SRH Chapter 202 [Part 2]

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Translator’s Notes: Ci Jincheng’s appearance wasn’t hard to guess, but I bet none of you thought that Elder Mo would show up too!

Also dem ladies are THIRSTY… XD

Chapter 202: Ci Jincheng and Elder Mo’s Arrival [Part 2]

The A Squadron had constructed a reception point to receive guests, and right now there was a certain someone who was sitting cross legged and holding a cup of tea inside it. A book was spread open on his leg, and the man read while he drank tea.

There were many Vanguard A Squadron members in the surroundings. Of course, none of them had attained Songba Leruo’s level of importance yet. Not everyone in the A Squadron had been promoted from a commander. While these youngsters who were responsible for watching over the reception point were somewhat haughty in the norm, they had all withdrawn their haughtiness in face of the man who was drinking his tea leisurely. Their eyes contained neither goodwill nor malice when they looked at him, but there was definitely a hint of admiration in them. A girl about 16 to 17 years old was discussing with her friends the man drinking his tea.

“Hey, did you see the badge in front of his chest?” a girl said with starstruck eyes.

Another girl said, “How could I not? It practically blinded my eyes, okay!”

“He’s knowledgeable, he’s gentlemanly. Say, he’s only a few years older than us, isn’t he? But he’s a one star scholar already! A one star scholar in GAL Research Institute!! How on earth did he get so smart?”

“That being said, he may not look like the gentleman he appears to be.”

“So what? A gentleman is simply a patient wolf, that’s all!”

A patient wolf, she says… that’s all, she says…

The boys around her rolled their eyes when they heard this, “Hey, can you girls act a little more dignified?”

“And why exactly should we act ‘dignified’ again?” the two girls looked down on them and said scornfully, “It’s not easy to find a target that we’re content with, you know.”

“Hmm, do you think that our child would be just as smart if we mate with a guy like this?”

“I think I heard from somewhere that a child’s intelligence has more to do with their mother…”

“This can’t be! They told me last time that my IQ is almost at a modern ape’s level!”

“Don’t worry, in terms of combat strength, those people are like eggs held in your modern ape-like hands..”

The boys around them were all sweating profusely at the conversation, but when they cast a sideway glance at the man they discovered that he was still sitting there peacefully and looking like he hadn’t caught a single word. They sighed inwardly in admiration, “What amazing willpower!”

Cillin walked into the room while the A Squadron juniors were talking with each other.

When he saw the scholarly man who was sitting there drinking his tea and reading his book, he exclaimed in pleasant surprise, “I didn’t think that you would show up!”

Cillin strode towards him as he spoke.

Ci Jincheng looked up at Cillin, put down his teacup elegantly, closed his book and set it aside. Then, he got up and sent a flying kick at Cillin’s direction.

Everyone: “…”

The word ‘gentleman’ was immediately erased from their brains.

Cillin flew backwards like a rag doll, but he walked over soon after with a chuckle on his face. He gave Ci Jincheng a hug and punched his shoulder once. Then, he pointed at the badge in front of Ci Jincheng and said, “Not bad. You’ve become a scholar.”

Ci Jincheng stared at Cillin’s face expressionlessly. It was as Knight and Lung had told him, “It looks stupid no matter the angle!”

Ci Jincheng patted his trouser legs and said, “Why don’t we go to your place? We have much to talk about!!”

“Of course. You first, scholar Ci!”

Ci Jincheng took two steps, stopped suddenly and said, “Elder Mo is also invited. He’s on that main planet right now.”

Speaking of Elder Mo, Cillin had no idea how to face him. Although they had exchanged encrypted messages for several times, it was one thing to exchange messages and another to meet up. It was incredibly likely that his already dumb-looking face would swell like a pig’s head if they were to meet up…

“Oh right, there’s one thing I forgot to tell you.” Ci Jincheng revealed a pleased smile on his face, “I already told Elder Mo about you before I came over. He’ll probably come over in, hmm, another two hours. He should be done with his stuff by then.”

“… F*ck!”

After Ci Jincheng and Cillin had left, the youngsters gathered in a bunch once more.

“Hey, who’s that guy just now?”

“I don’t know. He looks a little dumb.”

