SRH Chapter 200 [Part 2]

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Chapter 200: Feigler Fernando and Zweig Feihang’s Arrival [Part 2]

“Who are they?” Cillin asked.

Knight pointed at the guy who shared some of his countenance and said, “This is my cousin, Fernando. He’s ten years older than me, and he’s a rear admiral now.” Knight then pointed at the guy next to Fernando, “As for this guy… don’t you think he looks familiar?”

Cillin gave the guy a look. He did seem like a certain proud fellow.

“Is he someone from the Zweig Family?”

Knight gave him a thumbs up, “He’s the second brother of that brat Pride, Zweig Feihang. He’s only a few years ahead of us, but he’s already a commander. He rose through the ranks pretty quickly.”

“What about you?” Cillin smiled and asked.

“Ahem, unfortunately this humble one is only a lieutenant…” Suddenly, Knight recalled something and gave Cillin a punch, “Didn’t Lung tell you all of these stuff before?!!”

“He did.”

“Then why are you even asking this!”

“Just asking. It’s almost been a year, so who knows if you’ve gotten a higher rank since then?”

“Hmph. I will get a promotion once I get back this time, and I’ll fight to become a ranked officer within a year!”

“In that case, I’ll congratulate your promotion in advance.”

GAL army’s promotions were all fought with blood. For example, if Knight and his team hadn’t run into Cillin this time, they would’ve been embroiled in a difficult bloody battle.

“Are we going out now?” Cillin asked.

Knight looked at the time and said, “Let’s wait for another hour.”

Knowing Fernando, Knight figured that he would take an hour to finish dealing with whatever was on the surface. That would be the best timing to go out and meet them. Of course, Knight also wanted to know if Fernando and Zweig Feihang could find them out in an hour’s time. If they couldn’t, it could only mean that Cillin’s men were extremely capable.

Fernando had already met with Kedwell up there. This time there would be no mercy, and Kedwell would be shot and killed directly if he dared to resist. Since Fernando had been given full permission by the higher-ups, no one would say anything even if he were to blow up the entire planet.

Kedwell didn’t want to die yet, which was why he hadn’t resisted capture. There was no way he was going to contact the killers he sent out, since it would only allow Fernando to press more evidences on him if he was found out.

What Kedwell didn’t know was that Fernando would eventually learn about this one way or the other. Moreover, his revenge would only be fiercer and more painful than he imagined since Kedwell’s target included a member of the Feigler Family.

After detaining Kedwell and all of Miracle’s management staff at this place, Fernando looked at Kedwell, who was still maintaining his aloof and proud appearance and said indifferently, “Do not expect anyone to plead on your behalf. You are nothing but an abandoned pawn.”

His words were without a doubt the equivalent of a sharp blade plunged straight into Kedwell’s heart. The irony was tangible. Previously he was mocking Shelt as an abandoned pawn, and several hours later it was his turn to play out that role.

As an abandoned pawn, Kedwell knew very well how the people behind ‘Miracle’ worked. There was no way they would allow him to live until the final trial!

“You can’t do this to me! You can’t!! I want to see…” Kedwell failed to spit out the last few words because Fernando had motioned for one of his soldiers to knock him out directly.

The main focus of the instructions Fernando received wasn’t on the people behind ‘Miracle’. He had received plenty of hints earlier, and he understood that there was no need to bring light to what should remain *. After all, there were some things that need not be said. While the others might not know who were the people behind ‘Miracle’, there was no way that person in the Feigler Family wouldn’t.

Asking Knight to come looking for evidence was just a just and honorable reason to shake them up a little, and even this whole mission was just a disguise. It was only when Fernando had accepted this mission did he find out that the true objective and the reason behind the army’s abrupt unified voices.

“Go look.” Fernando gave Zweig Feihang a meaningful glance.

Zweig Feihang nodded and walked out while holding a small box in his hands.

It didn’t take long before Zweig Feihang returned with his box. On the surface it looked like nothing had happened, but in reality Zweig Feihang and Fernando had exchanged a brief look with each other. It meant that everything went smoothly, and they had obtained what they came for.

Getting what they wanted also meant that the main objective of this operation had been achieved.

“We should inform the little ones to come out now that we’ve gotten the goods, right?” Zweig Feihang put away the box securely while smiling, “That being said, they are pretty capable. I still can’t get an exact location even now. I only know that they’re still inside this city.”

Fernando checked the time and said, “It won’t be long now.”

Everyone within the Feigler Family more or less knew each other to a certain extent, not to mention that Knight and Fernando were rather familiar with each other’s style.

Fernando had just said this when the disc-shaped detector on Zweig Feihang’s hand displayed a powerful signal.

“Yoho, you’re right. I didn’t think they would be here though. The report I received mentioned that this place had been investigated thoroughly, but somehow they still managed to fool us.”

Ten minutes later, Knight brought everyone and met up with Fernando.

