit! The planetary defense force are also shit! A commoner only more so!

The cry only drew more cries, and the people who were originally hiding inside their houses all rushed out to the open, “I can’t believe I had the chance to witness the Blazing Eagles while I’m still alive! Haha, I can die happy now!”

“The Blazing Eagles! Holy shit it’s the Blazing Eagles!” Some people were literally shouting with red faces and flushed necks. They were so excited that they were shaking like they were afflicted with a disease.

“I wonder if they’re here to recruit someone?” Someone self-hypnotised themselves.

If the Blazing Eagle fancied someone enough to recruit them, it was soundless glory even if the job was to be part of the background. It was a position high enough to make even second and third class nobles second guess themselves before doing anything.

Still, if they were looking to recruit someone then why a tiny and shabby place like this?

Because the streets had suddenly became crowded with people, it was extremely difficult to make their way forwards. Cillin had to shift a little out of the way while telling Chang Eight to close her ears.

Chang Eight didn’t cry like the other kids who were shocked by these mad looking people on the streets. Of course, the lollipop in her mouth also had a great soothing effect, not to mention that Cillin was still holding her close. The little fellow closed her ears after hearing Cillin’s instructions, but her eyes continued to stare curiously at the people acting strangely on the streets. Had they all become sick or something?

To these mad people’s regrets, the Blazing Eagle spaceplane was just passing by this area. They soon departed towards another region.

Although the Blazing Eagle spaceplane had left the place, the commotion it caused still lasted for a very long time. On the way back to Old Chang’s shop, Cillin heard a lot of people who said that they wished to head to the city and try their luck. If they really were recruited by the Blazing Eagle, their status’ would never be the same anymore.

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