“Tsk, your insight is pathetic. That guy is what you call a sleeper! How could you guys not know about this? He’s the guy who was selected for promotion in advance!”

“So he’s a commander then?” A girl asked.

“I don’t think so. But I heard from my dad that that guy was selected for promotion since a long time ago. He could enter the A Squadron immediately if he wants to.”

“H-he’s that amazing?”

All personnel who were promoted into an A Squadron from a B Squadron had real strength. It was the kind of absolute strength that couldn’t be denied no matter what backing one possessed in Vanguard!

“I can’t believe there’s someone like him in a B Squadron.”

“You have no idea, don’t you? Let me tell you a story…”

Cillin had no idea how the youngsters were talking about him behind his back. Right now he was too busy dealing with Ci Jincheng’s strong criticisms before him.

Ci Jincheng was without a doubt worthy of his title as a GAL Research Institute scholar. He had probably given many lectures across many Sectors already, because he didn’t look like he was going to stop his criticising for a water break anytime soon.

The gray cat stared at Ci Jincheng with its round eyes from above the cabinet not far away.

Was that the researcher Cillin told him about? Although Cillin said that he was a good researcher, was there really such a thing as a good GAL researcher? That being said, it was really fun watching Cillin being scolded!

While Ci Jincheng was talking about the troublesome stuff that popped up after Cillin pretended to be dead, Cillin’s communicator rang once more.

The esteemed Mo Heng, Elder Mo had arrived.

Cillin wasn’t requested to receive him at the reception point because Elder Mo had asked to come over personally. Naturally, someone of Elder Mo’s stature demanded an escort.

Cillin’s face twitched again and again. It was one thing if they were separate, but together these two guys could probably drown him in their saliva.

Ci Jincheng stopped talking when he heard Elder Mo was coming over. He picked up his tea, took a sip and crossed his legs on his chair. His expression obviously meant: You’re on your own. Good luck!

Those who knew about Elder Mo’s temperament like Mo Heng knew that he could put up some impressive airs and act kindly in the norm, but to borrow Seven Lights vice headmaster An Ding’s words, it didn’t change the fact he was just a bloody academic gangster.

In fact, Elder Mo was already scheming since he received the military’s invitation.

There was no denying the attractiveness of the newly opened ‘God’s Back Garden’, but Mo Heng was aware that many great forces and a whole lot of manpower would be invited into this mission as well. He was almost certain that his little bastard of a disciple would be among them too.

That was why Elder Mo had arrived at Sector Z at a very early time. Before Vanguard’s B Squadrons had even shown up, Elder Mo had already given this newly opened region a rough look. Just as they had deduced in advance, this place wasn’t constructed by a higher civilisation. Then, he received Ci Jincheng’s message just when he was done arranging the matters.

Mo Heng couldn’t sit still the moment he learned that the Sixth B Squadron had arrived. At first he was planning to supervise the project until its completion, but his hands just wouldn’t stop itching to do a certain something!

Figuring that he couldn’t calm himself enough to supervise the project, Mo Heng delegated his work directly to another engineering scholar and told his men to send him over to Vanguard’s planetoid.

Naturally, the ones to receive Elder Mo’s arrival weren’t those juniors from earlier. The A Squadron had purposely sent one of the most important members serving directly under the Vanguard leaders, Solic, to receive Elder Mo.

Solic’s status and influence in Vanguard was a lot bigger than Songba Leruo and Barthus. The appearance of this VIP completely awed the youngsters at the reception point.

They had no idea that their guest was so important that a VIP like Solic would personally show up to welcome him.

Solic and Elder Mo could be considered old acquaintances. They chatted about recent times while walking towards the Sixth B Squadron.

Along the way, they happened to run into Barthus and Songba Leruo. The duo had just returned from the mining planets.

Mo Heng and Solic didn’t stop to chat. They greeted them once before heading straight towards the Sixth B Squadron’s temporary base.

“What’s going on? Why did he come over here?” Barthus stroked his long beard and asked.

Songba Leruo didn’t answer him. He simply curled his lips into a meaningful smile, turned around and continued on his way.

Cillin was just rubbing his face thoughtfully at the Sixth B Squadron’s temporary base when a powerful voice erupted from outside.

“Cillin, get your ass over right now!”

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