“I didn’t think that the two of you would come over.” Knight raised his hand and bumped fists with Zweig Feihang, but he only called out ‘bro’ to Fernando who was sitting cross legged on a chair. Then, he pulled over a nearby chair and sat down.

“How distant. If we didn’t look alike someone else might even think that Zweig Feihang’s your real older brother.” Fernando said.

Knight shrugged and said, “What can I do? You set out too early, and so the generation gap between us is too big. Back when brother Feihang took us out for battles you were settling riots at Sector V.”

Fernando swept a glance across the group of people brought over by two troops of soldiers. Finally, his gaze settled on Cillin as he said, “Knight, would you introduce these people to us?”

Cillin’s group had animals, half-animals and even a little girl. It was an awkward composition especially when one thought of the previous situation.

Knight briefly introduced Cillin and spoke of his identity and his objective on this planet directly. He didn’t go deep into certain details.

It was at this moment Fernando received a report from his subordinates that the Third and Sixth B Squadron’s starships were coming to this planet.

“Your friends are here to receive you.” Fernando cast a glance at the two starships on the monitor and said this.

Not only did Fernando not trouble Cillin’s group, he even instructed a military spaceplane to take them home. That being said, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to inquire deeper into things, but he couldn’t. Knight had shot glares at him several times already.

As for Zweig Feihang, his gaze at Cillin was deep and meaningful the moment he heard the name ‘Cillin’. The earliest moment Zweig Feihang had heard of Cillin’s name was from his younger brother Pride. If even someone as proud as Pride could rate Cillin as highly as he did, naturally Zweig Feihang had to regard him highly as well. However, it would appear that he wouldn’t have the chance to understand Cillin better this time. The 2 B Squadrons of the Hunter regiment he belonged to were asking for their men, and they couldn’t just keep them here and not release them.

Cillin hadn’t shown any special expression when he faced Fernando and Zweig Feihang. He didn’t look nervous, nor did he purposely alienate himself from them. His attitude was just calm, and he even gave them both a somewhat sincere smile for Knight’s sake. However, his smile and his current countenance made him look silly in Knight’s eyes no matter how he looked at it. His mouth had twitched continuously at the sight.

Cillin led Tang Qiuqiu and the others into the spaceplane sent out by Fernando. The spaceplane arrived at the space station outside the planet where a different spaceplane was already waiting for them.

Shawton, Cary and a few others were all standing there waiting for them. They all let out a sigh of relief when they saw that everyone was safe and unhurt.

Shawton stopped Cary before he could blurt out a question and said, “We’ll talk once we get back to the ship.”

After bidding Knight goodbye through the communicator, Cillin followed Shawton back to the Sixth B Squadron’s starship. The first thing he did the moment he got back was to call for Tico and Rikulab to give Scarlet Wind and Snowball a full medical checkup and corresponding treatment.

He busied himself with the duo’s treatment for almost fifty hours before he finally came out. After exiting the medical room, Cillin briefly explained to everyone what happened on that planet. Regardless of what had happened, Shawton was able to let out a sigh of relief since everyone was safe in the end. However, he immediately expressed great anger at ‘Miracle’ Co., Ltd’s actions. He would never imagine that they would be so bold as to kidnap Tang Qiuqiu and the others even though they knew about their identities. If it had been the A Squadron, not even Miracle would have dared to touch them, would they? It would appear that the Sixth B Squadron was still in need of rapid development.

Cillin was dead tired after working for such a long time. After he settled everything and took a bath, he lay down on the bed to get a good day’s rest. However, there was still one more thing to do before he replenished his sleep.

He scooped over the gray cat who was pretending to be asleep at the edge of the bed and rubbed its tummy, “Talk. You’ve been holding it in for several days, you haven’t slept well and your appetite has fallen off considerably. Even your fat’s decreasing.”

The gray cat humphed and opened its eyes, complaining, “I wanted to say it since a while ago, but you’ve been busy and I couldn’t find the chance to tell you!”

After switching to a comfortable posture, the gray cat said, “I sensed something familiar when we were at Knight’s brother’s place.”

“What is it?”

“I sense an Aurelio starmap piece. It’s different from your starmap piece, but I dare say that it must be an Aurelio starmap piece!”

Although different Aurelio starmap pieces didn’t attract each other, the gray cat didn’t need this attraction to sense them. As long as they shared even a bit of similarity to each other, and as long as the gray cat had memorized a particular starmap’s ‘feeling’, it would be able to detect any Aurelio starmap pieces within a certain area. Not only could the gray cat detect them, it could even differentiate if they belonged to the same starmap.

Thanks to the gray cat’s revelation, Cillin was able to figure out a lot of things following this line of thought. No wonder those two would appear at the same time. No wonder the military had unified their voices so quickly in regards to ‘Miracle’.

The gigantic machine called the GAL military could never be underestimated.

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