SRH Chapter 211 [Part 2]

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Chapter 211: Outsiders! Red Alert! [Part 2]

Cary and the others ceased their playing around and turned serious. Cillin wasn’t someone who easily spouted the word ‘red alert’, and if he did then their target was certain to be very dangerous.

Upon receiving Cillin’s transmission, Shawton asked how he came to the conclusion. Cillin simply said that it was a feeling.

Although he didn’t understand why Cillin had said so, Shawton ultimately laid down the order for red alert to all teams.

It was too late to destroy that spaceplane, for its destruction would affect the satellites orbiting outside the planet. It might also affect the rank B environment of the planet considering how close it was. Red alert was the only choice.

“Red alert? Are you serious? Didn’t they say that it’s just a small spaceplane? Is it really that dangerous?” Some team members were complaining after they heard the order. Red alert was no joke, after all.

By now the spaceplane had passed through the atmosphere and crashed at a location not far away from the base.

The grounded men were already waiting not far from its predicted crash site. There were also fighters flying around the sky too. Udoze’s hands were sweaty, but his controls were as steady as ever.

This is red alert.


The spaceplane crashed and dug a deep pit on the ground. A large majority of the spaceplane was destroyed.

The team members who wanted to rush forwards to take a look were stopped. They would’ve checked out the situation if their orders weren’t red alert, but it was, so they couldn’t afford such careless movements.

Creak—— Qi——

There was the sound of an opening hatch, but everyone could see from the satellites orbiting in space and the observers suspended around the pit could see that that wasn’t the case. Eight holes had appeared around the spaceplane instead of the hatch they imagined.

The spaceplane had no emblems, stamps or serial codes that could represent their identity. No one knew who this spaceplane belonged to.

The spaceplane’s SOS signal was still active, but no one showed any intentions of responding to it. As a Hunter, they had lived through too many situations. They wouldn’t let down their guard simply because the other party was calling for help.


Eight cylindrical pods were ejected out of the spaceplane towards a different direction each. Each pod was only big enough to fit an average human being. About half of the pod was transparent, so everyone could see through the transparent walls that there were people stored inside the pod. There were men, women, the young and the elderly. They all looked like normal people; normal human beings.

Another eight pods were ejected before the first eight had landed on the ground.

The cylindrical pods were ejected again and again. Some landed on the ground directly, while others had opened parachutes in mid air. But it would take them at least two minutes to land on the ground considering how slow they were descending. They were the fighters’ main targets.

Lying behind Sigma’s back, Snowball suddenly experienced a sense of anxiety and anger. A sense of familiarity and strong disgust made it feel like charging into the fray and kill those human beings.

Snowball wasn’t the only one, as Scarlet Wind was feeling the same thing too. He couldn’t help the threatening low growl that came out of its throat.

Cillin motioned for everyone to be on high alert with his eyes after noticing the duo’s reactions.

The pod closest to Cillin’s group stood vertical on the ground. Through the transparent walls, they could see a woman about 20 years old lying inside the pod. She wore a knee-length skirt, and she had excellent figure and white skin. Her eyes were closed, and her long eyebrows drew the impulse to touch it.

A team members gulped. F*ck, what a deadly weapon!

There were some other vertically standing pods like this one around the area. There were at least ten pods standing before every team, and there were even more scattered at some farther places. Some of the pods had very cute-looking kids. They had pink colored faces and innocent faces even when their eyes were closed just like how Tang Qiuqiu looked when Cillin first met her.

The uneasiness inside Cillin’s heart grew stronger and stronger. A connection had been made in his mind.

The hatches of these pods were obviously reinforced, or they would’ve at least suffered some damage upon impact otherwise.

Cillin opened fire in succession the second the hatches of the pods had came open. All the human beings who had emerged from the pods nearby had taken a bullet to their glabella immediately. That beautiful woman was one of them.

At first, everyone was confused by Cillin’s quick action. Wasn’t it a little too impulsive? But that confusion quickly turned into fright that made one’s hair stand on end.

The people shot by Cillin were bleeding, by their bleeding speed was different from what you would expect from a shot person. In fact, only a bit of blood had bled out of their glabellas, and none of them had collapsed from the shot. They were all standing firmly on their feet.

“What’s going…”

Before Cary could finish, those ‘people’ opened their eyes almost at the same time. Their eyes were spiritless and unfocused.

The team members felt a chill blowing into their faces, and they began firing without any hesitation whatsoever.

