SRH Chapter 212 [Part 2]

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Chapter 212: Everything Has a Weakness [Part 2]

Eudy checked the time, “It’s been ten minutes, but the number of transformed humans have multiplied several times over. The Lovages are the ones who are at a disadvantage now.”

“Their numbers may be bigger, but every new clone is weaker compared to its original counterpart,” Cillin said.

“How did that happen?”

“It’s totipotency. The cells of those transformed humans seem to be in a highly active state almost all the time. When a whole entity was damaged, the best cell in the separated part would be chosen for differentiation before the rest of the cells supplies this cell with nutrients and energy. That’s why the mature clones that aren’t cut into too many pieces are stronger than the ones that are. It’s because those clones had absorbed more energy when the cells undewent differentiation.”

It was exactly as Cillin as said. These entities themselves might not realize that they possessed such a flaw. They were simply absorbing the crushed flesh pulp of its kind by instinct and assimilating them into themselves.

“What should we do then?” Cary scratched his head irritatedly.

They had no clue where to start fixing this problem. Meanwhile, the melee between the transformed humans and the Lovages grew more and more intense.

The little Lovages hadn’t gotten close to the battlefield without permission and operated outside the battlefield only. Whenever they saw some transformed humans that hadn’t fully regrown into a mature clone because they were cut into many tiny bits earlier, they would move forward and take a few bites.

But it was thanks to these gluttonous little Lovages that these flesh bits weren’t able to regrow into a full clone before they were eaten completely by the little Lovages. As a result, there were fewer clones compared to before.

When Snowball saw this scene from a far distance, it tilted its head sideways and looked to make sure that Cillin, Tang Qiuqiu and the others weren’t paying attention to itself. Then, it charged forwards and gulped down a transformed human that was differentiating into a whole entity at the outer ring of the battlefield.

“Come back, Snowball!” Tang Qiuqiu said urgently.

No matter how powerful Snowball’s adult form might be, it was just a fledgling right now. Neither his ability nor his mind were up to par. It would be one hell of an experience if it was struck by accident by a Lovage’s nipper, or stabbed by a transformed human’s claw.

Snowball was just a glutton who happened to see the little Lovages feeding and felt a bit of craving. It wasn’t completely unaware of the limit of its own abilities, and it was a tiny bit afraid of dying too. That was why the white fatso had ran back swiftly after it took a bite; chewing the meat in its mouth while it did so.

Cary and the others felt their mouths twitching at the sight. Fatso, the meat you’re eating is human flesh! It is still human flesh even if they’re now transformed! How dare you eat human flesh right before us!

The second Snowball went back, Tang Qiuqiu immediately pulled its ears and beat its fat butt with the barrel of her rifle repeatedly. Dias had taught her that disobedient kids must be spanked in the butt.

But the white fatso obviously paid Tang Qiuqiu’s fierce-looking but weak beating no heed. Plus it wasn’t afraid of pain, not to mention that Tang Qiuqiu was so physically weak that she couldn’t even pull a single hair off its body.

Snowball willingly presented its butt to Tang Qiuqiu to smack while it enjoyed the taste of the flesh inside its mouth.

“How does it taste?” The gray cat said with blinking eyes. It was obvious that it was going to taste the transformed humans itself the second Snowball answered ‘yes’.

“Hmm… *chewing sound*…” Snowball grinned after it swallowed the chewed meat, “It’s not bad.”

The gray cat took off and charged right into the battlefield to satisfy its belly.

Snowball looked at the gray cat’s departing figure and turned to look at Tang Qiuqiu with pitiful eyes. However, Tang Qiuqiu’s hold on Snowball’s ears hadn’t relaxed even a little.

There’s no use playing pity!

Cillin walked over while Snowball was showering Tang Qiuqiu with an aggrieved look.

Snowball wasn’t afraid of Tang Qiuqiu, Cary or Shawton, but it was afraid of Cillin for reasons it couldn’t understand itself. Although it wasn’t afraid to fool around and play with Cillin in the norm, it was afraid to face Cillin if it committed a mistake. Therefore, Snowball’s entire body froze when Cillin walked towards it. It immediately lowered its round head.

Cillin crouched down to his feet and looked at Snowball.

Snowball turned its head sideways.

Cillin grabbed Snowball’s head and turned it so that Snowball was facing him directly.

Snowball’s eyes moved sideways and avoided all eye contact with Cillin.


Cillin’s wrist blade popped out.

Snowball shivered the moment it heard this sound, and it clutched its head with its thick, fat hands, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be greedy…”

“I’m not talking about that,” Cillin said while he tugged Snowball’s fat cheeks. It was a bad habit he formed after following Mo Heng for some time, “Be good, and give it a lick.”

Snowball blinked. It didn’t understand what Cillin meant.

Cillin waved the wrist blade on his hand once and pointed at Snowball’s tongue again, “Lick the blade once, or better spit some saliva on it. Didn’t I see you play spit with Dough that one time? Spit plenty on the blade.”

