SRH Chapter 222 [Part 1]

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Chapter 222: One Emperor and Three Kings of Blazing Eagle, Vigor [Part 1]

The gray was furious, but it didn’t realize that the book fooled not only a kid, but a lot of adults too.

Chang Five kept quiet as he watched the gray cat growing so angry that its whisker were shaking at the edge of the bed. He should’ve known that felines are all temperamental. That being said, Chang Five was stunned by the gray cat’s words. Although he himself thought that some information in the book was a little far-fetched, ‘bullshit’ still wasn’t the term he would’ve used to describe it. But now that the gray cat had mentioned it, Chang Five was finding himself agreeing with the gray cat. If even he, a kid who hadn’t received any formal education could identify some of the sophistries in this book, then surely there were others who had better insight.

If Chang Five’s thoughts were to be known by others, some people might consider jumping off spaceplanes and killing themselves. Not even those who have received higher education might necessarily be able to understand the contents of this book.

The fact is, books like this were circulated within the bottom class only. It wouldn’t appear at the upper class at all.

“Do you have a tablet?” The gray cat asked.

“Here.” Chang Five grabbed the relic of a tablet he put behind his pillow. It was the one his father used to use until his passing.

The gray cat raised a paw and pulled the tablet over to itself. After stretching its paws for a bit, it started working.

Chang Five wondered how the cat paw looked on the inside as he watched the gray cat naturally typing symbols and characters into his tablet.

The gray cat moved faster and faster. At first, Chang Five was able to watch the gray cat type and the program it entered into the tablet at the same time. However, Chang Five slowly couldn’t keep up with both things happening at the same time. Then, he could barely follow the programs flashing across the tablet. In the end, he only knew that programs and symbols were flashing across the tablet, but not what type of programs they were.

The gray cat’s movements were just a cover. It didn’t actually need to use its paws to type of the old tablet at all. After Chang Five couldn’t keep up with its movements, the gray cat immediately started altering the program directly. Still, Cillin did say to keep a low profile, so it decided to cover it up like this for now.

Ten minutes later, the gray cat pushed the tablet to Chang Five, “Forget that bullshit book and read this one.”

Chang Five accepted the tablet and took a look at the detailed parts construction and assembly diagrams, and program analysis. He was startled for a moment. But after that, he quickly became completely absorbed in the data.

Right now, Chang Five felt like he had come in contact with an all new vision that was both refreshing and vast.

When Chang Five was done reading the fifth example, the tablet suddenly turned black. It took him a while before he finally pulled himself back together. He checked the tablet’s power and the device itself, but found nothing wrong with it. So why did it switched off so suddenly?

“Save your energy, I’m the one who turned it off. Your body needs rest, and Cillin said that you should maintain a proper sleep schedule.”

“But I can’t sleep.” It was unfair, Chang Five felt. He was having so much fun reading, but now he was forced to stop. Really?

“Hmm… do you want me to help you then?” The gray cat flexed its paws a bit.

“How are you going to help me?” Chang Five swallowed. He kept feeling that the gray cat’s eyes wasn’t quite honest.

“Cillin said that a human recovers quickly only when they’re asleep. If you really can’t fall asleep I can help you out like this.” The gray cat swung its paws when it said this.

Chang Five: “…” This physical method was a little too intense, he thought. It was probably better to avoid it.

Chang Five touched his own head and felt a shiver, “I guess I’ll just let it happen naturally. I should be able to sleep if I empty my mind.”

The gray cat flicked its ears, “Cillin said that hypnosis will work too, but unfortunately that method will affect your brain nerves; do it a few more times and your memory will fall off. That’s why you should just make yourself sleep. Hmm, Cillin told me that he can solve problems even when he’s asleep. Why don’t you try out his method and implement those programs in your head?” The gray cat had purposely left out a few things when he said this. One of them was that the method was only effective for some people, and that it had the opposite effect for most others.

But Chang Five nodded after hearing the gray cat’s suggestion. It’s such a pretty good idea, he thought, let’s give it a try.

“Alright, that’s it for today. I’m going to bed too.” The gray cat let out a yawn and jumped down Chang Five’s bed. Before it left, it didn’t forget to step on the book one time.

“Good night, Wheeze.”

“Good night.”

After the gray cat left, Chang Five turned off the lights and stared at the pitch black room. He could vaguely hear the triplets’ voices from outside. It was probably Old Chang forcing them into their beds. Sleep was very important for children because they were growing up.

