SRH Chapter 203 [Part 1]

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Translator’s Notes: I didn’t even realize ‘a gentleman is simply a patient wolf’ it’s apparently a famous quote or something.

Chapter 203: I’m Old, So My Disciple Shall Work on My Behalf [Part 1]

Mo Heng’s shout aroused every bit of curiosity from the Sixth B Squadron and Third B Squadron members resting in their rooms next door. They were either poking out their heads in curiosity or sneakily checking the security cameras from inside their rooms.

Some of the lieutenant commander recognised Solic. This discovery made them even more confused as they wondered who on earth was the person whom Solic himself was willing to accompany and walk with in patience.

Elder Mo had taken two people with him. They were both from the military, and there was another squad of soldiers standing by at the reception point. Every single one of these soldiers was at least a major, and the soldiers accompanying Mo Heng were rear admirals. They were all there to protect Mo Heng, so one could see just how influential Mo Heng was inside the army.

However, Solic was the only one who knew about this. The Sixth B Squadron and the Third B Squadron had no idea exactly who these bodyguards were since they neither wore a military uniform nor wore a badge. From their movements they knew that they were from the army, but they were unaware of their military ranking.

Cillin hastily exited the room when he heard Mo Heng’s voice.

It had been a few years since he saw Elder Mo, and if he were to be honest he did miss him a lot. He had only watched some of Elder Mo’s pictures in some electronic publications of high contributions, but that side of Elder Mo was the side he wanted to show to the public. Only those who were close to him would know of this other side of Elder Mo, such as now.

After Cillin had come out of his room, Mo Heng examined him from head to toe. He knew of Cillin’s latest appearance already, but he still couldn’t help but exclaim inwardly when they met in person: look how dumb-looking he is right now!

Elder Mo decided to show mercy and didn’t do it before everyone’s eyes.

“Let’s go inside and talk.” Mo Heng put his hands behind his back and walked into the room immediately with a stiff look.

“Please!” Cillin let out a sigh of relief. If Mo Heng were to pull his cheeks right now his prestige would crash all the way to the floor.

The fact that Mo Heng had put on a stiff expression meant that he wasn’t really angry at him. On the contrary, Elder Mo must be plotting a certain scheme inside his head. This was Cillin’s guess based on his understanding of Mo Heng.

As expected, Mo Heng stretched out his hands from behind his back and tugged at Cillin’s face the second they went inside the room.

Not far away, the gray cat crouching on top of the cabinet not far away felt its jaw drop. Oh my god, this old fellow is even more brutal than that Ci guy! I can’t believe he’s pulling his cheeks!

The two rear admirals following behind Mo Heng felt a tug on their faces. Elder Mo’s bad habit had been triggered yet again. They had both witnessed with their own eyes Elder Mo tugging at their boss and GAL’s famous admiral’s cheeks until his face was all red.

Solic had also followed them into the room, and he was watching the master-disciple interaction with interest too. He had only heard of Cillin from Barthus, Nata and Songba Leruo’s mouths, and this guy was someone that even Ji Feng had praised. For now, he couldn’t figure out why Cillin special was from this close range inspection yet.

“You don’t have a heart, do you?!”

“Yes, yes. If you say so then it must be true.”

“Elder Mo maintained this posture and didn’t release Cillin until he was done scolding him. Even Solic and the two rear admirals felt painful for Cillin as they stared at the red marks on his face.

Spit flew everywhere from Mo Heng’s mouth as he spent the next period of time criticising and scolding Cillin.

When he finally said everything he had been holding inside his heart and churned all the appropriate rebukes, Mo Heng beckoned a rear admiral to bring over a case he had been carrying behind his back carefully. At the same time, he passed over a round-shaped device as well.

Cillin knew that Mo Heng was going to inspect his work just looking at his actions. Cillin hadn’t really checked his overall accuracy with a device for the past few years, but it probably wouldn’t be worse than the last time he did, would it?

Cillin led Mo Heng into a temporary workshop. Ci Jincheng had also followed them to join in the fun. Naturally, the gray cat wouldn’t miss out on a chance like this.

Czedow didn’t need to come over personally from the room next door. He would know what was happening inside through the network and security cameras. He was also responsible for destroying this record after the demonstration was over. These were Cillin’s instructions.

Mo Heng lifted the case over and put it on the table. Then, he carefully took out the pile of parts stored inside the case. They were all rather precise parts. After pressing a button on the round-shaped device, it floated in midair and pointed a scanner at Cillin’s direction. At the same time, a light screen appeared on top of the device and displayed some basic inspection data.

Solic was slightly surprised when he read the data displayed above the device. The pile of parts didn’t look many, but they numbered almost one hundred thousand in total!

No words were necessary. Cillin began working after he spread out the parts and gave them a look.

A rear admiral moved over a chair so that Mo Heng could sit down. Then, everyone’s gazes became absorbed by Cillin’s movements before they knew it.

Every time Cillin assembled, Mo Heng felt like he was watching the work of a precious art. In the past, Mo Heng tried to use a video of Cillin’s assembly as a teaching example, but the video had turned out to be more intimidating than educational. There were just too few people who could perform at Cillin’s level, and it was a level that not even some chief mentors in Seven Lights could achieve.

After Cillin left, all Seven Lights students who had seen that assembly video tried to inquire about the assembler himself. However, all the mentors who knew about the truth kept a tight lip without needing any prior agreement. They simply said that the assembler was a person connected to Mo Heng. To this day, that video was treated as a classic among the Seven Lights students.

He had become more skillful. With his experience, Mo Heng didn’t need to check the device to know that Cillin had most definitely improved. He only needed to move his eyes away from Cillin and check the data on the light screen to confirm his doubts, but he was reluctant to miss even a second of Cillin’s assembly. He had to admit that it was a pleasure to watch Cillin assemble.

Unlike the tension worn by those so-called veteran engineering technicians when they assembled, Cillin’s movements looked very comfortable and as natural as breathing. In reality though, Cillin’s movements were so swift that it was easy to miss out on a certain move. That didn’t disturb the smooth flow of his overall movements, however.

There were all kinds of people of differing experience watching Cillin’s assembly from different angles. It was inevitable that some of them were going to miss out on some moves. However, they were all attracted by Cillin’s movements little by little.

Right now, no one was thinking how Cillin had managed to identify the sequential order of the parts or how he knew they would fit without checking the matching areas. In fact, everyone’s minds were very empty. They had all unconsciously emptied and relaxed their minds as they watched Cillin’s movements. It was as if the only thing that existed in their empty minds were the parts that were slowly taking on a certain form.

Ten minutes later, a finger width robot snake that was half a meter long was fully assembled.

The two rear admirals immediately jolted out of their reverie. They couldn’t believe that they were lost in thought just now! If anyone were to harm Mo Heng just now they wouldn’t have been able to react in time at all!!

Considering the strict trainings they went through and their experience in countless battlefields, this should never have happened to them! Although part of the reason they were entranced so easily was because they believed that Cillin wouldn’t hurt Elder Mo, as bodyguards, they couldn’t deny that they underestimated this Cillin! He was a guy who could punish his enemies for even a bit of carelessness.

They finally understood why Cillin was listed under the A rank list in the military’s secret files.

All the soldiers who were currently following Mo Heng had more or less researched into Cillin. Naturally, they knew a lot of things, especially things about Cillin that many people were unaware of using their militaristic identities and the confidential information Mo Qing supplied them.

Right now, the two rear admirals even wondered: Just how much longer would this Cillin take to enter the S rank list?

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