SRH Chapter 204 [Part 1]

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Chapter 204: Look! It’s That Ghost Something Butterfly Dude Who Owe Us Money! [Part 1]

Thanks to Cillin’s actions, the project had taken a big leap forwards.

Only a small part of this humongous, hemisphere-shaped machine had ‘blossomed’ like a flower bud, but this one tiny revelation was enough for the crowd to figure out a rough direction.

Naturally, these GAL Research Institute scholars all had great observational abilities. After the big machine had moved, the elderly scholars quickly formulated the next few steps to take from the data they had gathered earlier.

The elderly scholars weren’t able to stop Cillin from handling the machine in time earlier. Although his action turned out to be of great significance, this project was too important to allow any missteps. Therefore, Cillin was no longer allowed to fiddle with the machine as he wished.

Under the guidance of these few authoritative figures, these direct disciples all worked hard to present their best performance so that their masters would look good.

The elderly scholars who were supervising and instructing their disciples nodded repeatedly in satisfaction at their disciple’s performance. They all thought that their disciple was the best among all others.

Every engineering technician who went to work personally had their own assigned tasks, and the areas they were responsible for were all recorded in the database. There were special security cameras that monitored their work from not far away, and they could identify the person responsible for a certain area immediately if a problem were to arise. Although these disciples were the ones who worked, the final responsibility fell on their masters because they were the ones who performed the final inspection. If any problems were to arise after that, the military wouldn’t admit their fault even if their instruments showed that everything was fine. The responsibility and blame would still fall on said authoritative figure. This was one thing Mo Heng very much disliked about their behavior.

Cillin slowly walked over while the elderly scholars were chatting.

Mo Heng glanced at him once and felt his mouth growing wider and wider. He did his best to put on a serious expression and asked, “Are you done?”

Cillin gave him a simple and honest smile, “I’m done. Do you want to inspect it, master?”

“Ahem, of course I’m going to inspect it. Say, if the reason you’re done so quickly is because you cut corners here and there, I won’t forgive you for any problems that arise from it!”

Mo Heng’s words might sound strict on the surface, how could the present elderly scholars not notice the pleased tone in his voice?

Moreover, the first person to finish their task was Mo Heng’s precious disciple. They were tired with researching anyway, so this was a good opportunity to check out his disciple’s abilities.

Mo Heng didn’t stop them. In fact, he look extremely gladdened by their presence. He put his hands behind his back and strolled all the way to Cillin’s work without needing Cillin to support him.

The elderly scholars behind him curled their lips in unison: would you look at his smug face!

When they arrived at the area Cillin was responsible for, they only needed one glance to identify that it was absolutely the handiwork of a great professional. It could even be rated as perfect.

The connection of the parts, the linking of various circuits, and the positioning, installation and arrangement of all sorts of small instruments were done so well that not even the elderly scholars dared to say that they could do better than Cillin.

In reality, Cillin was done with his task since a long time ago. He had even taken the time to research the humongous machine completely. It was just that the amount of things he could research was limited because only the preliminary work had been done so far. That was why he had gotten bored and gotten up to report to Mo Heng. If only the elderly scholars knew about the truth.

When they inspected Cillin’s handiwork thoroughly with the military’s instrument, they confirmed that it was indeed of first-rate quality.

This time Mo Heng’s tail stood so tall that it could practically take him to the sky.

Seeing that the elderly scholars were quiet and unable to find any flaws in Cillin’s work to criticise at, Mo Heng grinned, waved his hands and purposely spoke to Cillin in a dismissive tone, “Alright, alright. Don’t think that you’re done just because you finished your part of the project. Massage my legs later when we get back to our seats. We’ll also take the opportunity to test you on the homework I gave you recently.”

Recent homework? Like hell you have any homework recently!

Cillin rolled his eyes inwardly at Mo Heng’s words, but he knew very well that Mo Heng liked to show off. After Mo Heng had lay down on his recliner, he obediently massaged his legs as ordered.

A person’s age was reflected on their legs and feet first. Some old people could run like the wind, and some could only limp along slowly despite sharing the same age and genotype. Moreover, a person’s legs and knee joints had to support the entire body’s weight. It was only a matter of time before they eventually wore down, severely affecting the joints’ activity. As a person grew older and older, so would their joints’ degree of abrasion.

Even someone like Mo Heng who enjoyed a great deal of fame during his prime had no choice but to acquiesce to old age. The occupational diseases of this profession was extremely obvious. Hands aside, their legs would be stressed quite a bit if they lost themselves in their work. His leg muscles would often cramp up and atrophy over time.

Back at Seven Lights, Cillin would massage Mo Heng’s legs from time to time. Even now Mo Heng thought that Cillin’s massage was better than a body health machine.

“Ah, these legs feel so much better every time they’re massaged. The blood vessels are unblocked, and the the muscle’s aches and lack of strength are gone quite a bit.” Mo Heng sighed comfortably.

The elderly scholars who just made their way back to their seats outright pretended that they hadn’t heard anything.

Show off all you want! We’ll just pretend you hadn’t said anything!

Cillin massaged Mo Heng’s legs for a long time before the rest of the disciples were finally done with their work. This was because the project was so important that a lot of people were willing to slow down just to make sure that every step of the work were done to perfection. But even then the elderly scholars had to admit that the quality of their work was still some distances away from Cillin’s.

In reality, they had all performed very well already. In fact, they were overperforming. It just wasn’t that obvious when Cillin was used as the comparison.

There was a clear gap in skill, but overall speaking the quality of their work was still first-rate.


“Ready!” Someone made a hand gesture from the other side.

“Alright, the countdown will begin in five! Four! Three! Two! One! Connect!”

As the elderly scholar at the helm of the team lay down the order, this step of the project came to life as energies became connected and each area’s projects began showing their effects.

The partially opened hemispherical object at the top of the humongous machine began to transform.

This gigantic ‘flower bud’ opened up a great degree once more and underwent a change in appearance too. It revealed some machines that looked very much like the control panels everyone was familiar with.

The first step is always the hardest, and now the hardest part of the project was finally over. The work after this point of the project would be easier and no longer needed their full concentration. They had also made some annotations what one needs to pay attention to during the early stages and how this humongous machine principally worked, so the military’s internal division should be able to handle it perfectly once they took over.

Originally, there were people within the military who wanted Mo Heng to participate in the latter part of the project, but he had turned down their offer. He had no intentions of getting involved with the military’s internal matters because any problems that might arise would affect Mo Qing too. Mo Heng considered far into the future when he looked at things, and he was extremely decisive too. He wouldn’t hesitate to cut off what needs to be cut off immediately.

After working for more than half a day, Mo Heng himself was tired. Although he wanted to talk with Cillin for a little while longer, Cillin had turned him down for the sake of his health. He told Mo Heng to rest well since he hadn’t gotten any good rest ever since he accepted the invitation to come to this planet and work on this project. A person should work hard when they were young, just as they shouldn’t when they were old.

After Cillin had promised Mo Heng repeatedly that he wouldn’t go missing without reason this time, Mo Heng finally granted Cillin a favor and set him free. In reality though, Mo Heng was just feeling very, very good today for being able to hold his head high and show off all he wanted. His mouth was curled upwards even when he was asleep.

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