However, those people began to transform when they were shooting at them.

They began to grow taller and bigger. They swelled until their skin cracked under pressure, but before blood could drip off their swollen bodies a new layer of skin had enveloped them whole. This new skin looked pale white and bloodless.

What was a beautiful woman before had transformed into a savage looking monster. Every nerve in its body wriggled at high speed while more and more pale white blood vessels appeared on its fair-colored arms. Its arms thickened, and its slim fingers turned into claws that resembled that of an eagle’s. They were covered in vein lines too.

The flesh and blood that were shot off these monsters’ bodies hadn’t affected their sudden transformation. In fact, their blood lust seemed to have been triggered by these shots as they let out a scary roar and charged towards Cillin.

For every step they took, the team could feel an obvious tremor across the ground. Although these transformed monsters were incredibly huge, their movements were so swift that they could dodge gunshots.

This was just the situation on the ground. The ‘people’ who had walked out of their parachuted pods had also begun transforming while they were falling to the ground. Bat-like wings appeared from their backs, but unlike the single layer of a bat’s wings, their wings were much thicker. Every time they flapped their wings they were able to swiftly alter the air flow, enabling them to fly agilely in the air and avoid the fighters’ attacks.

Udoze was piloting a fighter and attacking a transformed human, but it possessed not only high agility but also a great intuition for danger. It was very difficult to lock them down. Their long claws easily cut deep marks on a fighter’s exterior, forcing them to keep their distance from the transformed humans while attacking them at the same time.

A team member’s fighter was caught by a transformed human’s long tongue, and the saliva on the tongue was apparently very corrosive as it ate into the fighter’s wing. If Udoze hadn’t shot the tongue in half in time, that fighter would’ve lost one third of its wings and find its ability to fly affected. The fighter would’ve been in great danger.

The transformed human shot by Udoze opened its mouth and yelled loudly. Its snapped tongue was swiftly regenerating itself, but the saliva scattered while it was swinging its tongue accidentally landed on another passing fighter and caused two holes to appear on its wings.

The air battle wasn’t going smoothly, and the ground battle wasn’t going well too.

These obviously biologically engineered ‘humans’ wouldn’t die even after their heads were shot. It no doubt made their situation even more precarious.

These monsters were literally human-shaped bioweapons. This attack was absolutely premeditated!

Cillin took out a bow-like object. This weapon was installed with an energy stone the size of a child’s fist. He aimed the weapon at the foremost transformed human and pressed a button.


An arc beam flew towards the transformed human and cut it in half directly.

What was strange was that the decapitated monster didn’t bleed all that much. Its greenish blood clung to its flesh like they had congealed instantly.

What frightened the crowd was that both halves of the decapitated monster had began to transform, regenerate, grow, and finally transform into two complete entities.

This meant that the decapitating these monsters would only double its number like a certain kind of animal!

It was no use! Cutting them in half was no use!!

What the hell was going on?

Cary shouldered a bazooka and attempted to blast these monsters to pieces in one go, but their extremely strong intuition gave Cary no opportunity to lock them down at all. They had already dodged out of the way the moment Cary pointed the bazooka at their direction.

“F*ck, these things are too f*cking fast!* Cary fired once but failed to scratch even the transformed human’s skin. He couldn’t help but swear.

“What do we do, LC?!” Someone asked.

They had already taken out excitation laser blades. Of course they weren’t afraid of fighting at close range, but the monster’s doubling trick just now had them hesitating a little. Would these things turn into five entities if they were cut into five pieces? No one could say for sure.

That was why they had fallen into a difficult situation right now; a situation in which they weren’t sure what to do.

The time of contact was too short, and Cillin wasn’t able to analyse and figure out in a short time why these things had such ridiculous abilities. Did they seriously have to grind them into a pulp to kill them?

Cillin had just thought up to this point when a long, sharp howl resounded from the base’s direction.


The cry was far sharper than the time Cillin had heard it the first time. It was so sharp that their eardrums could burst from the high pitch.

The beings who were the angriest at the bioweapons’ invasion wasn’t the Sixth B Squadron, but the Lovage guardian beasts. Their duty was to protect the base, and these new arrivals had without a doubt struck their bottom line.


Another sharp howl appeared.

One after another, the Lovages appeared from the ground and from the air. Behind them, the smaller second generation Lovages excitedly swung their nippers amidst the adult Lovages.

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