SRH Chapter 201 [Part 1]

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Chapter 201: God’s Back Garden, Aurelio ‘Fairyland’ Opens [Part 1]

After sending Cillin and his group back to their squadron, both Fernando and Zweig Feihang had inquired about Cillin. The reply they’d gotten surprised them to no end, however.

The fact that they were able to avoid their detection and escape from so many human puppets and experiment beasts proved that Vanguard truly was one of the great fours. Even their B Squadrons were strong enough to raise eyebrows.

After dealing with ‘Miracle’ Co., Ltd on this planet, Fernando and Zweig Feihang walked into a separate parlor.

“I remember that this Cillin was listed as a rank A inside the Sixth B Squadron’s secret report.” Fernando said.

The GAL army had a secret name list that attributed a danger level to certain reputable forces such as the four great Hunter regiments or reputable figures. In descending order, they were S, A, B and C rank.

The majority of the A rank list Cillin was currently in were comprised of several commanders among the four great Hunter regiment, and some other people among the four great A Squadrons. While Commander Shawton of Vanguard Sixth B Squadron was a commander, he was listed as a lower level, B rank instead of an A rank. On the other hand, Cillin was actually listed as an A rank even though he had just assumed the responsibility of a lieutenant commander not long ago. Knight didn’t know about this. He wasn’t yet at a level where he could access this list.

“That is true.” Zweig Feihang nodded. Thanks to Pride, he immediately suspected that Pride’s so-called assassinated friend was in fact alive the moment he heard of a guy called ‘Cillin’ in the Sixth B Squadron. He thought that it was just a trick pulled by the Hunter regiment after their mission had ended. It was exactly because he had conducted an in depth investigation into this matter and consulted some military documents that Zweig Feihang discovered he was already listed as an A rank.

“How much do you know about him?”

“Some, but the main reason he was listed as an A rank is due to Wei Fen.”

The ‘Wei Fen’ Zweig Feihang spoke of was none other than Emmus, the spy who once infiltrated ‘Poison Fang’. His real name was Wei Fen.

“Wei Fen? That guy who was promoted to a lieutenant commander right away after he went on an undercover mission at Sector V and infiltrated ‘Poison Fang’? I didn’t know he rated Cillin so highly.” Fernando remembered Wei Fen somewhat because the army had to buy him back from Vanguard.

No one had slandered Wei Fen even though he was traded as a captive. After all, Wei Fen had provided a lot of high level intel during the years he worked as a spy. Moreover, the army attached great value to the biological samples he brought back with him later.

Zweig Feihang briefly explained what he knew and some of the information he learned from Wei Fen.

“If what Wei Fen said is true that this Cillin truly is extremely dangerous. He’s still very young. Potential is such a difficult thing to grasp.”

Fernando sighed and thought of Knight. Suddenly, he said, “Going by your words, not only is this Cillin individually capable, he also possesses a wide range of contacts and networks.”

“Your Feigler Family’s Knight, the maverick genius of the Andrea Family Lung, the Ci Family’s Ci Jincheng, and the four star scholar Elder Mo. But what surprised me the most is his connection to that little princess of the Yu Family. They are all connected to Cillin.”

Fernando chuckled in a low tone and said, “Interesting.” He stopped researching into Cillin any deeper and changed the subject, “Are there still no video records yet?”

“No. All of the monitoring equipment had gone ‘blind’ collectively, and the research base’s AI system ‘Aier’ had been hacked and destroyed. That Czedow; that man who was able to avoid our detection is pretty hard to fathom.”

Fernando crossed his arms and said doubtfully, “Czedow… Cillin. What is the connection between these two? I remember that there was no such person in the previous investigation reports of Vanguard’s Sixth B Squadron.”

Since the Sixth B Squadron had emerged from Sector Z as a powerful force, the army had conducted an in depth investigation of Vanguard’s Sixth B Squadron. However, Czedow didn’t exist back then.

“Every B Squadron would absorb new blood from time to time. It is likely that this Czedow is one of them. It is unfortunate that we didn’t have the chance to test out their strength.”

Fernando looked at the sky outside the window and said in a low tone, “The chance will come.”

Cillin, who had no idea that he had been listed as an A rank in the military’s secret files was currently performing a final inspection on Scarlet Wind and Snowball with Tico and Rikulab.

“It’s working well. If this keeps up you’ll fully recover in two days.” Cillin slapped Snowball’s fat butt before pulling at the white fatso’s ears, keeping it from running away out of boredom, “Control your appetite for the next two days until you fully recover. Do not eat and drink excessively.”

White fatty had gotten a lot thinner after it was sick for several days. Once it had fully recovered its spirit, Cillin reckoned that it would eat until it suffered from indigestion.

Snowball’s ears crumpled the moment it heard Cillin’s words. It stared pitifully at Cillin.

“There’s no use in acting pity. Wheeze, watch it. The second you see this fellow going overboard swipe it and keep it down for several days.”

“Okay.” The gray cat said while swinging its tail at random by the side. It ignored Snowball’s gaze for help completely.

Scarlet Wind had become a little more dilligent after he recovered his spirit. He sought out Cary and the others to learn more about fighting and shooting. He had spent even his sleep inside the fighter practice’s virtual pod. It would seem that this experience had been quite the wake up call.

Since the kidnapping incident in Trade City, everyone noticed that it was no longer an era where no one dared to raise a hand against the great four’s B Squadron.

Once he was done with Scarlet Wind and Snowball, Cillin returned to his room and called Czedow over. They worked together to decipher the latter content of the chip. The gray cat had also joined in their work since it was bored.

The two sets of DNA contained quite a lot of hidden content. Some of the content shocked Cillin just by looking at it.There were countless people who were affiliated with ‘Miracle’ Co., Ltd, and some political figures who looked like they worried for the Alliance but their citizens were in fact supplying ‘Miracle’ Co., Ltd with human test subjects through illegal channels. This was especially true for the thirteen backwater Sectors since many of these planets were very behind in terms of development. Even if several thousand people were to go missing, it wouldn’t cause any problems.

One could analyze the faction conflicts between political organizations and GAL military from these name lists and content.

Cillin could do nothing about these name lists right now, but they might be useful in the future.

In reality, Cillin was somewhat disappointed by this outcome. The chip still didn’t contain anything about the Elder Tree Fuji Gen Family. Just what kind of existence was the Gen Family?

He had just finished analysing the latter content of the chip when Shawton had sent him an emergency transmission. He told him to hurry to the main starship’s meeting room for a meeting.

Did something happen again?

Cillin put away the chip to safety and arrived at the main starship.

“What is it?” Cillin asked.

Shawton looked at the lieutenant commanders before pressing a button. A light screen appeared on top of the meeting table, and a video was played on it. It was by a very influential news media in GAL.

“The Aurelio’s Cage?!” Cillin thought.

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