Dough was revelling in Snowball’s misfortune atop Eudy’s shoulder when it heard this and felt its tail shudder. It turned its head sideways, afraid to look at Eudy. How did he find out that we were playing such a retarded game?!

Snowball began spitting on Cillin’s blade pitifully as it was watched closely by Cillin. Snowball checked out Cillin’s expression every time it made a spit. It was ready to clutch its head and escape the second Cillin showed even a bit of anger. However, Cillin really didn’t look like he was angry, so the white fatso spat more and more vigorously on the blade.

The rest of the team didn’t understand what Cillin was doing. It was only when Eudy had pointed at the differentiating transformed human Snowball had taken a bite from that they finally understood what was going on.

The transformed human that had been bitten by Snowball still hadn’t regrown into full form even now. The part where Snowball had taken a bite from especially hadn’t changed at all.

These transformed humans were capable of differentiating into new entities quickly even if they were cut in half, so why was there a bite mark on that transformed human’s body? Moreover, it didn’t look like it was recovering any time soon. It would appear that the reason this clone couldn’t differentiate into a new entity was Snowball.

Cillin had checked out the transformed humans the gray cat had taken a bite from too. Although the gray cat’s bite was showing some inhibitive effects too, it was not nearly as effective as Snowball’s.

Snowball didn’t have a poison sac like snakes do, so this meant that the inhibitors probably existed in Snowball’s saliva. That was why Cillin had told Snowball to spit on its blade.

Once his wrist blade was completely covered in Snowball’s saliva, Cillin adjusted his equipment and charged into the fray alone. Like lightning, he cut a transformed human who was battling a Lovage in half swifty before withdrawing from the battlefield. He didn’t stay to fight.

The group observed the transformed human who was cut in half by Cillin. Unlike the transformed human that was cut at the beginning of the battle, this decapitated transformed human hadn’t started differentiating and recovering immediately. The two halves of the body was shuddering, and the cut section hadn’t formed any callus whatsoever. In fact, the greenish, seemingly coagulated blood that previously clung tightly to the flesh slowly melted and seeped out of the wound.

Everyone’s mouth turned into an ‘O’ shape before they turned to look at Snowball with sparkling eyes in unison.

Snowball shrank into Tang Qiuqiu’s lap once, then once more.

Cary grabbed his own big blade, ran and stopped in front of Snowball, “Spit on my blade, Snowball!”

Once Cillin had taken down a few more transformed humans and confirmed its effectiveness, he withdrew from the battlefield and told the observing Sigma, “Please tell the Lovages that we’ll help cut down some of these transformed humans later. All they need to do is to provide us cover and eat those transformed humans. The faster they could eat, the better.”

Everyone knew that Sigma could communicate with the Lovages, not to mention that Sigma was the controller who injected their chips. Therefore, he had given Sigma the task to communicate and discuss their movements with the Lovages.

Sigma assured Cillin that he would complete its mission after listening to Cillin’s brief explanation.

“Are you guys ready?” Cillin asked Cary and the others.

“We’re ready. Rikulab has already taken some saliva samples and went back to the base to research them. He’ll probably have something for us very soon.”

Everyone’s weapon was covered in Snowball’s saliva. Snowball literally spat its mouth dry in order to cover all these weapons in saliva. It had to drink a lot of water to quench the dryness in its mouth.

“Alright,” Cillin made a hand gesture and signalled for the operation to begin.

Everyone raised their blades and charged straight into the battlefield. They had been waiting for this moment after being held back for such a long time.

Cillin observed the battlefield for a moment. There were no problems as long as they could slow down the speed at which the transformed humans were differentiating. The Lovages would be able to eat them before they managed to differentiate into a whole entity.

Now that this problem was solved, Cillin readied himself to investigate another matter.

It was obvious that this attack was premeditated. These transformed humans were specifically developed as human-shaped weapons, and the spaceplane they were on board was targeted the planet the Sixth B Squadron had stationed themselves in. What Cillin wanted to do right now was to investigate who it was that had sent these things to attack them.

The people involved in this plot would definitely have covered and wiped out all traces of their handiwork, but Cillin still wanted to give it a look. If he wasn’t mistaken, that spaceplane would be gone by the time they had taken out all these transformed humans. When that happens, it would be even harder to find clues.

Cillin approached the spaceplane while passing through the Lovages and transformed humans in high speed. His movements were as quick as a flash, and his figure was extremely difficult to catch.

The holes on the spaceplane where the round capsules were discharged from had been sealed tight, and there were no gaps of entry that could be found whatsoever. After circling around the spaceplane one time, Cillin summoned the gray cat who was happily biting every transformed human it could reach to his side.

“What is it?” The gray cat lifted its mouth, crouched in front of Cillin and licked its paws.

“Try opening up the door, and make sure that its system doesn’t detect any traces of hacking.”

The gray cat paced back and forth for two steps before it crouched at a particular spot of the spaceplane. Characters began to flash before the gray cat’s eyes.

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