SRH Chapter 202 [Part 1]

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Chapter 202: Ci Jincheng and Elder Mo’s Arrival [Part 1]

The ‘God’s Back Garden’ that had just been opened up by the military was at the center of Sector Z. Surprisingly, the space environment of Sector Z had undergone a complete turnaround after this ‘black hole area’ in Sector Z was lit up.

The abnormal magnetic field that had been persistent in Sector Z gradually stabilized, and large scales ion storms had largely subsided ever since ‘God’s Back Garden’ was opened.

The ‘black hole’ region was in fact an unusual form of protection for Sector Z. Sector Z was incredibly resource-rich, and while energy ores identical to the ones the Sixth B Squadron had found when they visited this place might not exist on other planets, there were definitely no lack of other ores at similar grades.

There was no doubt that Sector Z had become a gold mine after its space environment had turned normal. It was impossible for the GAL army to devour it alone, which was probably one of the reasons behind its announcement. According to the news sent over by the A Squadron, the GAL army had invited the ten great business families led by the Andrea Family, the four great Hunter regiments, some other top rank Hunter regiments and reputable adventurer associations to discuss on how to share the pie.

When the Black Triangle was no longer what it was, and when Sector Z was fully developed by all these forces, Sector Z’s fate would be changed completely.

One could imagine that Sector Z would no longer be one of the thirteen backwater Sectors by the end of this matter. It would enter the ranks of developing regions and become the 11th Sector of the ten business Sectors.

Thanks to the change in Sector Z’s space environment and the military’s permission, Cillin and the others had easily entered Sector Z.

“Looking at the coordinates, this so-called ‘God’s Back Garden’ is at the center of this triangular shaped region in Sector Z. Its distance from every point of the triangle is exactly the same…” Eudy explained some of his calculation results to the group.

“This means that this region is likely to be artificially created. It’s too much of a coincidence to be nature’s work.” Beaver said.

Everyone else thought more or less the same thing. What really puzzled them was who was behind the development of this region, and who had the power to achieve such a thing.

Cary scratched his head, “Doesn’t this mean that this ‘brightened’ region controls the space environment of the entire Sector Z? When this region was still a ‘black hole’, Sector Z’s space environment was incredibly bad. But now that it was lit up, the environment had stabilized instead.”

“I doubt it,” Cillin said, “The lousier an environment is, the likelier it is that special ores would be created naturally. The fact that Sector Z possesses so many special energy ores, species and metals proved that its environment is unlike your average Sector environment.”

“I agree with LC Cillin.” Eudy swapped out the image on the display to show Sector Z’s history, “Although this history of Sector Z is incomplete and obviously embellished at some areas, we can still see some of its major points. Sector Z’s lousy environment had always existed until now.”

Cillin knew that the Aurelios dated back to more than a thousand years ago, but the records of Sector Z had existed even earlier than that time. At the time, Sector Z was still known as the infamous Black Triangle even before the alliance was established. Looking at the historical records Eudy had put on display, it would seem that there were no mention of a ‘black hole’ region in Sector Z back then. It might have bore the name ‘Black Triangle’, but there was nothing about a ‘black hole’ at the center of the Sector at all.

Sector Z’s ‘black hole’ had appeared more than a thousand years ago. It was also when the ‘Aurelios’ had shown up.

Xiang Shang rubbed his chin and said, “Hey, do you guys think that a higher civilization had once existed in that place? GAL could hardly do the same even with its current abilities, could they?”

Eudy cast him a sideway glance and said, “We’ll know if there was a higher civilization once we’ve reached there. If there was one, we’d notice it immediately from the vestiges of its buildings.”

Cillin looked closely at the records about Sector Z on the display. They were records from a thousand years ago.

“Something’s not right.” Cillin pointed at a description regarding Sector Z, “No matter how you look at it, the Sector Z on these records is worse than the Sector Z we know now. If Sector Z really is as bad as these records had described, then there’s no way we could’ve set out safely to Sector Z at all. In fact, we wouldn’t even be able to hang around at the edges of Sector Z.”