Chang Five smiled as he recalled all the things that had happened today. Then, he closed his eyes and began thinking about the five examples he’d seen earlier. A moment later, he entered the zone without noticing.

“Huh? Wheeze, why are you crouching here for?” It took a long time before Old Chang managed to persuade the triplets to fall asleep. Just as he was going to go downstairs and tidy things up for a bit, he noticed that the gray cat was crouching before Chang Five’s room door.

The gray cat hadn’t left immediately after it went out. It waited outside until Chang Five had truly gotten asleep. When it heard Old Chang’s words, the gray cat got up, shook its body and answered, “I’m leaving now.”

When the gray cat returned to Cillin’s room, the latter was thinking about certain things. He asked upon seeing the gray cat entering, “Has the little fellow gone to sleep?”

“Mm. Just like you, he used that method to fall asleep.” The gray cat jumped up to Cillin’s side, lay down and continued to speak, “Chang Five may not have a good physique, but I guess he’s not stupid.”

“Among humans, that boy can be considered a genius already.”

“Gene mutation? The triplets showed no such signs though.”

“It’s probably the electromagnetic storm he suffered while he was still in his mother’s womb. His brain cells are a little different from normal people.”

“Can we use enhancement drugs on his body?”

“I doubt it. He needs to be treated thoroughly.”

The gray cat rubbed its ears against Cillin and said irritatedly, “Doesn’t that mean a lot of money? Why don’t we find someone to rob, Cillin!”

“Off with you. We have no backup right now, so we can’t act carelessly. But… there is a different method we can try. It’s a little slow, but it will also give Chang Five’s body some time to adapt. That way, he’ll have a better chance during the full treatment.” said Cillin while rubbing his chin.

If he wished to nurse Chang Five’s body slowly back to health, he would have to consider the medicines he take seriously. Cillin actually had some spare medicines in his leaf tattoo ring from the time he was at GAL. He had all kinds of medicine in there, and he could add them quietly into Chang Five’s meds while he was consuming them. He would have to pay attention to the concentration and ratio of the medicine, but it was an easy task.

After that, it was a matter of money.

Old Chang’s business was getting better and better, so was Cillin’s bonus. When they worked, they worked efficiently and produced great results. Even better, the frequent customers were introducing more customers to the shop.

Cillin often talked to Old Chang about Chang Five’s medicine in private. They kept it from Chang Five, because the boy was the type who would feel bad if he learned that Old Chang was going to send him for full treatment. So that would produce the opposite effect instead.

Old Chang thought that Cillin’s medicines were acquired from the city. Therefore, their quality must be a lot better and more expensive than the ones in a small place like theirs. He was a bit unsure as to what he should do. Should he pay him back with money? And if so, how much? He doubted that he could cover the full value of Cillin’s medicines even if he were to sell his entire shop. Cillin said that this was repayment to his family for saving his life, so they were free.

Old Chang didn’t try to play humble and turn down his offer. It would be hypocrisy if he did. Sometimes Old Chang couldn’t help but think that his accidental act of saving one life had helped not only himself, but also Chang Five.

Since then, Old Chang gave Cillin half of their work’s earnings everyday. Originally it was going to be a three-seven split, but Cillin declined.

Today, after finishing the three orders they received, Cillin and Old Chang was just about to eat dinner when the triplets ran over.

“Grandpa, grandpa! We’re about to run out of fish capsule meals!” The triplet and Chang Five all looked at Old Chang. Their eyes were practically saying that they would buy fish capsule meals for the gray cat even if it meant going hungry for the day.

Old Chang looked at the sky. It was too late, so Old Chang said, “I’ll buy them tomorrow.”

“Let me go tomorrow. I haven’t been to that place before.” Cillin said.

The triplets turned their towards Cillin in unison and looked at him with expectant eyes. It was obvious that they were thinking about going having fun outside. In the past there was only one Old Chang, so they consciously restrained their young instincts. But now that there was Cillin, he could actually take them out to play!

“Not this time. Next time I’ll take you all out. I need to familiarize myself with the place first, or it’ll be bad if we lose our way.”

Although they weren’t able to go this time, Cillin had promised to take them out next time. But they would have to take turns from the youngest to oldest, and only one person at a time. The triplets had no objections to this.

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