SRH Chapter 203 [Part 2]

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Chapter 203: I’m Old, So My Disciple Shall Work on My Behalf [Part 2]

The fully assembled robot snake didn’t look like a robot snake at all. The final product of the assembly looked exactly the same as the real thing due to the special quality of the materials and the level of precision of the parts. The little snake crawled up Cillin’s arm nimbly and looked at Mo Heng’s group with its flat, triangular head, sticking out its forked tongue.

Mo Heng swallowed his saliva. The moment Cillin stopped moving, Mo Heng’s mind was removed completely from the little snake. He didn’t need to check the scanner to know with 100% certainty that the its completion quality was of high grade.

Mo Heng looked sideways at the data displayed on the light screen. One of the columns had listed a series of numbers.

Cillin’s assembly had reached the theoretical value of 99.98%, but during the last 3 steps he had successfully achieved and maintained an overall accuracy of 99.99%.

Mo Heng was so excited that his entire face was red through and through. He attempted to speak, but couldn’t utter a word out of his trembling mouth at all. He had completely forgotten to exhale after he sucked in a deep breath.

“Deep breaths, master, deep breaths! Don’t forget to exhale!” Cillin hurriedly reminded him.

Mo Heng abruptly stood up, “Y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-you…”

Mo Heng immediately pulled Cillin’s cheeks, but couldn’t utter anything but a ‘you’ even after a long time. His breathing was so rapid that the two rear admirals and Solic were afraid that the old man would suffer a stroke or something.

“Breath, master. Deep breaths. Just relax.” Cillin said.

Relax my ass!” Mo Heng practically shouted.

Solic’s mouth twitched erratically at the outburst. Was this how a proud four star scholar supposed to act?

Mo Heng released Cillin’s face and began pacing in circles, causing everyone to stare at him in confusion and puzzlement. What was going on with Elder Mo?

While Cillin was still thinking, Mo Heng suddenly paused his footsteps and pointed at Cillin, “Come with me later to that planet. I have a mission for you!”

Once Elder Mo declares something, no one could persuade him to think otherwise. That was why the two rear admirals didn’t even bother to try.

If Mo Heng wished to bring Cillin to that planet right now, then he must first obtain the permission and endorsement of certain people in the military. Naturally, Elder Mo himself would be contacting the right people for the task, so all they need to do was to continue as usual and protect him.

Mo Heng was a man of action. Upon making the decision, he immediately instructed Cillin to pack his stuff and bring any tools he deemed handy along for the trip. Of course, by handy tools he meant tools that were relevant to assembly and not dangerous items such as guns. Once Mo Heng was done speaking, he immediately whipped out his communicator and called a couple of people.

Solic was dumbstruck by the entire turn of events. He wasn’t a part of that circle, and so he didn’t know what an overall accuracy of 99.99% truly meant. Even if he did know a little something, he wouldn’t understand what kind of meaning this number hold to people like Mo Heng. That was why he couldn’t understand Mo Heng’s current feelings.

Mo Heng went into a side room to make his calls. Cillin made a secret signal while he was gathering and inspecting his tools, causing Czedow’s eyes to flash once in response. Czedow had been monitoring the security cameras all this time, and he understood that Cillin was telling him to remove what happened in the workshop just now from the records. But while he did delete this segment of the footage as Cillin had requested, the memory was still inside Czedow’s memory bank, and it would stay that way unless he performed a forced deletion. At the same time, Czedow’s eyes turned very strange as his fingers began to move in tiny motions. If Cillin was present, he would know that Czedow’s fingers were moving at the exact same frequency as his own fingers when he was assembling earlier. It’s just that Czedow’s movements weren’t as big as Cillin’s just now.

After Mo Heng was done making his calls, he gestured his chin at Cillin and said, “Let’s go!”

Solic was familiar with Mo Heng’s character, and so he didn’t pay Mo Heng’s disregard of him any heed. Instead, he cast a glance at Cillin and said, “Be careful, and contact us if you need anything.”

Cillin nodded and left with Mo Heng.

Ci Jincheng was one of the invited GAL researchers who were invited for this mission. That was why he had left together with Cillin and Mo Heng.

Czedow and the gray cat didn’t follow them. Forget whether the military would even accept beings like them into the planet in the first place, if the duo were to expose themselves before the scholars of the GAL Research Institute, then god knows how much it would take for them to get away. After all, they were both too special.

During the time they travelled from the planetoid to the planet, Mo Heng briefly explained to Cillin his so-called ‘mission’.

There were many GAL Research Institute scholars who were invited this time, and they were all rather influential people who had made plenty of contributions in various academic disciplines. Right now, they were working and conducting researches at different places.

There were a total of 16 engineering experts like Mo Heng. These people were currently dealing with a hill of machinery.

Due to the age of some of the veteran scholars who were invited, they couldn’t always work all the time. They had to rest to regain their strength after a period of working, and during this rest period they would supervise and instruct others to work on their behalf.

These extra pair of hands they brought with them were their prized students. While researching this humongous machine, they were also using the opportunity to instruct their disciples. Since Mo Heng didn’t bring a disciple with him when he came to this planet, he wasn’t able to avoid his “enemies’ ’’ shit talking. That was why Mo Heng had pelted Cillin with a torrent of scolding the moment he saw him. It was all to vent the frustration he had accumulated inside his heart.

