SRH Chapter 212 [Part 1]

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Chapter 212: Everything Has a Weakness [Part 1]

“Fall back, fall back!”

Cillin led his teammates and fell back for a short distance, leaving the battlefield to the angry, charging Lovages. If they continued to stay at the same place, these excited Lovages were absolutely going to injure them by accident.

Cillin calculated the Lovages’ number for a moment. The ratio of adult Lovages to those transformed humans were almost two to one. It meant that almost every transformed human had to fend off two Lovages on their own.

Physically speaking, the transformed humans were sturdier than the Lovages. However, none of them had witnessed the Lovages’ true strength yet, so they couldn’t say for sure.

Cillin never understood why the Lovages had so many nippers on their body, and huge ones no less. Most of the animals he saw only had one pair of nippers, which was why he thought that it was a little strange but couldn’t figure out why they had so much when he saw the Lovages for the first time.

But now, Cillin finally understood why these Lovages had so many big nippers.

The charging Lovages hadn’t swung its nippers around like what Cillin normally saw from other insects. Instead, it suddenly moved three pairs of large nippers when it approached those transformed humans, twisted the joints of the nippers in a bizarre manner, and connected them together to form a round-shaped shield.


The transformed human flew far, far away as if it had been rammed by a speeding tank.

Everyone standing outside the battlefield looked a little stunned by this scene.

“Is… is this how they fight?” Cary gulped. If they were ran into like this their bodies were absolutely going to fall apart.

The Lovages didn’t stop and continued to charge after they sent the transformed humans flying. They knew that their enemies weren’t that weak.

The transformed humans stood up after they landed, and their twisted bodies quickly returned to normal. They seemed to be enraged by the Lovages’ attacks and had charged towards them while roaring. However, they seemed to have learned from their lesson and didn’t charge straight into the Lovages like before. Instead, they suddenly jumped into the air and attacked the Lovages from above just when they were about to run into that nipper-made round shield again.

The Lovages’ reaction towards the transformed humans’ attacks could only be described as swift.

Cillin watched as a Lovage beast split out a nipper and swiftly trapped a transformed human’s elbow with it. Then, it slammed the transformed human fiercely on the ground again and again. Slap! Slap! Slap!… It sounded like someone was slapping a fish on the ground.

Cary and the others were stunned yet again.

Despite the transformed human’s size, it would appear that the Lovages had no difficulty in slamming them repeatedly on the ground at all. Appearances could be deceiving.

Ants were one such example. They were incredibly tiny, but they could lift objects that were 400 times heavier than they were, and drag objects that were 1,700 times heavier than they were across a surface. This was just the capability of a normal ant too. A genetically modified ant was several times stronger than that. Cillin suspected that a relevant gene in the Lovages’ bodies had given them a similar ability.

Cillin and his group continued to observe the battlefield. The Lovages’ offensive power was definitely not to be underestimated, and they appeared to be have the upper hand in every regard even without counting their numbers advantage.

Any nippers that a transformed human had forcefully torn off a Lovage’s body would quickly regrow. The same went with any transformed human’s arm that was cut off by a Lovage.

“Monsters x monsters. They’re truly a perfect fit with each other,” Cary sighed.

“Hey, why don’t we make a bet and on how long the Lovage guardian beasts would take to take out all these transformed humans?” Xiao Shang put his gun on his shoulder and looked at Cary.

“Sure,” Cary observed the battlefield for a moment before showing two fingers, “Twenty minutes. I bet that they can take care of these pests in twenty minutes’ time.”

Xiao Shang shook his head and extended three fingers, “Twenty minutes is too short considering how unbelievably strong these transformed human’s recovery abilities are. I think they’ll take at least thirty minutes to deal with all of them. There’s no way they can settle this in twenty minutes.”

Cary looked at Cillin, “Hey LC, do you want to make a bet too?”

Cillin didn’t answer Cary’s question immediately. Instead, he turned around and took out a ultra-low temperature freeze gun from a weapons cache.

“What’s that for?” Cary asked in puzzlement.

“Something’s not quite right,” Cillin pointed at a transformed human that had been cut into three pieces by a Lovage.

The transformed human was cut at the shoulder, torso and beneath the waist. However, the flesh on the cut section of the transformed human quickly contracted while the Lovage was moving onto the next target. Part of its muscle tissues had dissolved to form new cell masses at tremendous speed, and part of the cells in the blood had also gathered onto the cut section and turned into special calluses. Then, these three decapitated masses transformed into three independent bodies that looked exactly the same as the decapitated transformed human from earlier.

The scene was reenacted. The only difference was that Cillin’s transformed human was cut in half several minutes before, while this transformed human was cut into three pieces.


Cary and Xiao Shang withdrew their earlier opinions. If every transformed human could regrow into several independent clones every time they were cut into several pieces, then how on earth were they going to win this fight?

Do they need to blast them into bits to kill them?

Cillin fired his freeze gun at a transformed human.

The transformed human who was shot by the freeze gun swiftly became covered in ice while it was in the middle of a battle against a Lovage. However, unlike a normal human being this transformed human wasn’t completely frozen in ice. It could still move, just a lot slower than it used to. Moreover, every movement it made would cause some frozen bits to fall off its body.

The freeze gun only managed to freeze their skin, and the frozen bits falling off its body were just part of its outer skin. Once these frozen outer skin had been shaken off its body, the transformed human regained its former mobility.

Imagine just how painful it would be for a normal human being to have their skin peeled off their body inch by inch.

However, these transformed humans couldn’t seem to feel any pain at all. There was only numbness and murder present in their eyes.

But Cillin wasn’t testing to see if they could feel pain or any other sensation.

The Lovages’ hunting ritual was to take down their enemies, kill them, then come back later to consume them. They would also feed the dead corpses of their enemies to the little Lovages. At first, they were planning to cut these invaders into pieces before feeding them to their newborn. However, the invaders had regenerated to full form just as they turned away to fight another enemy!

The Lovages’ fury climbed to a new level.

A transformed human who was suddenly slowed by a freeze beam was cut into a dozen or so pieces by an especially furious Lovage.

However, the same thing happened yet again.

These flesh chunks started regenerating into full clones again. It was just that they took a longer period to regenerate themselves compared to the transformed humans who were cut into two or three pieces.

Cillin raised his freeze gun once more and fired multiple times at the same target.

The transformed human who was shot multiple times by the freeze beams was slowed down massively, and it was shot by Cillin just before it could jump out of the way from a Lovage’s shield charge.


The frozen transformed human was struck head on and shattered into many palm-sized flesh bits.

Cary and everyone else couldn’t help but shudder all over when they saw this.

The bloody flesh bits were stepped all over by the fighting crowd of transformed human and Lovages. In the end, they almost turned into a meat pulp.

“I guess there’s no way it could come back from th…”

Before Cary could finish, several bulges swelled from the floor of meat pulp and grew bigger and bigger. The meat pulp itself was vanishing slowly, however.

“F*ck! What the hell are those things?!” Cary swore.

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