SRH Chapter 200 [Part 1]

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Chapter 200: Feigler Fernando and Zweig Feihang’s Arrival [Part 1]

The soldier wearing a rear admiral’s badge looked young, but it was obvious from the steadiness displayed in his every movement and the sharpness hidden within his eyes that he was no ordinary person.

“Feigler Fernando!”

Kedwell nearly let out a low roar when he uttered this name. He had always fumed with rage whenever he heard or saw this name.

Fernando Feigler was ten years older than Knight. He joined the military at a very young age due to his family background, and he had been killing enemies on the battlefield before Knight had even entered the military. His outstanding individual abilities and sparkling achievements allowed him to ascend to a rear admiral’s military rank at a young age.

The reason Kedwell was so angry at Fernando was because this wasn’t the first time the man had targeted them. Since Kedwell had suffered a lot of hidden losses thanks to Fernando, he showed unbridled hatred and fear towards the man the second he saw him.

Contrary to Kedwell’s reactions, Fernando looked very calm. In fact, he was even wearing a hint of smile on his face, causing Kedwell to feel annoyed no matter how he looked at it.

The name of the military leader he heard coming over to perform a ‘regular inspection’ this time was definitely not Feigler Fernando!!

Had the leader been anyone else, Kedwell wouldn’t have lost his cool this badly. However, there was no denying the fact that Feigler Fernando had come over, and that this man gave no quarters the moment he smelled blood!

“Why is it you!” Kedwell gripped the armrest of his chair so tightly that he left behind deep finger marks. All of Kedwell’s possessions were of superior quality, so the fact that this handrail was crushed like it was made out of mud showed just how bad Kedwell was feeling right now.

Fernando simply smiled at Kedwell’s question. His smile made Kedwell itched to stomp on Fernando’s face with his foot.

“What can I do? I couldn’t stand the work efficiency of certain people, so I came myself.”

Cillin’s group were tucked in nice and comfy underground when Kedwell had sent his men all over the planet to scour for them. In fact, they were even receiving a live broadcast thanks to Czedow’s efforts.

“Knight, it’s almost time. Should we contact the military and check out the situation now?” someone asked.

Knight shook his head and said, “We don’t know who’s leading the reinforcements yet. If someone reveals our location to Kedwell, then we are dead for sure.”

With Kedwell’s temperament, it would take him only one circumstantial evidence to bring forth all the destruction he was capable of.

According to the plan, the army’s reinforcements shouldn’t have been delayed. This meant that the voices inside the army weren’t fully unified, and that there were people who supported ‘Miracle’. Knight wasn’t going to give out his trust easily until he confirmed who was the team leader.

There was nothing worse than being stabbed in the back.

Cillin checked on Scarlet Wind and Snowball’s condition. Right now, the two fellows were feeling pretty bad mentally. Although the drugs had suppressed the stimulating drugs’ effects, it also made them feel tired and exhausted. He could only hope that this incident would end as soon as possible so they could be given full treatment later on.

“Make sure put your impulses under a tight leash. There may not be someone to help you in case something similar happens in the future.” Cillin said to Scarlet Wind and Snowball.

Scarlet Wind nodded through gritted teeth. The tuft of hair above his head had grown long again, and his eyes were hidden when he lowered his head. No one could see clearly what was going on behind his eyes.

Cillin rubbed Scarlet Wind’s head and moved himself closer to him. It was a kind of soundless encouragement and reassurance.

Snowball and Tang Qiuqiu were stuck closer to each other. Tang Qiuqiu was combing Snowball’s hair with her hands.

The gray cat was lying inside Cillin’s lap. Suddenly, its ears flicked, and it turned its head slightly towards a certain direction while its eyes were still closed. No one else noticed this tiny detail, but Cillin understood the gesture since he was very familiar with the gray cat. The army had probably arrived. If it was Kedwell’s men, the gray cat wouldn’t have kept up its lazy appearance.

As expected, Czedow quickly sent over a message informing them that the army was approaching the planet.

“Let’s stay in here until we see who’s the leader of the reinforcement.” Knight stopped the members of his squad from rising and said.

“Czedow, pay attention and find out who’s leading the troops.” Cillin instructed.


Czedow hacked into the security systems of some buildings. Originally, he was planning to hack into the satellite network itself, but Cillin told him not to take the risk this time. Therefore, Czedow had only hacked into some planetary information networks.

The light screen before Cillin displayed the military’s battleships. The battleships were painted with the GAL army’s emblem.

Unlike the starships of Cillin’s Hunter regiment, the military’s battleships had descended directly on the planet’s surface. They looked incredibly stately and intimidating.

Moreover, numerous numbers of fighters flew out from inside the battleship before it descended on the surface, spreading out towards the distance in dense formations. Some spaceplanes had also flown out solo. It was very likely that they had all been assigned with respective missions beforehand, which was why they departed without any hesitation whatsoever.

Out of the three battleships that had arrived on this planet, two had descended while the third hovered beyond the planet to prevent certain accidents or important ‘Miracle’ personnel from escaping this planet.

After the battleships had descended, all sorts of armored vehicles, war vehicles and teams of infantries exited into the open.

Then, Fernando slowly walked out while bringing a couple of men with him.

Fernando stared at the city not far away from them and said, “Action.”

“Yes sir!”

A lieutenant commander saluted him and departed with his men.

“Weird. We still haven’t received any news from those kids. Our trackers couldn’t locate their position either.”

A person standing behind Fernando stared at the light screen that had popped up on top of a round disc inside his palm, scanned his surroundings one time and voiced his doubts.

“If they aren’t annihilated, then they must have hidden themselves extremely well.”

“Do you think they might have been completely annihilated?” the person stared at Fernando.

“No way! There’s no way a member of the Feigler Family would fall this easily.”

That person simply chuckled at Fernando’s absolutely confident tone and said, “Let’s head out and find those kids then. I have a feeling that they’re right here in this city. It’s just that Kedwell and us weren’t able to find them just yet.”

While Fernando was leading his men towards the city, the group hiding underground were experiencing all kinds of different reactions.

“Why are they here?” Yue Lou asked in puzzlement. Logically speaking, those two shouldn’t need to arrive personally for a mission at this level.

“They probably took over during the latter half of the mission. Otherwise, there’s no way their squad would be delayed or bogged down by trivialities.” Feng Haicao said. While these two men didn’t exactly hold very high military ranks, the force they represented were at a completely different level. Even if there were many different voices inside the army, no one would dare defy these two people openly when they appeared at the same time.

They were no easy pickings, and the people backing them up were even less so. This also meant that the ‘Miracle’ incident had come to a certain conclusion.

“There’s nothing to worry about if it’s them.” Rolin stood up, stretched and finally set down the stone in his heart. He looked a lot more relaxed than he was before.

Cillin glanced at Knight after he saw the rear admiral on the display. The two of them looked a little similar to each other.

Knight let out a soft curse after he saw the two people on the screen, “F*ck, you can’t even find them when you want to normally. Why have they shown up together at this place?”

That was what he said, but the smile in his eyes was deep and unmistakable. His previous doubts and guard had been put down completely.

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