However, Mo Heng had returned from his trip, and this time the arrogant bearing in which he carried himself in when he descended the spaceplane quite surprised his colleagues.

Cillin was following next to Mo Heng and carrying an unimpressive-looking toolbox with him. He also looked rather average and much like a guy who simply ran errands. But anyone who knew Mo Heng would know that he would never let a normal errand runner stand beside him. Even the guy who helped carry Mo Heng’s case earlier was at the rank of a rear admiral.

Mo Heng slowly strolled over while keeping his hands behind his back. He stood next to those old scholars, looked at the humongous machine and lifted his chin at it, “Cillin, go.”

Cillin felt a little stomachache when he heard this. Why did he sound like he’s locking the doors and unleashing his dog?

The old scholars sitting at the side and resting let out exclamations of astonishment, and another elderly four star scholar yelled while thumping his own legs, “Who is he, Gangster Mo? You should know that non-related people aren’t allowed into this place.”

Of course, everyone present in this place had been endorsed earlier and thus were not unrelated people. Everyone understood that the old man had simply wanted to choke Mo Heng a little.

But Mo Heng didn’t turn stiff like he used to in the past. Instead, he put on an unperturbed mask and said, “Sigh, I’m an old man already. I can’t move like I used to anymore. So my disciple shall work on my behalf.”

His words surprised the elderly scholars to no end.

Again, it was that old man who fired the first question, “Since when did you have a disciple, gangster Mo?”

Mo Heng lifted his head slightly and looked to the ceiling, saying, “I have had a disciple for a very, very long time…”

The hand Cillin used to carry his toolbox shook when he heard Elder Mo’s painstaking efforts to make his proud sigh sound bitter. He almost sounded like he had gone through a world of hardships to obtain a disciple!

The elderly scholars all curled their lips in dissatisfaction. Let’s see how long you can keep up the act.

This was the first time Mo Heng presented his disciple before these leading scholars of current times, so they had all diverted at least a part of their attention onto Cillin. Forget that Mo Heng’s mysterious disciple had popped out of nowhere, he looked so young that they couldn’t trust in his abilities.

Cillin didn’t act immediately after he had gone over. Instead, he put down the toolbox and circled around this humongous machine once. His movements drew the attention of the other disciples who were busy working on their stuff.

An old scholar’s face immediately darkened when he noticed that his own disciple had been distracted by the old gangster’s disciple. He roared, “Pay attention to your own work. What are you doing looking at someone else!!”

Mo Heng’s eyes slid sideways, “Sigh. Some people are just born to draw other people’s attention.”

The elderly scholars who were sitting and resting in that area decided to filter out Mo Heng’s words directly from their brains. They also stopped paying attention to Cillin. In the end, if Cillin couldn’t produce any results then all of Mo Heng’s actions would just backfire on himself. Facts speak louder than words. Let’s see how long it’d take before that smug look on that old gangster’s face is wiped off!

Cillin paid no attention to other people’s thoughts. After circling around the huge hemisphere machine once, he frowned and thought to himself for a while. The gray cat once said that machines had their own unique language, and he should ‘listen’ to know what kind of message they were trying to express.

This machine was huge, complicated, and capable of blocking scanners. No one knew what the machine’s principles and rough structure was, which was why they didn’t dare to work on it carelessly. Despite the fact that a dozen or so scholars had personally attended to the machine, they had not made any real progress at all. These people might be veterans when it came to assembly, but their understanding of machine language was incomparable to Cillin’s. They wouldn’t even think of it in the first place.

Cillin carefully opened his senses to the miniscule non-human activity around the area. There weren’t even much plants around the area, so these miniscule activities in the surroundings he was sensing should have originated from this large machine.

After the chip had been further activated, Cililn’s ability to ‘hear’ the machine language had improved by a lot. As his mind slowly subsided, he could gradually hear some a series of intermittent ‘speeches’ from the machine.

In Cillin’s mind, he could see many floating round shaped objects circulating around this humongous machine.

After looking at the movement and trajectory of these round shaped objects, Cillin walked to a corner around the machine. The place Cillin was searching for was almost ten meters away from the ground, so he extended a hoverboard and flew up to the spot. Then, he pressed downward with his palm.

“Hey! You can’t touch that carelessly!!” An elderly scholar shouted in fluster and exasperation. Hasty; youngsters are just too hasty. And why is Mo Heng not stopping him? A person who works too hastily is eventually going to screw up! This guy still needs to improve himself!

But the elderly scholar had just finished saying this when a few small ‘petals’ suddenly opened up at a certain angle at the top of the humongous hemisphere machine. It looked like a flower that had just blossomed.

Mo Heng was so excited he slapped his thigh and yelled, “Heh, look, it moved!”

The elderly scholars all rolled their eyes at him in unison. Anyone who wasn’t blind could see that!

They had to admit that Mo Heng’s mysterious disciple was capable, however. Whether it was a coincidence or not, he had triggered a crucial point on the machine. It was as exciting as finding a shortcut through a dungeon.

But when the scholars turned around and saw Mo Heng looking so pleased that he lost all sense of measure, they couldn’t help but want to remind him: Mo, we can see that your tail is pointing straight at the sky. Now would you please control yourself!

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