Eudy nodded, “We’ve always thought that it was an exaggeration by the people of that era, but now it would appear that it might be as bad as they had described. It’s just that Sector Z’s environment had improved after this central region had appeared. Apparently someone had used a certain method to mess up Sector Z’s space environment once more so as to conceal this central region. However, since this central region truly existed, Sector Z was no longer as bad as it used to be more than a thousand years ago despite their attempts to hide it.”

Something suddenly became clear in Cillin’s mind. The fairyland Aurelio mentioned wasn’t just the ‘brightened’ central region in Sector Z, but the entire Sector itself! There was no doubt that the ‘brightened’ region was the heart of all things, but that region had been created to improve Sector Z’s environment in the first place. Once its space environment had been improved, the entire Sector Z would turn into a fertile world.

This was a huge gift!

In fact, the conclusion Cillin’s little discussion group had arrived it was more or less the same as the military’s final analysis. It was just that the military had more information and thus was able to confirm their suspicions rather than just leaving them hanging like Cillin’s group.

After travelling for a period of time, the Third B Squadron and Sixth B Squadron had arrived at the coordinates provided by the A Squadron at the same time.

Since the military had blotted out some of the images inside the public video, they weren’t able to see the region’s full appearance after it had been ‘lit up’. But now that they could see it with their own eyes, they couldn’t help but gasp in admiration.

This region contained a star at its prime, and the planets orbiting it were all unique in their own ways. Among them, there was a large planet that was ranked A on the planetary ability scale. A belt of moons orbited this rank A planet, and around these moons there were some rank B and C asteroids orbiting them as well. However, this moon belt and the large planet were guarded by the military right now.

All the planets above planetary habitability rank C were under the GAL army’s control. Judging from the amount of manpower they had dispatched, there was no way they could’ve kept things under wraps even if they hadn’t made the public announcement.

The most breathtaking sight of them all was the ‘platform’ between the planet and the moon belt.

Yes, it was an artificial ‘platform’. It was far bigger than any of the space stations Cillin had seen before. It was obvious that this ‘platform’ was the planet’s space station. The difference between this ‘platform’ and the space stations he had seen before was like comparing a fishing boat to an aircraft carrier.

This platform-like space station had many fort style buildings. These buildings were all enveloped inside an energy shield. The spacious areas of the space station were parked with the army’s vehicles such as starships, fighters, spaceplanes and so on.

The entire space station was shining beautifully under the star’s illumination and the sparkling energy shields.

“Who are the people who created this thing?! It’s too goddam cool for words! It’d be so cool if Vanguard’s space station is modified to look like this!” Cary felt like pressing his face against the screen.

Eudy was very impressed by the space station too, but he still shot down Cary as mercilessly as ever, “How much energy do you think it’d consume if Vanguard were to develop its space stations this way? We’re not as rich as the military, you know.”

Cary curled his lips but didn’t refute Eudy’s words.

As a matter of course, they were not going towards that large planet. Both Czedow and the gray cat could already sense its overbearing defense network even from outside.

The coordinates the A Squadron provided them was a rank B planetoid that was part of the moon belt surrounding the large planet.

Although the planet was given a B rank, Cillin thought that it was better than even some rank B planets in other Sectors after they’d truly arrived on the planet. It could’ve been an A rank if its environment was a bit better.

In their opinion, this environment was more than excellent already.

The A Squadron had built a temporary parking port at the outer edge of the planet. Two starships were already parked inside the port when they arrived, so it meant that they weren’t the first B Squadron to show up here.

After the starship was parked, Cillin led his team up a spaceplane and flew towards the planetoid.

Some fortresses were already built on the planetoid. It was obvious that they were there to be manned for a long time.

All personnel at the level of lieutenant commander or below were left behind at the allocated area to rest. Shawton had already gone away to report in.

A communications network had already been constructed on this planetoid. The group adjusted the frequency bands of their communicators so they could communicate easily on this planet.

Cillin barely stopped his feet when someone informed him that he had a visitor.

“A visitor? Who is it?” Cillin asked in confusion.

The person who came to notify him wore a strange look on his face, “You’ll know once you come over.”

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